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SocialHistory_14LaFemmeAvocat.jpg (165923 bytes)"14.--La femme avocat. / Les hommes font-ils meilleure besogne en politique? Quel mépris nous vient au cœur pour eux devant let faits. / La France divisée en partis ennemis s'entredechirant, la haine des classes attisée, devenue en moyen de gouverneur, les / déclassés remplissant les villes et les campagnes manquant de bras; les sinécures, les concussions, les pots-de-vin partout; la / dette grossissant de milliard en milliard en pleine paix; à toutes les aventures. Hommes, il n'y a pas lieu d'être fiers de votre œuvre. / Je salue l'aurore des temps nouveaux, l'avènement aux affaire de la femme." Image of woman in lawyer robes standing behind a child. French is colloquial, argumentative & sarcastic-- something to the effect "Why not women lawyers? Men do a lousy job at it! Look what they have done in politics & public affairs ... I greet the advent of new times when women are in business." Undivided back postcard, mailed circa 1900 - 1903, small corner crease, minor edge wear, album impressions at the corners. The baby in the picture probably symbolizes the non-voting status of women under the Napoleonic code, under which they were essentially treated as children. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 splw(s)#

France_Arachon_Parqueuse_small.jpg (4184 bytes)

"21. Bassin d'Arachon - Une Pasqueuse" showing a female mason at a French work site, postcard mailed 1901 to England. $70.00 (fpw)


"228. MORLAIX -- La vieille porteuse d'eau fumant sa pipe" old woman water carrier smoking her pipe; unused carte postale with green back, minor corner & edge wear, subtle paper bend, back toned. $25.00 f(m)spw


"241  Vieille porteuse d'eau de MORLAIX / Artaud et Nozais, Nantes" old French woman water carrier, pipe turned sideways in her mouth; unused black & white carte postal in vertical format, good edges. $17.50 f(m)spw

Mexico_049_small.jpg social history post cards available from Judnick.com"303--A Mexican 'Criada,' House Servant / All the Work about Native Households is Performed by such Women  A-38811-N" unused post card from Sandoval News Service, small upper corner bend, minor wear at one bottom corner. $4.00 m(g)w(s)p(h)

Mexico_056_small.jpg social history tarjeta postal available from Judnick.com

"608. SONORA NEWS COMPANY, CITY OF MEXICO. / La Criada--MEXICO." showing a close-up of a female household servant, unused postcard, paper yellowed evenly with age on back, tiny nick on top edge, 2 faint & tiny corner creases nowhere near the image. $5.00 m(g)w(s)

Colorado_CheyenneMountain_Grave_small.jpg (4197 bytes)"8407. Helen Hunt's Grave, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado" marked by initials in trees, color, circa 1915, unused. Helen Hunt Jackson was a social activist who published a novel highlighting the injustices done to California's Indians--see Image File, Vol. 11, No. 2, published by the Lake County Museum. $3.00 (asw)

Pennsylvania_Bethlehem_A6044-100.jpg (300408 bytes)"A6044 First Ladies Seminary, built 1749, Bethlehem, Pa." black & white on undivided back with yellowish paper, mailed there 1906, some extraneous writing on back, minor toning in lower left front message area, mild corner wear & rounding. $8.00 pw

Leather_AGoodWife_Women_small.jpg (4171 bytes)

"A GOOD WIFE AND HEALTH / ARE A MANS BEST WEALTH" showing a couple within a hand-colored / tinted heart, mailed to Illinois, undivided back, attractive. $5.00

Italy_Amalfi_ABrangiPalermo-120.jpg (403815 bytes)Amalfi - 3 women, each carrying a large amount of wood on her back. Postcard from A. Brangi, Palermo. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg (403,815 bytes) or .tif format. $1.75 iw

France_Cahors_Woman-100.jpg (346545 bytes)

"CAHORS -- La Vénus cadurcienne" sepia-tone on green back, considerable brownish paper, very late usage at Memphis Nebraska, small bends at bottom corners, minor corner wear. $7.00 fw

SocialHistory_CheekyLittle-200_small.jpg social history postcard available from Judnick.com

"Cheeky little hussy! / No one would have to kiss me like that. / COPYRIGHT 1907 BY BAMFORTH & CO." post card with undivided back, mailed 1908 to Miss Zoa Jordan in New Carlisle Ohio, Series No. 1080, small corner crease, mild corner & edge wear. The black & white version is not as attractive. Both versions are often displayed on the Internet, but for some reason this one is seldom offered, as we do now. $5.00 slw

Clear & complete JAN 28 1974 U S S CORONADO (LPD 11) hand cancel ties 8¢ Spirit of Independence stamp franking #6 cover to Worthington Ohio, violet OPERATION / SPRING BOARD 74 & POSTED ABOARD / USS CORONADO LPD 11i / IN PORT PUERTO RICO clearly struck, neatly addressed, never seals, tiny bottom corner bends. The Coronado was an Austin-class amphibious transport dock that was the first combat ship in US Navy history to integrate females as full-time crew members. $3.50 pn-s NEW / NOVO / NOUVEAU

Medicine_DrMilesHouseholdHelp-100.jpg (415346 bytes)"Dr. Miles' / Household / Help Book" advertising booklet for Nervine Tablets, Liquid Tablets, laxative tablets, Aspir-Mint & more with the handstamp of Charles W. Feller, druggist in Leesburg Ohio on the back, 32 pages with housekeeping tips for women accented in red, plus covers in color, 1" tear on back cover, several minor faults. Interesting & complete (coupons unused). A bit larger than continental size. $6.00 o(l)pwgm

NC_Elect_Harper_small.JPG (3606 bytes)

"ELECT / MARGARET / Harper /   LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR" (of North Carolina), excellent condition, unused. $2.00

Political_Alabama_ElectMaryTexas-100.JPG (232386 bytes)"ELECT / MARY TEXAS / HURT /   GARNER / FOR ANOTHER / POSITION OF / HIGH TRUST / To Your / Office of / State Treasurer." showing her seated at a desk in black-and-white, caption partially in olive green, postcard mailed 1962, cancel on front, toned right front edge. Formerly Alabama's Secretary of State, and assistant to the Attorney General, she was elected to State Treasurer in 1962. $2.50 pwa+

"En Normanie Pittoreqsue /   1570. Grand'mère, faut nous vendre ces deux vieilles assiettes flueries, / viens de me dire deux Parisiens...J'nai pas voulu" showing a old woman with dishes in a rack, color on green back with slight browning at back edges, very late usage at Lucas South Dakota, tiny corner crease not into image. $4.75 fw

Finland_FTheWomenFolkAssist-100.jpg (304967 bytes)

"FINLAND--The women folk assist in the work of harvesting in many European countries" post card in color, writing on back, worn corners. $3.25 faw

"Great is she / who beholds / Opportunity / where others / see only / obstacles // 650" where the caption letter highlighted in yellow was added by the sender as an expression of feminist thought; postcard mailed OCT 1 1912 (mostly complete ZANES. & PARKERS. T203 R.P.O. cancel) to Alice Gonell in Coal Run Ohio (which is between Zanesville & Parkersburg), long corner crease not too conspicuous, soft corners, back paper browning evenly with age. The cancellation is decidedly uncommon; we could only find 1 record of a sale & no current offers. $7.50 w(s)-r

Texas_SanAntonio_Texas_Mexican_small.JPG (4130 bytes)

"Greetings from / San Antonio /   …Mexican Women Grinding / Corn for Torillas" mailed there in Texas 1904, lightly toned back. $5.00 writing on front, writing on back, album marks on front. $4.50

SaudiArabia_Women_small.jpg (3781 bytes)"Group of women at Ziara, at tomb of Sheikh Othman" with extensive commentary on the back about women in Arabia and how they had been mistreated, from the Keith-Falconer Museum of the United Free Church of Scotland, unused, corner & edge wear. $9.50

Music_090_small.jpg art post card available from LotsOfCards.com

[Guitar held by willowy looking damsel] kitsch art on a black & white postcard, toning both sides, erasure marks on back, minor corner wear. $3.00 mw

Poetry_HeresToMy-200_small.jpg women postcards available from Judnick.com"Here's to my wife - wish her long life! / She's might good looking, unrivaled at cooking / Knows all about medicine, as inventive as Edison, ... The Faithful Husbands Toast" with the lame poetry continuing for 4 more lines, quality art depicts a man having a drink while his betrothed gives him a big hug, postcard mailed FEB 22 1910 (partial Nebraska City & Holdrege R.P.O. cancel) to Roy Dwinle in Tecumseh Nebraska, upper corner crease not into the art, long internal crease into the poem, minor corner & edge wear otherwise. $6.00 pw(s)-r

"HELENA RUBINSTEIN / The World's Greatest Beauty Authority /   SENDS YOU AN INVITATION / FOR YOUR FREE BEAUTY ANALYSIS / AND GIFT!" with 4 color insets showing women making themselves up, unused continental from Modern Times. $2.00 ws

Ohio_Zanesville_HelenPurcel-200_small.jpg women's rights post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"Helen Purcel Home, Zanesville, O." showing its exterior in color, unused postcard printed in Germany for the J. Adam Sauer Pharmacy, heavy vertical crease, toned back. This is a non-denominational retirement home for women who were alone in the world, chartered in 1885. $2.00 o(z)w(s)

"HOW'D YOU LIKE TO SPOON WITH ME. / COPYRIGHT 1908 BY J. MURRAY JORDAN" post card mailed MAR 19 1909 from Chillicothe Ohio, light toning shows in the front sky, tiny bit of one bottom corner knocked off, back paper yellowing with age. Hard to find! $3.75 w(s)

Kashmir_HuskingRice.jpg (177222 bytes)

"Husking Rice, Srinagar" showing 2 women at work, black & white postcard with yellowish paper, numbered 7796 in stamp box, mild wear at one corner. $6.00 kw


I'M OUT FOR A GOOD TIME-AND-A-HALF" with art by Earl Moran. Pinup treatment of an important social phenomenon in which millions of American women got factory jobs & took lunch pails to work during World War II. $7.50 ma(m)w(s)#
* Same except a hint of wear on one edge & a tiny spot on the back. $6.50 ma(m)w(s)

"INGO RIEDEL / WHITE WEDDING" automobile undergoes repairs by bride in white while groom stands by helplessly, holding her bouquet; unused black & white continental from Zero Publishing, fresh appearance. $2.00 w

Mutoscope_Its_A_Date_small.jpg (3708 bytes)

IT'S A DATE" with signed Rolf Armstrong art on a Mutoscope arcade card. $7.50 mw*

Artist_Spillar_CzechWoman-100.jpg (379651 bytes)

"JAROSLAV SPILLAR  NA KLESTÍ / 'OBRAZY Z CHODSKA.' / 338" showing a peasant woman carrying firewood home, in color, unused post card, mild corner wear and rounding. $3.75 acw(s)

"Juliette Fowler / Homes // 100-200 S. Fulton St. / Dallas, Texas" with 8 call-outs explaining the view of the complex from above; linen advertising postcard signed by K. V. Lipscomb (Vice President) on back. This home for widows & orphans is still maintained by the Christian Churches in Texas & Louisiana. $5.00 t(d)sw

Scouting_JulietteGordonLow_Women-100.jpg (230228 bytes)

"Juliette Gordon Low--Founder of Girl Scouting in U.S.A." black & white portrait, corner crease, faint album impressions at the corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 sw(s)n

SC_MountainRest_JuniorHomemakers.jpg (160664 bytes)"JUNIOR HOMEMAKERS ENJOY BOATING AT OCONEE STATE PARK, MOUNTAIN REST, S.C." black & white Artvue, unused. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (160,664 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 sw+

"KEDZIE HALL, K.S.A.C. MANHANTTAN, KAS." postcard with undivided back, mailed there 1906, minor corner wear, 1/5" indent from bottom center. Fascinating annotation on front: 'Domestic Science Hall / Cooking on First Floor / Sewing on Second / Laundry in Basement'. Then Kansas State Agricultural College, now Kansas State University. Then Domestic Science, now the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. A fascinating piece of social history & the history of women's education. $9.00 k(m)c(k)w(s)e

"Ladyfest / OHIO / Feminist Arts Festival" held Memorial Day 2004, continental advertising post card with art on both sides, near mint. $1.50 mwo

France_Normandy_La567Woman.jpg (170389 bytes)

"La Normandie / 567 Une Grand'Mère" postcard showing a Normandy grandmother wearing a lace cap & collar, color, very late usage at Salem Arkansas (with a note by acting postmaster Dillar Collins about the discontinuance of the Wheeling Arkansas post office), small corner crease, lightly toned back. $4.00 fw-a

LeapYear_OrAnyYear_Women_small.jpg (2768 bytes)

"LEAP YEAR, OR ANY YEAR, IT'S ALL THE SAME" showing a young lady searching a man's jacket that has been hung up, sepia-tone, unused & fairly fresh. $7.50

France_StPierreEglise_1502Woman-100.jpg (331244 bytes)

"Le Goubey éditeur, St-Pierre-Eglise / LA NORMANDIE PITTORESQUE /   1502. Chez l'tout qu'l'habitude, et j'ni enranne pas!..." showing a French woman supporting a heavy jug (probably milk or water), black & white with dark red caption on green back, very late usage at Lando Mines West Virginia (2 bold & complete cancels from that DPO), slight browning near back edges, good edges. $7.50 fw-w

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Circus_LovelyLucyMoore.jpg (117495 bytes)

"LOVELY LUCY MOORE. / The American Fat Girl. /   Weight-47 st. 10 lb., the World's Record, and / still Growing" black & white on paper browning with age, undivided back, side view of her in front of the capacious chair that she sat in, corner crease, stain that intrudes slightly into the picture (but not near her), corner & edge wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (117,495 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 cw

Turkey_MarchanedsMusulmanes.jpg (179475 bytes)"Marchandes Musulmanes. /   242 / 9468" showing Turkish women street merchants selling cloth & clothing, color, circa 1912, unused, good edges, fresh appearance. $12.00 tw. Same except mild wear at 4 corners. $10.00 tw*

FamousPeople_MaryMannering-100.jpg (268851 bytes)

Mary Mannering, theater actress in early 1900's; sepia-tone postcard with undivided back mailed 1908, writing on front. $6.50 fw*+

"Mère et Enfant" showing a colorfully dressed African woman with her child, unused continental postcard, near mint. (2 available) $1.25 each. aw

Industrial_MetropolitanLife_Women_small.jpg (6165 bytes)"Metropolitan Life Insur- / ance Co.'s Home Office / Bldg., N. Y. City, Corner / of the Women's Lunch /   Room, where a large part / of the Company's 2,500 / employees lunch daily" undivided back post card, published by that company, unused, lightly toned back. $9.50 inw

MONTANA WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION. "258 Madame Medini" more fully Madame F. Rowena Medini (sometimes spelled Madame F. Roëna Medini), standing on the stairs of a columned 5- story building that is not the Montana Statehouse. Our caption is taken from the only writing on back; its number suggests other notables were photographed. Azo (triangles up at top, down at bottom) real photo postcard with trivial corner wear. Born in 1856 & suffrage activist as early as 1891, she was elected President of the Montana Woman Suffrage Association in 1898. Women got the right to vote there in 1914 [2014 is the centennial year of that historic event.], the 19th Amendment passed Congress in 1919 & its 36th-state ratification by Tennessee in 1920 established it as law of the land .  Probably one of a kind -- no publisher, no photographer credit, no printed caption. Probably taken at a celebratory event by someone who recognized her as a pioneer of women's suffrage. We are unaware of any other image of this suffragette! PRICE ON REQUEST m(m)w(s) NEW / NOVO / NOUVEAU

England_Newhaven_Fishwife_small.jpg (4021 bytes)

"NEWHAVEN / FISH WIFE" bearing a large basket on her back, unused, from Valentine's Artotype series, trivial corner wear, tiny spot of light toning on back. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ecpw

NudePainting_No1351-200_small.jpg social history postcards available from Judnick.com"No. 1351  La Jumente du Compère Pierre.  Vleughels" unused black & white Postkarte with undivided back, 2 small bottom corner crease(1 tangential to the image, other well outside it), other edge wear is minor. Scene is a cowshed interior, with a country priest groping the naked woman who is being turned into a beast of burden, while her deceived husband watches approvingly. Odd subject matter & rare; when we searched the internet no one else had this postcard for sale, no one bragged about having sold one & museums just wanted to sell you high-priced prints! $15.00 na(v)w(s)

SocialHistory_No6DrCourtney's.jpg (116426 bytes)

"No. 6 / Dr. Courtney's / Guide to / Happy Marriage / No. 6" small booklet with contents such as 'A woman's place is in the home', 'A woman cannot reason…' etc.; brownish paper, a little edge wear. $5.00 sw

Colorado_Denver_OldLadies'Home.jpg (202822 bytes)"OLD LADIES' HOME, DENVER, COLO." undivided back postcard mailed there 1905 to Olathe Kansas (inverted year in receiving mark), one corner doubly creased, edge wear especially along one short edge, light album impressions at the corners. Writer notes she is taking the 'treatment of Dr. Thomas of New York. He may send you a circular. Read it!' $6.25 cmw(s)

Women_OnTheFringeOf-200.jpg (715000 bytes)"On the Fringe of No Man's Land / A Lassie meets a Laddie" showing silhouettes of a female Salvation Army worker near the front line saluting a soldier in the American Expeditionary Force in France circa 1918; unused postcard solicitation for the Salvation Army Home Service Fund, small corner crease, long internal crease & a few small raised spots on the front (possibly from the printing process), noticeable scrape on soldier's arm. Campaign in 1919 just after the publicity that predictably followed the sending of women to the front lines. The women behaved circumspectly and with great credit to their organization; there was not even a hint of scandal. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 w(s)ssw

Massachusetts_Worcester_Oread-200_small.JPG women postcard available from Judnick.com"Oread Institute, Worcester, Mass." showing its exterior in black & white, post card with undivided back but very late usage at Sunderland Massachusetts, tiny paper separation at one upper corner, back paper starting to yellow evenly with age. One of the oldest higher education facilities for women in the United States, it closed in 1934. $7.00 m(w)cw

NewYork_Harrison_Ladies-100.jpg (347432 bytes)"[Osborn Memorial] Ladies Home, Harrison, N. Y." postcard mailed 1909, one corner badly worn, writing on front. The bracketed part of the caption is a hand-written replacement of a short word--Old?--that has been scratched out. $4.75 (nw)

"Prof. W. M. Marston, of Columbia University, made scientific tests with a blonde and a / brunette to determine emotional reactions. Results indicated brunettes are higher keyed" unused comic continental from Modern Times, light toning at one back corner. $1.25 wc

SocialHistory_QuietWidowOf-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"Quiet Widow of 28 who enjoys a cold bottle and another one would like to meet a sporty young club man (not a policeman)…" and more in want ad accompanied by art, mailed 1909 from Saginaw West Side Michigan, name writing on front, spots of light toning on front. $4.00 sw

SocialHistory_ResultsOfThe-200_small.jpg women's rights postcard available from Judnick.com"Results of the Suffrage Victory // 698/24" a woman takes a imposing  stance near her husband who is seated, tending to their baby, 'God Bless Our Home' sign on the wall nearby; post card mailed in 1913 to Maggie Wilson in Columbus Ohio from her Aunt Lou, lightly toned back, some cancel ink on front. Offered elsewhere as high as $40.00, but we think our price more reasonable: $8.00 swg

SocialHistory_RunWhereYouMay-200_small.JPG women's social history post card available from LotsOfCards.com"RUN WHERE YOU MAY / HE WILL CATCH YOU SOME DAY" showing stork with baby chasing woman, hand-colored / tinted, unmailed leather reflecting pre-birth-control attitudes. $5.00 sl. Black & white paper postcard, rather than leather, unused, light toning on front. Shown. $4.25 sw(s)b

"Seen at / Ripley--- / Believe It or Not! /  ODDITORIUM / INQUISITION TORTURE RACK" with a woman in yellow dress chained to it, unused continental from Modern Times, fresh appearance. $2.00 w*

"THE ULTIMATE BEVERAGE / JUST GOT BETTER... / We Added Pink! / ... / HELP END CANCER! / ... / FIGHT! SURVIVE! CURE!" continental-size postcard publicizing OXYwater™ with pink colors both sides, near mint. $1.00 s(b)mw(s)

"STROLLER™ / STRIDES / fitness for mom / fun for baby!" unused continental postcard about 2005 fitness classes in Cincinnati Ohio, near mint. (2 available) $1.25 each. cfwo

"Tari Pendet, Bali / Pendet Dance, Bali" showing a Indonesian woman dancer with small basket, unused continental with scalloped edges as issued, fresh appearance. $2.00 wi

"Tatry. Wykład historii Polski na Podhalu" showing children in traditional attire hearing a lecture on the history of women, location is Podhale in the Tatras; sepia-tone karta korespondencyjna mailed 2014 to Columbus Ohio (attractive 20-gr & 5 zł stamps), 2 small upper corner creases, small bottom corner bend. $1.75 pwcc

"The Milkmaid." unsigned but quality art in color shows agricultural scene in which a farm woman empties water into vats so her 2 cows can drink; postcard with undivided back mailed 1907 at Quimby Iowa, corners with small creases tangential to or missing the art, top edge ding closes fairly well. $3.00 wpa*

"THE ONLY PROBLEM / WITH BEING A WOMAN / MY AGE, IS DATING MEN / MY AGE!" unused art on continental in dark red, white & black from Flying Fish. $2.00 w

"The only time the firm thought / her salary wasn't high enough" drawing a secretary adjusting her nylons while male bosses look on, monochromatic dark violet from Sierra's, mailed 1915, lightly toned front, extraneous writing on back, two corners badly creased, as is. $1.75 sw%

"THINGS ARE SURE / 'LOOKIN UP' / FOR ME! // AV206  ©MWM" linen Bursheen post card conveying with its bordering-on-the-risqué art on the novelty of women in Army aviation. Mailed free by Private Nolan 'Nolie' Johnson (in Squadron 376) FEB 12 1943 at Keesler Field in Mississippi to his friend Miss Mary Burkhart in Wapakoneta Ohio. 'Buy War Bonds and Stamps' printed below back message area. The sender ate well: he reported having turkey for lunch & strawberries for supper -- undoubtedly the former from Arkansas & the latter from California (given the time of year). He was 'taking calisthenics again' & reported moving around a lot. The sender closed with the observation that Judy Canova was there -- an actress who launched her own radio show in 1943 which lasted some 12 years. The postcard image was a reference to the Women's Flying Training Detachment (WFTD) & the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) both pioneering predecessors of the WASPs in the Army Air Corps. The ladies were experienced pilots who were used to primarily to ferry planes from the factories that made them to the airfields, freeing up men for combat missions. The WFTD & the WAFS existed briefly from September 10, 1942 until July 1943, so in our opinion the postcard image portraying the men's excitement over the Army women is almost as valuable as the message! $12.00 hm(a)s

MIXone_212_small.jpg women postcard available from Judnick.com
"To My Comrade // WOMAN'S / RELIEF/ CORPS / 1883" attractive art in vertical format showing a member in uniform, flag & badge (which looks like a medal); unused & elaborately embossed post card from the Decoration Day Series No. 2, small spots of corner & edge wear, small spot of light toning on back. The organization name was actually Women's Relief Corps. It was founded in 1883 to serve living Civil War veterans, and to decorate veteran graves on Decoration Day. $9.00 w(s)mcc

"TWA / The TRANSCONTINENTAL Airline" showing a long-legged stewardess in an exceptionally clinging u0niform (buffeted by the wind no doubt!); unused circa-1941 airline-issued linen postcard in excellent condition. Back continued on a somewhat sexist note: 'AT YOUR COMMAND! . . . The attentive service of Hostesses especially trained to the hospitality standard of TWA add to your pleasure on the Route of the Stratoliners.' Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. a(p)pw(s)

Women_SocialHistory_BartonQuimby-200small.jpg social history post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"Twenty Jumbo Stamp Image Postcards Celebrating / Great / American / Women / Volume One" each requiring first-class postage because of their 5"x7" size, a little wear to the outer cover but insides are fine. Interesting biographical details for: Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton (shown left), aviatrix Harriet Quimby (shown right), Ayn Rand, Sojourner Truth, etc. Complete as issued by the US Postal Service for $5.95 in 1999 but our price makes them ideal for home schooling at only $4.75. w(s)bp

Tinted016_small.jpg woman post card available from LotsOfCards.com

Uncaptioned hand-colored postcard showing an elderly woman  woman eating some soup, card soiled both sides, rough edges as issued, unattributed publisher. $1.00 w(o)

"Valuable loads" showing two horse-drawn wagons with goods & 3 ladies perched upon them, unused Azo real photo (triangles up). Humor provides interesting insight into how women were regarded at that time. $20.00

Michigan_Ludington_WA8WZF_small.jpg (3074 bytes)

"WA8WZF" Ludington Michigan QSL post card mailed 1969, picturing the lady operator Mary M. McCarthy & her equipment, wearing T-shirt proclaiming To Hell With Housework!" Classic! $5.00 (mgw)

Wanted--postcards showing a girl reading a book or letter. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

"WELL...IF THEY / CAN PUT ONE MAN / ON THE MOON, WHY / NOT ALL OF THEM" unused cartoon art on continental in yellow, black & white, ©Flying Fish, fresh appearance. $2.25 ws*+

"We're laying for you." with 3 smiling & reclining young ladies in sepia-tone within an embossed green border, mailed 1915 to Mr. John O'Gready in Iron Mountain Michigan, 1-cent Balboa commemorative stamp, minor corner wear. $3.00 w(s)

"Woman poses / and / Man proposes" red & white, mailed 1909 from Otto New York, edge wear, a few small spots on back. $1.75 w

"WOMAN. - SHE NEEDS NO EULOGY, SHE SPEAKS / FOR HERSELF. / 723  COPYRIGHT 1908 BY J. Murray Jordan." macabre scene as a woman takes an axe to a man's head; post card mailed JUN 7 1909 at Roxabell Ohio to Mr. Samie Noble in McArthur Ohio, 2 corners creased, other noticeable corner & edge wear. A popular caption, referring to the suffragette movement of the time. Seen offered elsewhere as high as $14.97, but we need just $7.50. mw(s)


Fraternal_Woman'sBenefitAssociation_MissWest.jpg (182974 bytes)"'WESTHAVEN' GARDENS ON THE ST. CLAIR RIVER, PORT HURON, MICH., HOME OF MISS BINA M. WEST" black & white with sky tint, white-border era from Curt Teich, unused, lightly toned back. Founder in 1892 of one of the first fraternal benefit societies established for and managed by women, & an outspoken supporter of women's suffrage, she represented the National Council of Women of the US at the International Council of Women in Geneva in 1908. Undoubtedly this card was issued on the occasion of the dedication of the Society's new home office in 1917. Many people could not tell you who she is, but the fact that women can get life insurance these days is tribute to her legacy!

Fraternal_Woman'sBenefitAssociation_Camp.jpg (159785 bytes)"SLEEPING BARRACKS AT LAKE HURON CAMP, WOMAN'S BENEFIT ASSOCIATION 113473" black & white with sky tint, white-border era from Curt Teich & Co, unused, light toning near one front corner. Most unusual subject matter--a little known aspect of this fraternal organization's history.

Both of the above:  $50.00 fw(s)msgi

"WRIGHT BIPLANE 'CHYENNE'  MUSKOGEE OKLA" Azo (triangles both ways) real photo postcard showing aviator Leonard Bonney about to transport Miss Olive Adair aloft at the 1911 Muskogee Fair, light album toning on back, good edges. The hobble-skirted Miss Adair became the first journalist to fly in Oklahoma; she was society reporter for the Muskogee Daily Phoenix. After the flight she broke a champagne bottle on the pilot's seat to christen the aeroplane 'Miss Cheyenne' (misspelled in the caption as reported here) in honor of the biplane owner's original state. We know the woman pictured was not Kathryn Hull (who was the first and only other woman Bonney took airborne that day), because she had nothing to do with the naming of the biplane. Super rare. $100.00 o(m)nw

Artist_Langley_small.JPG (3995 bytes)"'Yours for Business.' / 'CHARGE TO ME!'" unused sepia-tone post card reflecting old attitudes toward working women, lightly toned back, small corner crease, soft corners. $3.75 asw

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"…1500-1570. P. Bordone. / … / …Ermitage" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a noble lady with a small child, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, unused, small spot of toning on back. A painting in the Hermitage museum. $13.00 (rwm)

Artist_Arthur_17Adelaide_small.JPG (1895 bytes)

"17  ADELAIDE  PAINTING BY ARTHUR /   COPYRIGHT, 1905, BY BROWN & BIGELOW, ST. PAUL" showing a woman with fishing gear, unused, undivided back, lightly toned front, corner & edge wear. $5.00 awf%

Artist_Waskow_220BurlesqueFavorite.jpg (176348 bytes)

"220 The Burlesque Favorite" signed, caption on back, unused, corner & edge wear, heavily toned back from album contact. (shown) $8.00 ab. Same Waskow art but no caption  published by H. G. Zimmerman & Co., writing on back with slight ink smear on back, minor corner & edge wear. $10.00 ab. Another from H. G. Zimmerman & Co. but fresher, only light toning along one back edge to note. $12.00 abw

Artist_Waskow_248TheRoseGirl.JPG (149732 bytes)

"248 The Rose Girl" signed Waskow, unused. Daring & suggestive art nouveau for its time--note the diaphanous bodice (c.1910), ding at bottom edge closes well, trivial corner wear. $13.00 aw

Artist_Goltz-200img123_small.jpg woman post card available from Judnick.com

A. D. GOLTZ pinx." showing a peasant woman resting beside a dirt road, postcard mailed 1912 in Vienna, Galerie Wiener Künstler Nr. 92 / Salon Viennois No. 92. Message on back is in shorthand. $20.00 aws

Birthday_AHappyB_Oval-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com

"A Happy / Birthday" showing a woman with upraised champaign glass within an embossed oval, unused hand-tinted real photo postcard printed in Germany, small corner crease, light toning on front. $3.75 bw(o)

"A Happy New Year" art depicts lady in negligee peering out of a window, oval border with embossing, circa 1909, album marks on front, tiny spot of toning on one back edge. $5.00 nw

Artist_Valle_small.jpg (4101 bytes)

"A LAVANNARA / (La lavandala)" signed Valle art, undivided back from E. Ragozino - Galleria Umberto - Napoli, fresh color, toned back from album contact, trivial wear at one corner. $7.00 aw

"ALBRECHT DÜRER  BILDNIS EINER JUNGEN FRAU / Kaiser Friedrich-Muzeum zu Berlin" with the portrait of a young woman, quality postcard printing from Julius Bard. tiny corner bend not into image, otherwise fresh. $2.00 amw

Artist_Clapsaddle_AndItsOThe.jpg (159120 bytes)

"And its, / O, the green / Shamrock" showing young woman with a basket full of shamrocks, embossed, signed, mailed 1908, small ink smudge in back message area, minor corner wear. $7.00 aw#

Music_071_small.jpg woman museum card available from Judnick.com

"ARTFAX  Columbus Museum of Art" showing 'Lady with a Theorbo' & open music book, circa 1675, by John Michael Wright. Museum card on thin stock with much information about the painter & the instrument. $1.25 w(a)m

Bookmarks_Woman-200small.jpg woman bookmarks available from Judnick.com

"BOOK MARK" with 'A Piano Poem' in 3 verses & the advertising of The Starr Piano Company of Dayton Ohio on back. $10.00 bmo(d)pw

img067_small.jpg woman post card available from Judnick.com

"Coll. Cart. Bideri-Napoli  La bella Pompejana  Maestri e Artisti-471" showing a young woman of Pompey carrying a water jug, unused black & white Cartolina Postale with undivided back, slight curl to the paper. $5.50 iw

Artist_Georges_Priscilla.jpg (145996 bytes)

"Copyright, 1902, by U. Co., N. Y. / Priscilla / 'Priscilla, the May-flower of Plymouth, /   Modest and Simple and Sweet." Longfellow" Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 (aw)

Mutoscope_Dictator-200_small.jpg women arcade cards available from Judnick.com

"DICTATOR" art on a rare Mutoscope arcade card from the Yankee Doodle Girls series, depicting a blonde in strapless dress puckering up for a kiss, fresh colors, good edges, small number written neatly on the back. $16.50 mw

Artist_Kratki_EasterGreetings.jpg (158052 bytes)

"Easter Greetings" with Kratki art mailed 1909 from Holton Kansas, small corner crease, edge wear, yellowish paper. $8.00 aew

Easter_EGreetingMay-100.jpg (270466 bytes)

"Easter / Greet- / ing: / May joy / and Gladness / fill your / heart" art nouveau design with woman & long-stemmed flower, mailed APR 2 1915 to Brooklyn New York (forwarded there, violet 'NOT 29  F 404' auxiliary mark), dark splotchy toning in caption area & border of front. Artist's monogram within circle: A then upside-down T then B. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ew

Errors_028_small.jpg woman postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"GARRIERE(sic). - Portrait de Femme et Enfant / 13 LL. PETIT PALAIS - PARIS" with a Carrière painting of a woman & child, unused sepia-tone post card, album marks at the corners both sides, small bottom corner bend. The museum was built for the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition. $3.00 emw(a)

Tinted055_small.jpg woman post card available from Judnick.com

"GRAVURE SERIES  No. 112"  hand-colored art nouveau postcard mailed circa 1910 (no cancel, but stamped with message obviously intended to be delivered) to Floyd Shively in Warren Ohio, light toning near the bottom edge & very light album marks at the front corners. $3.50 w(o)g(s)

NewJersey_AtlanticCity_MailickArt_small.JPG (3834 bytes)"Greetings from / Atlantic City / 1545" signed Mailick art shows two bathing beauties, mailed 1905, 2 small corner creases. corner crease. tiny bit of one corner knocked off (misses image), much edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 nabw

Artist_MZ_WomanWithCandle.jpg (174917 bytes)

"'Gute Nacht'" (Good Night) signed MZ art, mailed 1903 from Grube in Holstein Germany (bold cancel) to Hamburg. Tiny scrapes--e.g. one in hair. $5.00 aw

"HANS HOLBEIN jr. (Windsor) / Cicely Heron / A 2830" sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper, unused, light album marks on front & album impressions at the corners. $1.50 aw

College_Harvard_Woman-120.jpg (254408 bytes)

"HARVARD" A beautiful artist postcard. College girl. Mailed 1911. Faint cancellation ink on front; you will not notice it at first. $15.00 cwmm


"Holbein. De Jonge Vrouw." Holbein art depicting a seated woman with white cap, post card on brownish paper, circa 1908. unused, toned back edges. $2.50 aw


"I have known many, liked a few / Loved but one, - so here's to you!" black & white postcard mailed 1912, lightly toned front, faint corner crease. $3.75 a(t)w

Ohio_Bellevue_I'llMeetYouAt-100.jpg (253353 bytes)

"I'll meet you at / Bellevue Free / Street Fair / Oct. 17-20. /   1916." with black & white drawing of woman with hat waiving kerchief, album marks on front, light toning near front edges. The town is in Huron County Ohio. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg (253,353 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ow

Artist_Schulze_small.jpg (3800 bytes)

"Im Frühlingswind Walter Schulze" color, unused, album impressions at the corners, light album marks on back. $6.00 (aw)

Artist_Eliott_small.jpg (2072 bytes)

"It's a fortunate postage /   stamp that has the pleasure / of brining you a greeting" including a cherub mailing a letter, Eliott art, mailed 1912 in the United States, very light toning both sides. $5.00 aw

Bosnia-Herzegovina_Art_Costume_small.JPG (3990 bytes)

"J. CERMÁK   Herzegovka s dítetem /   Herzegovinerin mit ihrem Kind..." art by Cermák, also captioned in another language, post card mailed 1918 in Versecz Hungary (clear cancel), cancel ink on front mostly in caption area. $4.00


"Joan Crawford says..." untitled art by James Rosenquist in 1984 on unused continental postcard, one corner has faint creases. $1.00 w

Artist_ElGreco_PortraitOfA-120.jpg (230299 bytes)

"JOHNSON COLLECTION, / PHILADELPHIA /   PORTRAIT OF A LADY /   by EL GRECO_..." real photo post card with extensive commentary written on back, trivial wear at one corner. $2.00 amw

Artist_Calbet_1901_small.jpg (1970 bytes)

"JOSETTE" signed Antoine Calbet, mailed in Paris 1901 to Washington State, minor corner wear & rounding. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 aw

Artist_Israels_BlikIn-200_small.jpg woman post card available from Judnick.com

"Jozeph Israëls / Blik inde verte. / Lointain mystérieux. / On the look out / Ein Blick in die Ferne" depicting a woman seated outdoors with her baby, sepia-tone on unused postcard (circa 1910-12) published by Felix P. Abrahamson, numbered 1352 on the back, light album impressions at the corners, otherwise quite fresh. $3.75 aw

BathingBeauty_JustA-200_small.jpg woman postcard art available from Judnick.com

"JUST / A BREAKER / 8819" unsigned art on a post card depicting a bather in red & black on the beach, small spot of toning away from central image, back paper toned & browning with age, corner crease & minor corner rounding. Circa 1908. $3.75 bw

Artist_Dwig_JustWhat.jpg (202532 bytes)

"Just what these / hieroglyphics spell / Your looking glass will quickly tell" elegant lady with umbrella stands before mirror with 'You're / just / my / style' written backwards, embossed Dwig art & border, Serie No. 30 on back, post card mailed 1914 in the United States, 3 corner creases, edge wear, as is. $6.00 aw

BathingBeauty_KunstverlagEAGotz-200_small.JPG woman postcard available from Judnick.com"Kunstverlag E. A. Götz (G. Windirsch), Franzensbad / Nr. 501" unattributed art showing a woman with cap bathing in a wooden bathtub while doing her nails, addressed (to Czechoslovakia) Postkarte with message dating to 1921, minor corner wear. Caption taken from the left edge of the back. $12.00 bw

"Le Goubey éditeur, St-Pierre-Eglise / LA NORMANDIE PITTORESQUE / 1502. Chez l'tout qu'l'habitude, et j'ni enranne pas!..." showing a French woman supporting a heavy jug (possibly of milk), black & white postcard with dark red caption on green back, very late usage at Lando Mines West Virginia (2 bold & complete cancels from that DPO), slight browning near back edges, good edges. $7.50 fw-w

Artist_AngellClaire_Love_small.JPG (3328 bytes)

"LOVE / Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year in advance; With love to my dear one, 'Somewhere in France'" signed Angell art, unused, circa 1917, made in USA, minor corner wear and rounding. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 acw#

"MANY HAPPY / RETURNS OF / YOUR BIRTH= / DAY" with signed art on a postcard mailed May 1 1914 (almost complete SANDUSKY & SPRINGFIELD R.P.O. cancel) to Ostrander Ohio, toned front, heavily toned near back bottom edge. $1.50 bw(a)

"Marie Christensen" signed art depicting woman's head bent to smell blue irises, postcard with brownish paper, unused, minor corner wear, lightly toned front. $3.00 aw

Artist_Vienne_WomanWithHat_small.jpg (2438 bytes)

"M. M. VIENNE / Nr. 380" caption from back, depicting a young woman with large hat, post card mailed 1908 at Bremen Germany to Pennsylvania (clear cancels on two 5 pfg. stamps), brownish paper, minor corner wear & rounding, cancel ink misses image thankfully. $13.00 awm

"MOONLIGHT REVERIE / 5328" unsigned art in vertical format on divided back postcard mailed circa 1908 (partial ALB. & BOSTON R.P.O. cancel) to Mrs. Newton L. Sargent ('Hattie') by her sister, light toning on back, small bottom corner crease, minor corner rounding. $2.50 mw(a)

Croatia_NastaRojc_Umbrella.jpg (137367 bytes)

"Nasta Rojc pinx. / Hrvatska narodna nosnja Sestine - Zagreb / ... / Croatian National costumes Sestine - Zagreb" also captioned in German, signed Rojc art showing a young woman with raised umbrella on a country road, small internal crease & small corner crease (neither into image), unused & otherwise fresh. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 (cwu)

Ohio_Worthington_OldeW-200_small.jpg woman art card available from LotsOfCards.com

"Olde Worthington's / HOLIDAY EVENTS" unused continental publicity card with stylish art, near mint. A modern classic done for an Ohio event. $2.00 o(w)w

Artist_Lingner_Woman.jpg (147338 bytes)

"O. Lingner Versunkenes Glück" Hanfstaengl's Künstlerkarte Nr. 15, unused, light album marks on front, soft corners. Nice! Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size scan in .jpg format. $1.50 aw*

Artist_Walhain_small.jpg (3388 bytes)

"On the Emerald Coast / Sopra il lido smeraidino..." captioned in 4 other languages (all on the back), Wahlhain art mailed 1931 TCV from Brachbach Germany to Illinois, minor corner & edge wear. $5.00 aw

Artists_RDA_OnThis.jpg (191422 bytes)"ON / THIS DAY / I Was Thinking /   of Something / …" accompanied by signed RDA drawing showing a woman among flowers, undivided back mailed 1908 at Vanburen Indiana, toned both sides, long crease, corner wear & rounding. $2.25 aw

Latvia_Paregojus_WomanWithFlowers_small.jpg (3205 bytes)

"PAREGOJUS" real photo of a painting showing a woman putting small flowers in her hair, mailed in Valmiera Latvia 17.4.24 (4-santimi stamp & clear cancels), slight oxidation. $8.50

"Paris - Musée d'art moderne de la ville /   Pierre-Auguste RENOIR (1841-1919) / Femme lisant dans un paysage" unused continental from S.P.A.D.E.M., fresh appearance. $1.00 wa

"RENÉ GRUAU / FEMME A L'ŒILLET, 1981" art in bold colors of a woman smoking, unused continental printed in France, fresh appearance. Nice. $2.00 ws

"RENÉ GRUAU / FEMME AU ANT ROUGE, 1982" art in bold colors, unused continental printed in France, trivial wear at one corner. $1.75 w

"RENÉ GRUAU / LA CIGARETTE, 1983" art in bold colors, unused continental printed in France, trivial wear at bottom corners. $1.75 ws

"RICHARD HAMILTON © 1987 / MY MARILYN 1965 / screenprint from 9 stencils" unused continental featuring Marilyn Monroes, lightly toned back. $1.25 w

Artist_Barthold.jpg (115573 bytes) art postcard available from Judnick.com

"Salon de Paris _ M. Barthold _ LA BARATTEUSE /  Churning _ La Mantequen / ..." also captioned in 2 other languages, sepia-tone real photo postcard of the art, writing on back dated to 1920, tiny crease at one corner. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan of the front in .jpg format. $1.50 aw%

Artist_Richard_1907.jpg (127312 bytes)"Salons de Paris. / Mme Hortense RICHARD. --Graziella. / ND. PHOT." Signed Richard art 1907, writing on back dates to 1919, postcard with small internal crease & mild corner wear. $2.50 a(r)w%

Artist_Kowalsky_WomanWithGoats.jpg (174694 bytes)

"SALONS DE PARIS. -- Société des Artistes Français / Léopold KOWALSKY / Les chevreaux  The kidlings" showing a woman with 2 young goats, Léopold Kowalsky art mailed 1924 at Schaffhausen Switzerland, toning along back edges, one corner worn. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

MIXone_045_small.jpg woman postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"SECRETS" art in vertical format showing a woman with a bunch of red roses beside her, undivided back post card mailed DEC 1906 at Coyle Oklahoma (pre statehood), writing in the front borders as was permitted at the time, small upper corner creases, light uneven toning on back, light toning at front corners from album contact, other front toning mostly in the bottom caption area. $4.50 w-o

  Mutoscope_A_Peek-A-Knees_small.jpg (4067 bytes)  Mutoscope_FeatherYour-200_small.jpg Mutoscopes available from Judnick.com  Mutoscope_SheerNonsense-200_small.jpg Mutoscope arcade cards available from Judnick.com 
See also our extensive [possibly best-in-world] Mutoscope arcade cards offering for pinup art. Shown here: "A PEEK-A'-KNEES", FEATHER YOUR NEST & "SHEER NONSENSE".

See also: our Nude paintings & sculpture postcards.

Artist_Aman-Jean_Jugend_small.jpg (3287 bytes)

"Serie XX, 3. Aman-Jean. KARNEVAL" unused Jugend Postkarte, faint album impressions at the corners. $7.00 aw

Artist_Renoir_LittleGirlWithAHat-300_small.JPG woman museum card available from Judnick.com

Set of 8 museum cards, complete, each approximately 2.5" x 4", showing details from Renoir paintings once on exhibit as Renoir's Women at the Columbus Museum of Art. Shown is "Little Girl with a Hat". Also "Christine Lerolle Embroidering", "The Gypsy Girl", "The Lesson", "The Piano Lesson", "Two Girls Reading", etc. Backs provide questions & commentary. $6.00 a(r)w

Mutoscope_ShoulderArms-200_small.jpg arcade card available from Judnick.com

"SHOULDER -- ARMS" from the Mutoscope All American Girl series, excellent condition. Rare. $20.00 mw. Another from a printing with a more reddish background, two small shallow indents on back do not affect the front at all. $19.00 mw

Silhouette_SouvenirSPost-200_small.jpg women postcards available from Judnick.com"Souvenir Silhouette Post Card / FROM / BURKITT'S DRUG STORE / S. E. COR. FIFTH AND MAIN STS. / DAYTON, OHIO / Try a 10c. special from our FOUNTAIN / WE ARE AGENTS FOR HUYLER'S CANDIES" with a beautiful silhouette of a woman wearing a flowery hat, some letters obsured by it so we filled in what is shown here in italics. Divided back postcard, unused, toning both sides, small crease in one of the hat projections. Apparently the pharmacist hired a quality artist to cut these quickly for prominent customers, and then pasted the work onto their advertising postcards. Rare: we could find nothing like it on the Internet -- displayed or offered. The quality of the art is so realistic that you would swear you could extrapolate some of her facial features. $20.00 spwgoa

Artist_Rossetti_Music.jpg (181888 bytes)

"The Bower Meadow. D. G. Rossetti. /   (Manchester Art Gallery)" showing women playing stringed instruments while others dance, sepia-tone from Woodbury Series (number 6128), printed in England, unused, good edges. $3.00 amw

MIXone_099_small.jpg woman post card available from Judnick.com"The Milkmaid." unsigned but quality art shows an agricultural scene in which a farm woman empties water into vats so her 2 cows can drink; postcard with undivided back mailed 1907 at Quimby Iowa, corners with small creases tangential to or missing the art, top edge ding closes fairly well. $3.25 wpa

Bullfighting_Tijuana1951_WomanArt-100.jpg (320919 bytes)

"TIJUANA BULLRING /   SUNDAY SEPT. 16 1951 / ... /   GREGORIO GARCIA /   RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ / JESUS CORDOVA / Fighting to Death /   PURE BRED FIGHTING / BULLS FROM / CHUCHO CABRERA / FARM" ad printed in bold green letters on back of wonderful signed art postcard depicting a Mexican woman; unused, good edges, lightly toned back mostly in address area. $7.50 bwm*

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  PMC_Valentine_small.jpg (2387 bytes)  "To my Valentine" unused & gorgeous. $12.00

Artist_Tamagno-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

Uncaptioned black & white carte postal with signed Tamagno art, showing a Japanese lady within a circular frame, back & front edges noticeably toned, minor corner wear. $5.00 a(t)w


Uncaptioned but signed Edith Parsons Williams art showing an elegant lady wearing a fancy hat, mailed 1910, faint album marks at corners, paper browning evenly with age, internal crease about 2" long but not into art. From Art Series A No. 11, as we learn on the back. $2.50 a(w)wm

Uncaptioned color postcard with singed A. Toniolo art, no series or publisher information, mailed 1914, upper left front corner toned darkly, unfortunate cancel ink at upper right front corner extends into face. Art is lovely, but a tragedy nonetheless. $1.25 a(t)w

Sample_WomanMailed_small.jpg (3899 bytes)

Uncaptioned sample showing young woman art, from Continental Art Co. in Chicago, mailed (very unusual) in Michigan 1907 with publisher's message crossed off, unimportant wear at 2 corners. $7.00

Artist_Shinn_WomanFromFlower-100.jpg (263616 bytes)

Uncaptioned signed Cobb Shinn art depicting a young woman emerging from a pink flower, nicely hand-colored, mailed 1910, brownish paper, small corner crease nowhere near the art, toned front corners from album contact, hint of cancel ink in one corner. $4.75 awf

Uncaptioned signed Cobb Shinn art dated 1908 depicting a young woman whose hair is formed by the smoke of a cigarette, mailed 1909, brownish paper, couple raindrop spots on back, hand-colored with sender's comment 'my latest' written unobtrusively on front, lightly toned front. $5.00 asw

Artist_Waskow_small.jpg (4373 bytes)

Uncaptioned, signed Waskow. Daring & suggestive art nouveau for its time--note the diaphanous bodice (c.1910), unused from H. G. Zimmerman & Co., faint corner crease. $13.50 aw

Artist_Waskow_ZimmermanRedFlowers.jpg (177659 bytes)

Uncaptioned, signed Waskow. Daring & suggestive art nouveau for its time--note the diaphanous bodice (c.1910), unused from H. G. Zimmerman & Co., minor wear at 3 corners. $15.00 aw

Artist_Waskow_BurlesqueKick.jpg (172249 bytes)

Uncaptioned, signed Waskow. Burlesque performer kicking, undisclosed publisher, unused, lightly toned back. $12.00 abw

Uncaptioned Swedish card in color showing a standing woman with arms outstretched, white robe, long flowing hair; mailed 23.9.1905 at Jonkoping (clear cancel, local usage). $4.00 w-n

                             Valentine_VGreetings_3-200_small.JPG    Valentine_VGreetings_4-200_small.JPG
                             Valentine_VGreetings_1-200_small.JPG    Valentine_VGreetings_2-200_small.JPG
"Valentine / Greetings" 4 postcards gilded & printed in Germany from Series 7042, unused, trivial tiny spots of toning on the back of two, otherwise quite fresh. Circa 1910 - 1912. Worthy of framing and presentation to a very special young lady who deserves the best. All four shown above for $75.00 total. vw

RedCross_Russian_ArtistBobrov_small.jpg (2829 bytes)

"V. Bobrov / 1914." caption from Cyrillic signature on otherwise uncaptioned art, unused Russian Red Cross, lightly toned back, lightly toned front, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 awr

Artist_Kornerup_WomanKnitting_small.jpg (6399 bytes)

"V. Kornerup.  Söndagmorgen" with an old woman knitting by a window, sepia-tone postcard, unused, Stenders Maleriserie, yellowish paper. $3.50 akwi

Wanted to buy--postcards from the Kay Girl series published by Williamson Haffner. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio!

Better_258small.jpg art postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com

"When I / ventured to show myself / on the Hotel Piazza / I created a sensation" elaborately embossed art in fresh colors showing an elegant with striped umbrella, mailed at Martinsburg Ohio (gorgeous violet R D ROUTE 10 / DEC 29 1910 MARTINSBURG hand cancel ties the stamp), spotty toning on back nowhere near the cancel. $5.00 uw(a)-or

Artist_Kiefer_WhenYoure_small.jpg (3918 bytes)

"When you're travelling(sic), just think of me." Signed Kiefer art, post card printed in the United States, toned both sides, album marks on front, 2 corner creases, internal crease. $5.00 aw+


"Women! be fair, - we must adore thee! / Smile - and a world is weak before thee!" unused postcard with signed A. Tomlinson art, one corner with minor wear & a bend, otherwise fairly fresh. $4.50 a(t)w

Mutoscope_WouldYou-200_small.jpg arcade cards available from Judnick.com

"WOULD YOU?" with signed Earl Christy art on a rare Mutoscope arcade card from the Yankee Doodle Girls series, fresh colors, trivial wear on one edge, small reorder number neatly written on the back. $16.50 mwa

Comic_YouHaveThe-200_small.jpg women post card available from Judnick.com"YOU HAVE / THE ABILITY / TO AROUSE / VARIOUS / EMOTIONS / IN ME: / PLEASE / SELECT / CAREFULLY" Our favorite postcard in the Pot-Shot series (No. 2289). Ashleigh Brilliant art & text. $1.00 cw

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mit Exemplaren
wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
FinnishFlag1.gif (1008 bytes)
lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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