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"1828  Vittoria nei Cieli.  La Victoire dans les Cieux." meaning 'Victory in Heaven' in Italian & French, showing a sword in the hands of Italia Turrita borne over mountains in an airship; signed Mastroianni allegory on postcard mailed at Genova Italy 24 II 1916 to Mr. Emile Sabrio in New Orleans, small bottom corner crease, back paper starting to brown with age. A patriotic postcard during World War I. $6.00 a(m)p

4 different unused Russian postal cards, 4-kopek rate, issued 1975 to 1979, poster-style patriotic art. $8.00 rpp

8 different unused Russian postal cards, 3-kopek rate, issued 1972 to 1978, with poster-style patriotic art. $16.00 rpp

"9K2ZZ / NLD" special prefix QSL card used 1992 during the celebration of Kuwait National and Liberation Day, confirmed by W8CNL. Patriotic slogans & indicia include "FREE KUWAIT" and "Kuwait is small but not alone", attractive and in excellent condtion. $4.00 kp

"'Adverse fortune ever fly thee, / No disastrous fate come nigh thee. / (Duchess of Malfi, Act III, Scene V) Webster. / UNION JACK INDUSTRIES LEAGUE.  COPYRIGHT" with missing quote in caption as reported here, unused Milton patriotic World War I postcard, published by Woolstone Brothers (their Series No. 29), all British manufacture, trivial corner wear. Apparently rare. The only other example we found was in the Science & Society Picture Library, and there were no other offers. The archaic 'fly' from the 1613 tragic play would be today's 'flee', which may have been misunderstood by this postcard's more modern audience & account for its rare sightings. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. pwa(m)

"Au / Pays de L'Alsace // Notre cœur nous disait toujours / 116  que nous reverrions le Drapeau français à Strasbourg" hand-tinted real photo postcard showing a young woman exchanging flowers with a soldier who has given her a French flag. $6.00 afpm

"A WINNING COMBINATION" arcade card, toning on back & a little edge wear. $5.50 mpf

Barr's Post Card News. June 20, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on soccer, Seagram's patriotic World War II posters & the Pony Express. $1.25 pps

"Do your bit! / BUY A LIBERTY LOAD BOND / Inquire at any bank or post office" patriotic slogan in violet ties 1¢ Washington stamp franking postcard mailed JUN 5 1917  to Miss Eloise Sloane in Mansfield Ohio. Front view: "Crystal Park Auto Road looping the Loops, / one mile of road on 30 acres, Colorado Springs, Colo." Minor corner & edge wear, light toning near the back bottom corners. Cancel is faint but it looks like nearby Woodmoor to us. $3.50 pc-p

"BACK THE BOYS IN THE TRENCHES / BUY A LIBERTY LOAN BOND / INQUIRE AT ANY BANK OR POST OFFICE" patriotic slogan in violet ties (damaged by sender) 1¢ Washington stamp franking postcard mailed OCT 7 1917 at Wenatchee Washington to Mr. J. D. Coblentz in Polk Ohio. Front view: "550.  Three year old Apple Orchard, Saddle rock / in the distance, Wenatchee Valley." Two corners furthest from the stamp each have a small crease. $3.50 pw-wp

"But what I wonder is did / he get spanked for cutting / down the cherry tree" 2 children regarding a portrait of George Washington, postcard mailed FEB 21 1920 at Quincy Massachusetts to Miss Mattie C. Murphy in New York City, both sides lightly toned, rubber band mark on the back. $2.75 pcw

"DISPLAY THIS BUMPER STICKER WITH PRIDE / SUPPORT OUR / TROOPS / REMEMBER / OUR VETERANS" ready to use, about 3.5" high x 9" long, flag display days listed on peel-off back. $1.00 p

"DON'T TRY ANY PINCER / MOVEMENTS ON ME" art depicting a helmeted shapely lass in patriotic colors sporting a rifle, art of a Mutoscope arcade card, 2 small creases in the same upper corner, trivial corner & edge wear. $5.50 mppg


"Durch Kampf / zum Sieg! // PFB / 3529 / 1" crowned woman with shield, Franz Josef in the distance; unused skillful real photo postcard with slight oxidation, small corner crease, trivial corner wear. $10.00 p

"England ! / 'Through fire, air, and water, thy trial must be, But they that love life best die gladly for thee.' Robert Bridges, Poet Laureate." unused patriotic World War I postcard from the Dron Artistic Series No. 101, thick stock, toning on back suggests contact of another different postcard. Bridges served the position from 1913 - 1930. Very hard to find. $12.50 wpp NEW / UUSI / NOU

"En route pour la France / Maudits! Vous refusez avec méfiance, / Nous trouverons quant même le chemin / de la France // DIX223 / 3" boy & girl slink away from the angel of France, hand-colored / tinted real photo post card with writing on back, heavily toned back, corner wear & rounding, several short internal creases radiate from one edge, as is. $5.00 pf(u)

"E PLURIBUS UNUM / Washington" eagle with shield & motto, portrait & cherries within embossed framework, Winsch Washington Birthday Series No. 2, mailed circa 1910 to Ohio, 2 worn corners, name written on front. $4.25 wwp

"Floral Flag / Roger Williams Park / Providence, R. I." with patriotic slogan 'LONG MAY / IT WAVE', unused Tichnor Lusterchrome postcard, tiny light spot of toning on back. $1.00 rp

"FOR HOME AND COUNTRY. / ARMY FLIER IN ACTION / © Pict. News Co." post card mailed JUL 26 1918 from Colchester Illinois to Miss Minnie Hazlett in Parnassus Pennsylvania by her sister, corners creased & rounded a bit. From a patriotic series of postcards used in the Liberty Loan campaign of World War I; this being the hardest one to find. $12.50 a(p)a(m)pw

"Gloire a l'Alsace / 2207 FURIA" hand-colored / tinted real photo patriotic postcard including the flag of France, much writing on back in French & dating to 1919. $7.00 afpw

"Gloire à la France! // FURIA / 2203 / 3" woman with long horn positioned before a large French flag, hand-colored / tinted post card, unused, lightly toned back, trivial wear at one edge, otherwise fresh. $16.00 pf

"Gloire / Immortelle / L'ennemi Dompté / 1120" woman with sword & French flag, Arc de Triomphe in the distance; hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard mailed TCV 1915 to Sarthe, toned back, minor corner & edge wear. $7.50 pf

"God Bless America" unused linen post card from Tichnor's Flag Series No. 1, made in the USA, short patriotic verse printed on back, a little excess blue ink on back from the printers, fairly fresh overall, good edges. $2.50 pf

"God Save the King" with the first 4 measures of music beneath, followed by the words in English then French; unused postcard from REX (their 601), very light album toning at the back corners, otherwise excellent condition. Emphasis was on English / French solidarity in World War I -- not French-Canadians, who resisted being drawn in. $10.00 mwp

"GRAINE DE POILU / PATRIOTIC 1068" showing a boy in French military clothing urinating into a German helmet, postcard on brownish paper, made in France, writing on back from Jewell E. Moore at APO 706, minor corner wear, unusual subject matter. Poilu is an affectionate French term for soldier. $12.00 pb


Patriotic_GreetingsFromA-200small.jpg patriotism postcard available from Judnick.com

"GREETINGS / FROM A PATRIOT // J-8" unused intricately embossed post card, light toning near the back edges from album contact, minor corner & edge wear. $10.00 p

"Heres to the happiness, here's to the health / of the girl who is queen of them all." signed Ryan patriotic art on an intricately embossed Winsch postcard, mailed December 27 1911 to Mrs. Elias Farley in East Liberty Ohio, mild corner wear. The grammatical error in the caption (here's) is as reported in the quotation marks. $8.50 pa(r)w

"HOJ OTČINA! OTČINA! / ZBIŤ LEBO MRIEŤ! / VOJÁK ČESKOSLOVENSKÉ /: ARMÁDY VE FRANCHII  : /  13" art depicting a soldier bayoneting a German solider; patriotic postcard issued by the Czechoslovak (military) Recruiting Office at the Tribune Building in New York, designed & printed by the Wentworth Institute, mailed 1918 to Oldrich Fouček 1382 First Avenue New York City, message in Czech to a local resident. [OTČINA means fatherland.] Unimportant toning, small bottom corner crease. Lists addresses of other such offices in red at the bottom front: Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Omaha, St. Louis & Rosenberg Texas. Seldom offered, in some important museums; a bit of history in your hands. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cn(n)p

"Hudson-Fulton / Celebration Commission / OFFICIAL POST CARD / NO. 43 / FLOAT--TITLE CAR, UNITED STATES AND MODERN PERIOD" post card, unused, fresh & appealing. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 ep

"Ils viennent!... // 815 / M" young woman in Alsatian attire holds French flag & flowers while awaiting soldiers, hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard with much writing on back, much wear along one long edge. several tiny scrapes near bottom front edge. $3.75 pfa

"IN FRANCE / WE'LL MAKE / HIM / DANCE" postcard mailed AUG 23 1918 from the Meade Branch of Baltimore Maryland, addressee's name erased, album marks at the back corners, cancel ink on the front, small tear at bottom center leads to a longer internal crease. As is. $1.50 pf(u)w

"I take the liberty." patriotic post card with art in color showing Miss Liberty at the typewriter with a bald eagle & American flag on her chair, mailed 1907, minor edge wear, cancel ink on front at bottom (fortunately). $5.00 tp

"It's a Long Way to Tipperary" & "England" patriotic pennants decorate a Harley Davidson motorcycle with side car occupied by 2 men & a baby. Necessarily World War I: see the song pennant artwork in gorgeous full-color depicting a German soldier knocked flat between a distant Russian bear, 'De-Fence of the Allies' with English bulldog & troops rushing at http://www.germanmilitaria.com/OtherNations/Photos/C051072.html.  Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. mp

"IWO JIMA STATUE / Arlington, Va. / Felix W. DeWeldon completed this statue in 1954 ..." unused Plastichrome® post card printed for Silberne Souvenir Sales Incorporated in Washington DC, trivial corner wear. $1.25 psfv

JK (monogram with arrow running through). "Souvenir  9543" with the flags of Great Britain & France at the top, hand-colored real photo postcard on the paper of N. H. Katz in Rueil France, good edges, a gorgeous patriotic from World War I.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 w(j)pw

"KB7IFJ" Estacada Oregon short-wave (28.345 MHz) QSL postcard used 1990, patriotic design includes the Statue of Liberty, fresh appearance. From Kathy Redmond. $3.00 op

"KLN2847" Sheffield Lake Ohio QSL mailed 1964, gorgeous patriotic art. faint cancel ink on front. $2.00 op

"L'Alsacienne / En voyant ces couleurs chéries / Je pense à la Mère Patrie" patriotic postcard shows an Alsatian little girl with French flag, tinted, addressed but unmailed. Rare. $6.00 apgf

"L'Alsacienne / L'Alsacienne â la joue en fleurs / Porte gaiement nos trois colours." shows an Alsatian little girl with French tri-color flag, tinted, patriotic post card mailed in Belgium 1906, writing on front as was permitted, toned back. Rare. $6.00 apgf

"L'Alsacienne / L'heure de la revanche avance / Voilà ma foi, mon espérance!" shows little an Alsatian little girl with French flag, tinted patriotic postcard, addressed, 1906, toned back. Rare. $6.00 apgf

"L'Alsacienne / O France ton amour m'enflamme / Dans un baiser reçoit mon âme." shows Alsatian little girl with French flag, tinted patriotic post card, addressed, mailed in Belgium 1906, writing on front as was permitted, a lot of toning near 2 back edges. Rare. $6.00 apgf

"La Pensée / Les Anges de la Paix éloignent le barbare _ / 50" two angelic girls with sashes, one lifting a sword; hand-colored / tinted real photo post card on brownish paper, writing on back dates to 1915, album marks on back, toning at top back edge, minor corner & edge wear, name written on front. $5.00 pa

"'Le glorieux retour, que l'Alsace attendait depuis 47 ans!'" celebrating the return of the region to France from Germany, English message over all the back refers to a great festival coming at Vichy, paper browning with age, well rounded corners. $5.00 pa NEW / UUSI / NOU

"LES MONSTRES DES CATHÉDRALES No 5 / Von Kluck. L'un des chenapans, chef de bande qui a / ordonné les ravages du Nord de la France et / part dépit a bombardé impitoyablement Soissons." depicting German General Alexander von Kluck as a macabre cathedral gargoyle, unused postcard with back paper browning evenly with age, minor corner rounding & edge wear. $7.50 pm(g)m

"Let's Stand By Our / Colors" with an embroidered American flag within an intricately embossed border, postcard fashioned in layers to include the embroidery, sent 1918 from Johnstown Camp (no stamp), paper toning both sides shows age. $3.75 pfe

"'Long May it Wave / over / Land / & Sea'" with crossed American flags within an ornate border, intricately embossed postcard mailed 1911 to Leeland Weed in Warren Ohio by his aunt (who signed on front upside down), mild corner & edge wear, short stress marks from the top & bottom border, still attractive. $3.00 pfg

"'Long May She Wave" postcard with flag on a foil insert (stripes shine silver in the right light), mailed 1913 at Chicago Illinois, upper corner crease, shorter lower corner creases, two approximately 1" internal creases, toning both sides. As is. $1.75 pf

"My / Greetings / to you / on Washington's / Birthday" with his portrait in an embossed border beneath the flag, postcard from International Art Publishing, mailed 1909 in Ohio, mild corner wear & rounding. $4.00 wpf

"NATHAN HALE SCHOOL HOUSE AND JOSEPH SPENCER MONUMENT, / EAST HADDAM, CONN." black & white post card mailed FEB 18 1954, a little extraneous writing on back, noticeable wear along one short edge. $2.00 cp*

"No. 418  UNLOADING PATIENT AT POST HOSPITAL--CAMP LEE, VA." from an ambulance, 2 nurses present; unused postcard published by Thompson & Company, 'Defend Your Country--Join the U. S. Army' slogan on back, light fingerprint toning on back, trivial corner wear. $3.75 v(c)m(a)m(p)p

"On every hand the flag still waves, / Kept flying by Britannia's / braves" unused post card from the National Series (No. 2472d), evenly divided back has a lot of spotty toning, small lower corner crease, minor rounding at all corners. Rare patriotic postcard from World War I. When we searched the Internet we found no other offers, past or present, and no recorded sales. $8.00 pf

"Original Star-Spangled Banner Manuscript / as written by Francis Scott Key, Sept. 14, / 1814." with all four verses--the middle 2 being relatively unknown to most people; real photo post card, good edges. Written during the bombardment of Fort McHenry. $4.00 mph

"Our COUNTRY! _ _ _ _ / May she always be right / But right or wrong OUR COUNTRY! / FIRST! LAST! ALWAYS!" unused card the size of a regular postcard, blank back, fairly fresh with good edges. $1.25 p

"Our Country - right or wrong / OUR COUNTRY" unused patriotic postcard printed in the USA for the Illustrated Postal Card & Novelty Company, lightly toned near front edges, trivial edge wear. $2.25 p

"Patriots' Monument, Lexington, Mass." post card from Valentine-Souvenir, circa 1912 but very late usage at Hebronville, minor corner wear. An imposing sculpture of a Colonial rifleman. $2.75 m(l)sp

"Pontoon Bridge, Camp Pickett, Va." being crossed by a truck & National Guard soldiers; unused Tichnor linen postcard, 'FOR VICTORY BUY UNITED STATES WAR BONDS AND STAMPS' in lower right back corner, lightly toned back, good edges. Often seen as Fort Pickett. $3.50 v(c)m(n)p

"Pour la France! // ELD / 1" young woman in apron at her spinning wheel, hand-colored / tinted real photo, unused, 1 / 5" postcard with tear at one edge, other edge wear is minor. $4.50 psf(u)

"PREMIUM INCENTIVE BUYERS - SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS! /  Personalized / Patriotic / LIMITED EDITION / Fine Art Print / ..." on unused business reply card offering United States flag art, circa February 1997, from Helmut Koller Studio in West Palm Beach Florida. $1.00 pf(w)f

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"Remember Your First Thrill of / AMERICAN LIBERTY // YOUR DUTY - Buy / United States Government Bonds / 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917" unused continental postcard reproducing World War I poster art, detached neatly from a family Circle magazine, small corner bend. $1.00 pp

"Salut au / drapeau! // EM / 11" smiling young woman before the French flag, hand-colored / tinted real photo post card made in France, unused, minor corner & edge wear, numeral 5 written on flag (may erase if you want us to try). $5.00 pfw

Set of 4 official fund-raising postcards with unevenly divided backs urging Germans for patriotic reasons to remember zeppelin-building efforts in their wills (Zeppelin-Eckener-Spende). Rough translations follow. Upper left: One Zeppelin over German lands! Is that all we will ever see? No way! Upper right: All powers to the contrary, uphold the work! Lower left: Do German mothers want their children never to see one? Lower right: One German Zeppelin! That will happen again! Each front caption exhorting the recipient to remember the next Zeppelin building effort in their wills. The first truly successful zeppelin referred to by these postcards was the LZ3, which first flew on 9 October 1906. [The previous 2 crashed after a very few flights, discouraging most investors. The early LZ3 flights, while better, did not come up to military expectations.] The fundraising was therefore for the LZ4, first flown 20 June 1908. So the postcards date early 1907 to early 1908. All lightly toned on back from the printing process itself, all with good edges. Individually, they are seldom seen or offered; the group is unheard of. They belong in a museum. Set of 4: $50.00 bgp

Embroidered_Souvenir_Flags_small.jpg (3420 bytes)

"Souvenir" showing British, American & French flags in an embossed border, postcard made in France, undoubtedly World War I, unused. $8.00

"'Spirit of 76' by Archibald / M. Willard." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1963 from Lawrence Massachusetts. $2.50 pa(w)

Virginia_Richmond_StJohnsChurch-120.jpg (404611 bytes)

"ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, RICHMOND. Erected 1740. / The sanctuary of patriotism, where Patrick Henry / made his famous speech..." unused postcard. This winter scene would make a fine subject for a painting. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 vpw

"The Marines have landed and have the situation well in hand." patriotic postcard given out at WWI Marine recruiting stations so that senders could advise their recipients of their new Parris Island address. Signed art is dated 1913 & shows 2 Marines raising the flag. Special, because most of these were filled out and sent for their intended purpose. Browning paper with age, worn corners, one faint corner crease. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 m(m)pf

"The Stars / and Stripes / Forever" leather postcard mailed 3-15-1907 at Assaria Kansas, writing on front as was permitted then. $4.00 pfl

"Training to beat H---- / Yes, Hell was 'made in Germany' / Of that no proof we lack _ / Returning it's a duty, - so - / We're going to hand it back" with art showing US Army soldiers digging trenches, postcard from Series 590 Military Mottoes, mailed AUG 21 1918 to Mr. Robert Lafferre in Belleville West Virginia, 2 corners creased, light toning both sides, minor corner rounding. $2.75 pw


"u8CPQ" early Hamilton Ohio QSL card with medium-size patriotic eagle design, used 1927 by operator J. F. Hurley, tiny pinholes near edges & 1 edge ding due to pin, 2 small corner creases (both very faint from the front). $7.50 op

Tajikistan_UJ8-040-200_small.jpg patriotism QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"UJ8-040-200" shortwave Dushanbe / Душанбе QSL card used 1989 by operator Iwan, patriotic front commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. $2.50 tp

Uncle Sam drives a parade float pulled by 2 horses, loaded with young girls (each Miss Some State) & a US flag beside Miss Liberty, an unused & uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles all up) real photo postcard. Event was probably a circa-1910 Fourth of July in California, given the prominent position of Miss California in the center near the flag. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. upgp

"United, / We stand" with cute bunch of 7 dogs & cats in patriotic attire -- Uncle Sam hats, Statue of Liberty crown, flag, etc.; unused, copyrighted, not yet printed on back by the veterinarian (and seldom seen that way), near mint, a little longer than a regular-size postcard $2.50 vpu

"U. S. CAPITOL." intricately embossed postcard with undivided back & writing both sides, mailed 1905 at Hoboken to Miss M. C. Murphy in Hartford Connecticut, stamp removed, a little extraneous writing on back, traces of cancel ink on the front. $2.50 pfd

USS GEORGIA (BB-15). "FOR HOME AND COUNTRY / USS GEORGIA / ©Pict. News Co. / 2200" unused patriotic post card using a multicolor US flag border, minor corner & edge wear, old price on back won't come off. $7.50 s(m)p

"VICTORY IS OUR GOAL / ...- / V" large seal with E PLURIBUS UNUM held by eagle, large blue V, many soldiers with US flags; Tichnor linen post card from the Victory Series, scraped area in stamp box penetrates the front a little, light toning on back, back paper yellowing with age, as is. $1.00 (p)

"Victory. Walter Whitehead, oil on canvas, c. 1918. Symbolic / portrait of an American soldier from World War I, which was / used by Fatima Tobacco Company for advertising purposes" reproduced on continental postcard, much writing on back, good edges. $1.50 pta(w)

"Vive la Classe / 1917" soldier stands with French flag near an artillery piece, hand-tinted patriotic postcard, extensive message on back to Mlle. Lea Chaillou in Pau. $7.00 yfp

"Voeux de l'Alsace /  DIX 211 / 5" writing on front and back in French dates to 1916, hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard, stamp remnant in upper left front corner, minor wear at the other upper corner. $4.25 apw

"Vous êtes au Drapeau de France enfin rendues! / O mes fidèles soeurs, soyez les binevenues! // PATRIE / 1001" 3 young women stand with flag, many flowers at their feet; hand-colored / tinted real photo post card with much writing on back, minor edge wear, album marks on back. $7.50 pf(u)

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"W2DUN" QSL card with attractive patriotic eagle & flag design, mailed there 1947 by operator Fred W. Krohberger, a little cancel ink on front, minor wear to one upper corner. $1.75 n(b)p

"W4CVK" Clearwater South Carolina QSL card with patriotic eagle design, mailed there 1934 by operator Carlie L. Bussbee, pinhole with discoloration at top center, a little cancel ink on front mostly missing the art. $3.25 sp

"W4CYU" colorful QSL card with patriotic eagle-with-flag design, mailed there 1934 by operator Robert Hecksher, pushpin discoloration at top center, minor corner & edge wear, back toned a bit. $3.00 f(m)p

"WA9WJE" QSL card with attractive patriotic eagle design, used but fresh appearance. From operator Walt Schrader. $1.75 ip

Artist_Wall_Patriotic_small.jpg (4423 bytes)
"The Hun Ain't Born Yet That is to Get Me" (corner crush). Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 awp

"Washington entering New York" patriotic art on an intricately embossed Tuck Series No. 156 post card, printed in Saxony, mailed 1907 in New Jersey, small but heavy bottom corner crease, all corners with mild wear, some extraneous writing near the left back edge. $2.25 pwtnb

"Yerri & Suzel / Ils prennet la pipe / Attendons la suite / Le Nouveau / Porte / Bonheur" hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard with 2 dolls & the Statue of Liberty, unsent soldiers mail to New Hampshire, fresh appearance. $15.00

"Ye / Thanksgiving / Greeting / T42" unused embossed postcard, one upper corner creased twice, toned back. $2.50 pt

"YOUNG MISS / COLUMBIA" with 'from Mother' written just over the girl's shoulders, post card with divided back, evenly browning back paper showing age, album marks at the back corners, 2 small corner creases. $3.25 pgf

Your mascot / Mary Ann Mayers" real photo postcard continuing on back 'Dear Friend / I hope you will like my picture. I am sending it to every body at Aircraft because you have been so nic to me. I don't like the Japs. I like our soldiers and sailors. Please make lots of planes for them. / Mary Ann'. Postcard mailed May 16 1942 at Akron Ohio to W. R. Johnson also at Akron, image beginning to oxidize, faint internal crease from the right front edge. $4.00 pgg

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