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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
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We currently offer no boxed lots. Please try us again in a few months.


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Albania, Algeria, Americana, Andorra & Animals
Antigua, Archaeology, Archery,
Architecture, Arctic, Argentina, Armenia,
Art, Ascension & Astronomy
Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory,
Austria, Authors, Aviation & Azerbaijan
Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh,
Barbados, Basutoland & Bavaria
Belgian Congo, Belgium, Birds, Bolivia, Brasil,
Bremen, British Columbia, British East Africa,
British Virgin Islands, Brunei,
Bulgaria, Burma & Burundi
Cabo Juby, Cacti & succulents, Cameroun,
Canada, Canal Zone, Cayman Islands & Centenaries
Ceylon, Chemistry, Children, Chile, China,
Christmas, Christmas Island, Coats of arms,
Communications, Cook Islands,
Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia
Dahomey, Dance, Danish West Indies,
Dogs, Dominican Republic & Dubai
East Africa and Uganda Protectorates,
Education, Eisenhower,
Elobey Annobon and Corisco, Eritrea, Estonia,
Europa/CEPT, Falklands, Fiji, Finland, Fish, Fishing, Flowers, France, French Guinea,
French Southern and Antarctic Territories,
French Sudan & Fujeira
Gabon, Gambia, German Southwest Africa,
Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar & Gilbert and Ellice
Gilbert Islands, Gold Coast, Great Britain, Greece, Greenland & Guatemala
Hawaii, Hejaz, Helgoland & Hong Kong
Iceland, India, Inini, Ireland, Isle of Man,
Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Jewels & jewelry,

Jugoslavia, Kennedy, Kiribati & Kuwait
Labuan, Latvia, Law,
Liberia, Liechtenstein & Lighthouses
Lithuania, Malagasy Republic, Malta,
Maps, Mauritius, Medicine & Meteorology
Monaco, Mountains, Mozambique Company,
Mushrooms, Music & Natal
Netherlands, Netherlands New Guinea,
Newfoundland, Niger, Nigeria, Northern Ireland,
Norway, Nova Scotia, Numismatics, Ohio, Orchids,
Paintings, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea,
Perfins, Philately generally, Philippines,
Pitcairn Island, Poland, Precancels & Proofs
Railroads, Red Cross, Religion, Rhodesia,
Romania, Rotary International, Royalty,
Royal Wedding, Ruanda-Urundi & Russia
Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Scouting,
Shells, Ships, Singapore & Skiing
South Africa, South African Republic,
South Australia, South-West Africa,
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea,
Spanish Morocco, Sports & Stained Glass
Stamps on stamps, Straits Settlements,
Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden & Switzerland
Taiwan, Tannu Tuva, Thailand,
Tobago, Togo & Transkei
Transvaal, Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey,
Turks and Caicos & Tuvalu
Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates,
United Arab Republic, United Nations,
United Nations Geneva, United States & UPU
Vatican City, Venda, Venezuela, Victoria,
Viet Nam, Wallis and Futuna,
Western Samoa, Women, Württemberg,
Yemen, Zambia & Zanzibar
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