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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a trans.GIF (3772 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NÝR / NOU.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

See also Oklahoma postcards.

Collection of more than 490 different Oklahoma postmarks, collected on 490 postcards, most cancelled in the late 1950's and early 1960's, including many DPO's or offices which have since changed status. (All 490 postcards are listed below.)

The cancellation collector self-addressed postcards with images from all over the world and sent them under cover to the various postmasters to form this collection. He almost always used commemoratives, and those stamps which were rectangular were oriented vertically -- permitting the dial portion of the cancel to be easily read. He wrote vertically at the left edge of the message side so as to leave maximum room for cancels & auxiliary marks. Occasionally he would decorate the postcard with a seal, but not many got tied. While not all postmasters took special pains with their cancels, it is obvious that many did in response to the politeness of the request. (An example letter of request will be provided with the collection, in case you want to add to the collection yourself.) Almost always regular size postcards were used (avoiding the tendency of larger continentals to get bent). Some postcards got damaged in the mails, but most of them are quite presentable. Truly a labor of love that took hundreds of hours.

We list them all--starting with 100 items of special interest (reasons in parens), then the others.

PRICE: $340.00 postpaid & insured to any US address

List of 100 special Oklahoma cancels on postcards:

Our illustrations only show the stamp and cancel
to conserve on bandwidth, but everything is on full-size postcards.

Ada (with a note from the postmaster saying they now handle mail from Byng)

Adamson (before they became a rural branch of Hartshorne)

Albert (2 different on same postcard)

Alva (with detailed note from Cleone Wadkins, former Tegarden Postmaster, saying that office closed due to his health)

Arkoma (2 different on same postcard)

Bacone (DPO)

Barnsdall (2 different on same postcard, including their straight-line, noting that their Rural Route #1 now handles Pershing)

Berlin (DPO--population 51)

Big Canyon (DPO)

Blackburn (before they became a rural branch of Pawnee)

Boyd (DPO--population 50)Cover_Oklahoma_Bridgeport.jpg (46219 bytes)

Bridgeport (DPO)

Brinkman (DPO)

Burns Flat (2 different on same postcard)

Canadian (2 different on same postcard)

Catesby (DPO--population 27)

Centrahoma (2 different on same postcard)

Cerrogordo (DPO--population 66)

Chelsea (autographed by Postmistress Martha Calkins Roach)

Clemscot (DPO)

Cloudy (including handstamp of Postmaster E. M. Lindly--population 50)

Corinne (DPO--population 75)

Cox City (DPO)

Crescent (2 diiferent plus handstamp of Postmaster E. A. Balckmon's note that the Lovel office had been discontinued)

Cyril (2 different on same postcard)

Dale (before they became a rural branch of Shawnee)

Dawson Station of Tulsa (DPO)

Donaldson Station of Tulsa (DPO)

Dow (DPO)

Driftwood (DPO--population 69)

Durham (2 different on same postcard--population 84)

Enterprise (DPO, 2 different on same postcard)

Fallis (DPO, 2 different on same postcardCover_Oklahoma_Fleetwood.jpg (40781 bytes)

Fleetwood (DPO)

Foyil (2 different on same postcard)

Gene Autry (2 different on same postcard)

Gerty (DPO)

Glover Rural Station of Broken Bow (DPO--population 89)

Goodwater (DPO, Federation of the Handicapped seal tied--population 25)

Gowen (autographed by Miss Mary E. Landen, Postmistress)

Gray (DPO--population 25)

Griggs (DPO--population 10)

Grimes (DPO--population 50)

Harris (DPO)

Haskell (with postmaster's note that they now handle Stonebluff mail)

Hayward (DPO--population 40)

Hennepin (2 different on same postcard)

Hickory (DPO)

Hochatown (DPO)

Homestead (DPO--population 95)

Jay (with Postmaster George Wilson's note that the Zena office "closed 3 years ago")

Kiamichi (DPO, 2 different on same postcard, autographed by Postmistress--population 100)

Lookout (DPO)

Magnum (with the Acting Postmaster's note explaining that the Russell Office had been discontinued)

Marland (2 different on same postcard)

Mazie (before they became a rural branch of Chouteau--population 70)

Meers (before they became a rural branch of Lawton--population 38)

Milfay (2 different on same postcard)

Moore (before they became a branch of Oklahoma City)

Moorewood (DPO--population 36)Cover_Oklahoma_Nelagoney.jpg (46712 bytes)

Nelagoney (DPO)

New Lima (DPO--population 52)

Newport (DPO--population 27)

Octavia Rural Station of Smithville (DPO, 2 different on same postcard--population 55)

Pearson (DPO)

Perry (noting discontinuance of the Sumner office on May 5 1957)

Pierce (DPO, 2 different on same postcard)

Platter (autographed by Postmistress Edna L. Fisher)

Plunkettville (DPO--population 100)

Prue (2 different on same postcard)

Quinton (with Postmaster J. T. Courts' note how they  handle Featerton mail since November 30 1957)

Ranch Acres Station of Tulsa (DPO)

Ratliff City (2 different on same postcard)

Rattan (2 different on same postcard)

Ringold (including tied Federation of the Handicapped seal)

Rock Island (DPO)

Rosedale (DPO)

Sand Creek (DPO--population 38)

Scipio (DPO)

Seminole (with note from the ex-Postmaster of Lima)

Shadypoint (autographed by Postmistress Ava Waters)

Sherwood (DPO)

Sobo (DPO)

Spaulding (DPO--population 75)

Speer (DPO)

Spencerville (2 different on same postcard--population 100)

Stanley (DPO--population 50)

Summerfield (before they became a rural branch of Wister, 2 different on same postcard)

Tonkawa (with Postmaster Glen L. Strange's note that the Three Sands was discontinued)

Turley (before they became a branch of Tulsa)

Vanoss (DPO)

Vera (autographed by Mrs. Hazel E. Hogan, Postmistress)

Vian (2 different on same postcard)

Vinita (postmaster's typed note that Whiteoak office was discontinued)

Vinita (with Route 3 Carrier S. Thomas' note that the Pensacola office had become part of his route)
Cover_Oklahoma_Wheeless.jpg (52986 bytes)
Warwick (DPO)

Wheeless (DPO--population 15)

Woodford (DPO, 2 different on same postcard)

Yarnaby (DPO)

Yeager (DPO, autographed by Rula Car PM)

Our illustrations only show the stamp and cancel
to conserve on bandwidth, but everything is on full-size postcards.

The other OKLAHOMA postmarks in the collection
(1950 populations of 100 or less in parens):

Achille Adair Afton
Agra Albany Aline
Allen Alma (--) Altus
Amber Ames Amorita
Antlers Arapaho Arcadia
Arnett Ashland Atoka
Atwood Bache Baker (100)
Balco (50 Bartlesville Battiest
Beggs Bennington Bethel
Big Cabin Billings Bison(100)
Bixby Blackwell Blair
Blanchard Blanco Blocker
Bluejacket Boise City Bokchito
Bokoshe Boley Boswell
Bowlegs Boynton Bray (40)
Bristow Britton Station of Oklahoma City Broken Arrow
Broken Bow Bromide Buffalo
Bunch Burlington Butler
Byers Cache Caddo
Calumet Cameron Carney
Carrier Carter Cartersville (100)
Cartwright Castle Cement
Centralia Chandler Chattanooga
Cecotah Chester Cheyenne
Chickasha Chilocco Cimarron Station of Oklahoma City
Cleo Springs Cleveland Clinton
Cloudy (50) Colbert Colcord
Coleman (--) Collinsville Concho
Connerville (--) Cookson (--) Copan
Cordell Council Hill Coweta
Coyle Cromwell Cushing
Custer Decoma Daisy (30)
Davenport Davidon Davis
Deer Creek Delaware Depot Branch of McAlester
Del City Delaware Depot Branch of McAlester
Dewey Dibble Dill City
Dougherty Douglas Dover
Duncan Eagle City Eagletown
Edmond Eldorado Elgin
Elk City Elmwood (15) El Reno
Enid Erick Eucha (--)
Eufaula Fairfax Fairmont Fairview
Fanshawe Fargo Fay
Felt (53) Fitzhugh Fort Cobb
Fort Gibson Fort Sill Branch of Lawton Fort Towson
Foss Foster Fox
Freedom Gage Gans
Geronimo Glencoe Glenpool
Golden Goltry Gore
Grady (75) Graham Grandfield
Granite Grant Guymon
Hallett Hardesty Harmon (20)
Harrah Hartshome Haskell
Haworth Headrick Heavener
Hendrix Hennessey Hillsdale
Hinton Hitchock Hitchita
Hobart Hodgen Hoffman
Holdenville Hollister Hominy
Honoble Hoyt (--) Hugo
Hunter Idabel Indiahoma
Isabella (--) Jenks Jennings
Jones Jumbo (82) Kaw
Kellyville Kemp Kendrick
Keola Kieler Kingfisher
Kinta Konawa Krebs
Lamont Langley Langston
Laverne Lawton Leach
Leedey Lflore Lenapah
Leon Lexington Locust Grove
Longdale Lookeba Loyal
Lucien Luther Macomb
Manchester Manitou Marietta
Marlow Marshall Martha
Mason McAlester McLoud
McMillan Meeker Meno (76)
Miami Midwest City Branch of Oklahoma City Millerton
Milo Minco Moffett
Monroe Mooreland Mounds
Mountain View Muldrow Mulhall
Muskogee Mustang Mutual
Nash Newkirk Nicoma Park
Ninnekah Noble Norman
Oaks (70) Ochelata Okarche
Okeene Okemah Oklahoma City
Okmulgee Oklaha Oleta (50)
Olustee Omega (--) Orlando
Osage Oscar (20) Owasso
Padan Panama Panola
Paoli Pauls Valley Pawhuska
Pawnee Packham Peggs (51)
Perkins Pickens (--) Pittsburg
Pocasset Ponca City Pontotoc (--)
Pooleville Poteau Prague
Preston Putnam Quapaw
Ralston Ramona Randlett
Ratliff City Ravia Red Oak
Redrock Reed Reydon
Ringwood Ripley Rocky
Roff Roland Rose
Rufe Ryan Saint Louis
Salina Salisaw Sand Springs
Sepulpa Sardis (89) Sasakwa
Savanna Sayre Schulter
Selman (58) Sentinel Sharon
Shattuck Sheridan Station of Lawton Skiatook
Smithville Snow (100) Sper
Southard Sperry Spiro
Sterling Stidham (46) Stillwater
Stilwell Stonewall Stratford
Stringtown Strong City Stroud
Stuart Sulphur Swink (96)
Taft Talihina Tatums
Tecumseh Temple Terral
Texhoma Texota Thackerville
Thomas Tipton Tishomingo
Tulsa Tupelo Turley Branch of Tulsa
Turpin (--) Tushka (--) Tuskahoma
Tuttle Twin Oaks Tyrone
Utica (100) Valliant Verden
Vernon Vici Wainwright
Wakita Wanette Wann (99)
Wapanucka Warner Washington
Washita (45) Watson (100) Watts Waukomis
Wauika Wayne Wynoke
Weatherford Webb City Wbbers Falls
Welch Weleetka Wellston
Welty (50) Wetumka Wewoka
Wheatland Wilburton Wister
Woodville (78) Woodward Wright City
Wynona Yale Yukon

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There are several more covers--please inquire!
See also our Oklahoma postcards.

USS NEWARK (C-1) & USS CHARLESTON (C-2). "U·S·S· NEWARK· / Protected Cruiser / the White Squadron / U·S·S· CHARLESTON · / Prot· Cruiser· // Copyright, 1897, by American Souvenir Card Co. / 127 Duane St., New York." Patriographic® American-Souvenir-Card with undivided back, mailed JAN 17 1905 from McAlester Indian Territory to miss Nattie Macoubrie in Olathe Kansas, back heavily toned from album contact, recipient docketing "Ans. Jan 21-'05". Protected means that the ship had an armored deck just below the waterline to guard against fragments from exploding shells above, but to dispense with the side armoring which slowed the previous generation of cruisers. The Newark participated in the blockade of Cuba, the bombardment of Manzanillo & the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American War. During the same war, the Charleston served in the Pacific, helping to take Guam & Subic Bay in the Philippines among its accomplishments; but it wrecked beyond salvage on a reef near Luzon November 2nd 1899. So it is the harder ship to find on postcard. $15.00 s(m)cgp-i

  Artist_Wain_1906CatWagon-200_small.JPG cat postcard available from Judnick.com  Cover--Oklahoma--1906Due_small.JPG Iowa postage due cover available from LotsOfCovers.com 
"It's quite a task / Louis Wain" signed art showing a cat family of 6 (4 kittens) moving with a cart hitched to the tom; Tuck Series 956 Write Away postcard (which the sender is supposed to complete on front), from Gretchen Heath of Des Moines Iowa to Miss Elizabeth B. Hursh in Mountain Park Oklahoma, sent without postage stamps, so 2-c DES MOINES due markings JAN 23 1906 & 2 Franklin stamps on back. Small ink smears on back, some cancel ink on front (mostly in sky & lower right front corner), light toning along lower front border. $20.00 atc-i

"One of the Solitary Spots on Storm Lake, Iowa" showing a tree, fence & shoreline; post card in vertical format, mailed there JUL 30 1906, well-struck receiving mark JUL 31 at Mountain Park Oklahoma Territory, three short & unimportant internal creases, tiny ding on one edge. $7.00 i(s)-o

"Garfield Statue, Eighth St. Park, Cincinnati O." postcard with undivided back published by the Cincinnati News Company, mailed JUL 30 1906 (complete CIN. & ST. LOUIS TR.3 R.P.O. hand cancel) to Mr. John L. Niday in White Horse Oklahoma Territory (where it arrived AUG 2 per the clear Doane 3 auxiliary marking -- La Posta 4), two opposite corner creases mercifully miss the stamp (2 perf pulls) & postal markings, spotty toning both sides. Surprisingly scarce image: not on display in the formidable Cincinnati Memory Project, nor in the extensive collections of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County; and there were no offers or record of offers when we searched the Internet. $15.00 o(c)-o

"Dear Bro John / this is the 4th of July sene / Your Sister Leana" at the Kay County Fairgrounds off Main Street; sepia-tone real photo post card mailed SEP 25 1906 at Blackwell Oklahoma Territory to Mr. John Davis in Shawnee Oklahoma Territory (complete flag 1 receiving mark the next day), corners a bit worn & rounded, toned both sides. Probably one of a kind: no printed caption, no photographer or publisher attribution either. $15.00 bo(b)g(d)f

MIXone_045_small.jpg Oklahoma cover available from LotsOfCards.com

"SECRETS" art in vertical format showing a woman with a bunch of red roses beside her, undivided back post card mailed DEC 1906 at Coyle Oklahoma (pre statehood), writing in the front borders as was permitted at the time, small upper corner creases, light uneven toning on back, light toning at front corners from album contact, other front toning mostly in the bottom caption area. $4.50 w-o

Oklahoma_Muskogee_BroadwayLookingWest_small.jpg (5225 bytes)"Broadway Looking West, Muskogee" sepia-tone shows much street activity including a streetcar head-on, mailed there 1906 (light but complete Indian Territory flag cancel, soft corners, very light amount of cancel ink on front, thin spot affects one letter of address on back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 o-o

Cover_Oklahoma_Edmond1907_small.jpg Oklahoma covers available from Judnick.com"VIEW OF STATE NORMAL BUILDING, EDMOND, OKLA." black & white post card mailed there JUN 15 1907 (legible territorial hand cancel), small crease to a bottom corner, a bit of light toning at the top right front corner. This is the Central State Normal School that became part of the University of Central Oklahoma, or UCO as it is now called. $8.50 o(e)c(u)-o*

Leather_Here'sTheGirl-200_small.jpg Oklahoma cover available from LotsOfCards.com"Here's / the Girl / with the / Peek-aboo waist / And the Clock // upon / her / Stocking / Supposing / I were to ask / the time would / it be so very shocking." hand-colored / tinted leather postcard, circa 1907. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 lhp-o

"Oil Gushers in Oklahoma / 4A-H321" linen sent free Mar 4 1943 by Cpl. D. Stackhouse at APO 88, clear Oklahoma City BUY / WAR SAVINGS / BONDS and STAMPS slogan cancel, fairly fresh, good edges. $2.50 o(u)-o. Same postcard, but unused with trivial wear at 2 corners. $2.00 o(u)

JUNE 11 1944 Ardmore Army Air Field Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan franked with 3-c win the war stamp tied by clear Ardmore Oklahoma cancel, wrinkling along one edge affects the stamp. $1.00

DEC 27 1944 Ardmore Army Air Field Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan franked with 3-c win the war stamp tied by clear Ardmore Oklahoma cancel. $2.00

JUN 7 1945 Enid Army Air Field Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan with 3-c win the war stamp tied by clear Enid Oklahoma cancel. $2.00

FEB. 20 TIRP 2 1950 first trip highway post office cover Oklahoma City & Mangum Oklahoma, light green cachet, neatly addressed to New York, backstamped Oklahoma City. $2.00 ho Same, but TRIP 1 & no backstamp. $2.00 ho

"Mountain Park, Oklahoma. The / Main Street." art reproduced on a well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed JUL 5 1956 at Lone Wolf (2 different cancels, both mostly clear but a little light in spots). $2.00 o-o

SEP 23 1959 light Durant SOUTHEASTERN STATE / 1909 COLLEGE 1959 / 50TH ANNIVERSARY slogan cancel ties 3-c Liberty coil franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.25 o

NOV 29 1963 Henryetta U.S. TREASURY / DEFENSE BONDS / FLAG... slogan cancel ties 4-c Remington stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper, 2 long crease through cancel. $0.75 o

JAN 15 1964 bold Norman NORMAN, OKLAHOMA /  1889--1964 / 75th ANNIVERSARY slogan cancel ties 5-c West Virginia stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.50 o

DEC 7 1964 NINNEKAH double-ring hand cancel on 3-c Liberty postal card to Connecticut, handwritten note of Postmistress Esther M. McAdams on front, extraneous writing on back away from cancel, lightly toned back. $1.75 o

MAR 22 1965 clear Durant FORT WAHITA /  RESTORATION / 1842-1965 slogan cancel ties 5-c cancer stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.50 o

JUL 25 1965 clear & complete Edmond CENTRAL STATE COLLEGE / 75TH ANNIVERSARY / 1890 - 1965 slogan cancel ties 5-c physical fitness stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.50 o

JUN 13 1966 clear Pawnee PAWNEE INDIAN /  HOMECOMING & POW-WOW / JUNE 30, JULY 1-2-3 slogan cancel ties 5-c humane treatment of animals stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper, minor ink smear off the dial portion. $1.50 oi

1 NOV 1966 incomplete Oklahoma City WILL ROGERS WORLD / AIRPORT... / DEDICATION..." slogan cancel ties 5-c National Park Service stamp franking postcard to Connecticut. $0.50 oa

OCT 15 1979 clear Muskogee Oklahoma cancel ties 3-c Indian centennial & 13-c eagle with shield cancel to cover commemorating the anniversary of the 3-c stamp's issuance, multicolor Norman Rockwell "Land for Sale" cachet shows Indian standing at his mailbox. $1.00 io

Wanted to buy--mail from Boswell Oklahoma during its Homecoming festivities in 2000. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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See also Oldenburg post cards.

Cover_Oldenburg_AltenuschBlueBoxedCancel.jpg (99122 bytes)Ein Groschen red tied by blue boxed ALTENUSCH 2-line cancel (200 DM premium in 1980 / 81 Michel Specialized) on cover to Bremen. Black boxed BERMEN 81... on reverse, light toning, soiled appearance at some edges, much extraneous writing by recipient in areas that do not show, as is. $29.00

Massachusetts_Boston_W1OUP-200_small.JPG"W1OUP" QSL card with attractive blue & red decorative graphics mailed JUN 10 1949 by operator Omar G. Simmonds, corners noticeably worn, returned from Oldenburg Germany with 6 interesting postal markings & a tied 'Unbekannt / inconnu' label. $2.50 m(b)-go

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & where you want delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Wanted to buy--please offer!

Gemau Olympaidd / JEUX OLYMPIQUES / Jocs Olímpics /
jocuri olimpice / lojëra olimpike /
olimpiai játékok / Olimpiskās spēles / Olimpiya oyunları /
OLIMPIJADA / olimpinės žaidynės / OLYMPISCHE SPELEN /
Алімпійскія гульні / ολυμπιακοί αγώνες / 올림픽 / 奧運會
Several others can be offered--please inquire!
See also Olympics stamps, Olympics photos
Ohio Special Olympics photos & Olympics postcards.

Wanted to buy--souvenirs from the 1912 and 1924 Olympics, such as event covers & maximum cards. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

JUL 4 1932 clear Tiffin Ohio machine cancel ties 2-c Lake Placid Olympics stamp (centered, one straight edge) franking #6 cover to Tiffin, multicolor American flag cachet, pencil annotation in lower left front corner, envelope glue show-through on back, unimportant small spot in address area. $3.00 po

MAY 15 1955 Islas Bahia dial & straight-line HONDURAS cancel ties 12-centavos Olympics stamp franking #6 airmail cover to Wisconsin, clearly backstamped, neatly opened, small staple holes & crinkling mostly visible on backflap. $1.50 ho

Clear JAN 24 1960 FALLON NEV. cancel publicizing the 1960 Winter Olympics at Tahoe ties 4-c Kossuth stamp franking home-made picture postcard to Connecticut, corners a bit worn. $1.00 no

Utah_GreatBearLake-200_small.jpg Olympics cover available from LotsOfCards.com"The Great Bear Lake on Utah-/ Idaho border. Highway 89 / leads to spectacular view of lake." using art by Dr. Robert B. Banister (watercolorist & director of the Lincoln County Art Center), well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card used JAN 25 1960 at Reno Nevada (clear & complete 1960 WINTER OLYMPICS / TAHOE NATIONAL FOREST / CALIFORNIA slogan cancel), small corner crease not into the image. $2.50 uia-ocn

8.8.64 special cancel for Winter Olympic Games on cover with 75+35-g flower stamp from Innsbruck to Wien Austria, neatly addressed, unsealed. $1.50

USS LEXINGTON (CVT-16) light SEP 14 1972 POW / MIA slogan cancel ties 8-c bobsled Olympics stamp to #6 cover to Ohio, bold purple cachet of the ship. $2.00 no

OCT 15 1972 clear USS MARVIN SHIELDS (D-1066) hand cancel on 8-c Sapporo Olympics stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, corner card of the commanding officer, never sealed. $1.75 no

Clear 22 NOV 1972 USS REASONER (DE 1053) hand cancel ties 8-c Olympics bobsled stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, label for address, never sealed. $1.75 no

Cover_Naval_Turtle1974-200_small.JPG Olympics cover available from Judnick.comSomewhat light FEB 15 1974 VALLEJO CA machine cancel ties 8-c Olympic sledding stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, crisp black cachet for the DSV-3 TURTLE & corner card of its Officer in Charge, neatly addressed, never sealed. $3.00 n(t)oc

Cover_Swaziland_1976Olympics.jpg (172339 bytes)
17 VII 76 Swaziland FDC for 4-stamp Olympic Games issue, cacheted & unaddressed. Sports of track, boxing & soccer (football), plus the Olympic torch are featured. $3.00 so%

Cover_Belize_6DE79Olympics.jpg (199914 bytes)6 DE 79 mostly clear BELMOPAN hand cancels on Belize 35-c Parides arcas butterflies & pair of 25-c Moscow Olympics stamps franking #6 cover airmailed to Chicago Illinois. The Olympics stamps were unpriced used in the 1995 Scott Catalogue, but this shows timely usage even in the small towns. A lot of eye appeal. $10.00 bo

Cover_Cyprus_1980OfficialToOhio-100.jpg (527042 bytes)17 NO 80 AIRMAIL OFFICIAL #10 cover to Ohio, franked with 10-m refugee & pair of 125-m Olympic swimmer stamps, cancel somewhat faint, corner crease away from stamps, opened neatly. $2.25 (co)*+

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March 31-April 1 1985 POLPEX 2 gummed sheets of the Polonus Philatelic Society honoring Olympic Games gold-medal winners from Poland, with explanatory leaflet, complete & attractive. $2.50 po

circa 1988 #6 airmail cover to Illinois, franked by Tanzania two 3 /  black striped grass snake & one 3 /  Olympic hurdles & one 2 /  Olympic javelin stamps all faintly canceled. The Olympic stamps were not priced new or used in the 1995 Scott Catalogue. $6.00 to

1993 8 5 #10 registered airmail cover from Shanghai China to Michigan, franked by pair of 20 man & one 5 & pair of 1 man stamps all tied by neat cancels, receiving mark on face six days later, Olympic advertising of China Post on back. $4.00 co

101091 GITARAMA clear blue hand cancel ties Rwanda10-f Olympic runners stamp franking greeting-card size cover to Cyangugu, small tear on back due to opening, a little wrinkling along top edge. $2.50 ro

30.12.91 blue KIGALI hand cancel on Rwanda 10-f Olympic field hockey stamp franking greeting-card size cover to same city, minor tear on back from opening. $2.50 ro

28.-2.92 clear black KIGALI hand cancel on Rwanda 10-f Olympic runners stamp franking #10 cover to same city bearing advertising of Compulec (distributor for Merlin Gerin, Lanier & IBM whose logos are also shown). $5.00 rso

Olympics_1996PostalCards_Three-200small.jpg Olympic postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.com 
Complete booklet of different 1996 centennial Olympics 20-c postal cards, each with art matching the indicia on the back, each detaches easily to mail or put in an album; tiny ding in the bottom of the cover, otherwise quite fresh. Three illustrated, left-to-right: hurdles, backstroke, pommel horse. Issue price was $12.95, but we need only $9.50. osu(p)-o

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See also Oman postcards.


Cover_Oman_GeneralAgriculturalProducts-100.JPG (677364 bytes)Circa 1981 indistinct Matra hand cancel on 160-baisa National Day Al-Razha & 40-baisa Week for Municipalities stamps franking #10 cover airmailed to Ohio, attractive cachet of The General Agricultural Products Company at lower left, typed address, small Y7 US routing mark on back, neatly opened. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a 100-dpi scan (about 2xnormal area) in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 *

Cover_Oman_ToOhioSohar-100.JPG (431623 bytes)12 NOV 83 somewhat light SOHAR hand cancels on 40-baisa Arab Palm Tree Day & 150-baisa symbol & pair 5-baisa flower stamps franking #10 airmail cover to Ohio, indistinct blue cachet at left front, opening a little rough at the top, small US KB & Z2 routing marks on back, Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a 100-dpi scan (about 2xnormal area) in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 *

Cover_Oman_ToOhioForwardedOfficial-100.JPG (600605 bytes)Six somewhat indistinct MUSCAT hand cancels tie two strips of five 20-baisa flower (Teucrium mascatense) stamps to #10 cover airmailed to Ohio, yellow US forwarding label on front 06 / 03 / 86, neatly addressed, cachet of the Ministry of Environment on backflap, neatly opened. Nice both sides. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a 100-dpi scan (about 2xnormal area) in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 *

Cover_Oman_ToOntario-100.JPG (472660 bytes)Circa May 1987 two SUWAIQ hand cancels tie 100-baisa sports complex & 40-baisa Sixth Supreme Council & 10-baisa flower & 50-baisa Sixth Supreme Council stamps franking greeting card cover airmailed to Canada, typed address, small tear at top due to opening. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a 100-dpi scan (about 2xnormal area) in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 *

Wanted to buy--other interesting Omani covers. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c


"OMAN 98 / 99" paperback reference, lavishly illustrated in color, quality printing. Listed here because of its 8 pages on their Posts & Telecommunications. Authoritative: published by their Ministry of Information. 268 pages, well organized, with almost every aspect of Omani society described--history, foreign affairs, police, education, health, housing, regional municipalities & environment, & much more. $10.00 o

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Several more items can be offered--please inquire!
See also Ontario postcards & Canada post cards (more generally).

Ontario_Hamilton_1886TinnerTools.jpg (136680 bytes)"--OFFICE OF:-- / S. J. MOORE, /  Manufacturer of / Tinners' & Canners' Tools... / Hamilton, ______188_" filled in Nov 5 1886, including an image of equipment, government postal card mailed there 1886 to Hagersville (clear cancel), brownish paper. $12.50 oa-o

Ontario_Toronto_1886-7PostalService.jpg (176880 bytes)"1886-7 / A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR / ... /  TORONTO LETTER CARRIERS" card the size of a regular postcard including a postman, mailbag, heraldic crests & a Canada Post Card, 5-colors (brown on sepia, dark violet, dark red & gold), toned back, mild corner & edge wear, long corner crease, small corner crease, lightly toned front. Handed out to "Their Friends Everywhere", no postcard back. As nice a postcard precursor as you are likely to find. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 onpc-opc*

Onatario_Paris_GTR-200_small.jpg Ontario post card available from LotsOfCovers.com"G. T. R. Station, Paris" monochromatic blue within a simulated wood border, postcard mailed OCT 21 07 from Paris Station to Fort Erie Ontario (clear cancel ties stamp, clear receiving auxiliary mark the same day), minor corner & edge wear. When the Grand Trunk Railroad served this town it had about 3,500 souls. An uncommon card. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(p)r(g)-o

JUN 6 1929 special airmail flight Toronto Ontario to Hamilton Ontario, #6 cover with 5-c Canada airmail, violet cachet for the opening of the Hamilton airport, Hamilton backstamp remembers first trans-Atlantic flight in their slogan. $3.00

"Humber River / Toronto." monochromatic blue-green postcard mailed TCV APR 21 1931 at Toronto to Mrs. James Krupka in Berwyn Illinois by her daughter Coral Fraser, trivial corner wear. Stamp tied, clear cancel. $2.00 o(h)g-o

Cover_Canada_Lanark1935-200_small.jpg Ontario covers available from Judnick.com"VE3QB" Lanark Ontario QSL contest postal card on brownish paper, mailed there DE 6 1935 by operator W. Bert Knowles, trivial wear at one bottom corner. Knowles was the leader of the Air Force Amateur Radio System when it was first organized after WWII. $3.75 om-o

"MUSKEY JUMPING WHEN HOOKED AT /  CALVERT'S WHITEFISH CAMP, RAINY RIVER, ONT." sepia-tone real photo mailed there SP 231948 (gorgeous cancel) to Phil Scaffide in Sandyville Ohio, bend at one corner, small chemical spot at the right front edge. Addressee's name misspelled. $3.25 ofc-o

15 X 1972 Hamilton Ontario slogan cancel (OBLIGATION / D'ÉPARGNE / CANADA / SAVINGS BONDS) ties 8-c Plains Indians stamp franking #6 cover to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00 io

3 XI 1972 Hamilton Ontario cancel on Canada 8-c Plains Indians stamp franking #6 cover to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00 io

17 XII 1973 Hamilton Ontario cancel on Canada 8-c Algonquin Indians stamp franking #6 cover to Michigan, backflap torn in opening, correction in return address. $0.50 io

Wanted to buy--postcards, covers & postal cards mailed from smaller towns in Peterborough County Ontario: Bridgenorth, Buckthorn, Chemong Lake, Havelock, Keene, Lakefield, Norwood & Westwood for example. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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See also Ships--Tall Ships postcards.

4 July 1976 TALL SHIPS / OPSAIL #6 cover for the International Naval Review (blue cachet) to Ohio, large ship cachet from Nippon Maru, 13-cent US Bicentennial stamp canceled by US Navy (ship name unclear, but USS Power). $2.25 Ship's name more distinct in the cancel. $2.75

4 July 1976 TALL SHIPS / OPSAIL #6 cover for the International Naval Review (blue cachet) to Ohio, large fancy Japanese ship cachet in violet, USS Kalam (AOR-6) cancel on US 13-cent commercial aviation stamp, never sealed. $2.75

1990 TALL SHIP #6 cover addressed in Japanese, fancy Port of Tokuyama red cachet, 2-yen dog & pair of 30-yen slower stamps tied by fancy violet cancel, from the Sail Training Ship Kaiwo Maru in port. Nice. $3.75

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