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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a trans.GIF (3772 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NÝR / NOU.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

See also North Carolina postcards.

"GREETINGS / From / Raleigh, N. C." black & white postcard with undivided back showing 2 scenes--Agricultural and Mechanical College, and Pullen Hall Textile & Horticultural Buildings; published by Sherwood, Higgs & Co., mostly clear RALEIGH N.C. / TRANS. CLK. / SEP 1 1904, minor corner rounding, small ink smear near back bottom. $10.00 n(r)m-n

Cover_NorthCarolina_Greensboro1908TansferClerk.jpg (78994 bytes)
"13835--Smith Memorial Building, and First Presbyterian Church / Greensboro, N. C." postcard mailed there JUL 15 1908 (clear transfer clerk hand cancel as shown), noticeable corner & edge wear, back toned lightly but unevenly. $3.00 n-n

APR 4 1913 slightly blurry Johns hand cancel (DPO) on 1-c McKinley postal card ordering a crate of cabbage from Charleston SC, brownish paper, small corner crease. $3.75 n

JAN 14 1937 Spruce Pine North Carolina hand cancel on War Department official business #10 penalty cover from Lt. L. R. Vann Ch 322nd Inf to Ohio, neatly opened, corner crease. $2.00 un


"I'M BEGINNING TO / LEARN THE / ROPES -" comic cartoon art in vertical format depicts a boxer getting the worst of things with soldiers in the audience, linen postcard mailed free JAN 17 1943 (clear Fayetteville cancel) by Pvt. J. Jannicelli who was a Fort Bragg North Carolina, few light spots of toning at bottom center of back, tiny specks of light toning in the front borders. $4.00 s(b)-n

JUN 23 1943 Bat Cave North Carolina hand cancel on 1-c defense stamp franking postcard announcing Bridgeton New Jersey Stamp Club meeting, small crease along part of bottom edge. $1.00

JUL 19 1945 Bluethenthal Field Army Air Base Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan with 3-c Jefferson stamp tied by clear Wilmington North Carolina cancel, 2 corner creases. $1.50

OCT 5 1945 Cooleemee hand cancel on 1-c Hyde Park franking postcard announcing Bridgeton New Jersey Stamp Club meeting. Honor roll of club members serving in the Army, Navy & Coast Guard given attractively as red & blue cachet--Winfield Buzby, Edward Channels, Lynn Mulford, John Dilks, Wilbert Bell, Okey Payne, etc. $2.00 n-n

"Confecti oner(sic) meaning Confectioner, also captioned in Japanese; store interior on a divided back circa-1910 postcard with very late usage at Jefferson North Carolina, one upper corner with multiple creases, small tear with nearby nick on the left front edge, light toning near the back edges. Autographed & dated on back by Gladys F. Dillard, last postmaster of Idlewild North Carolina when it closed June 30 1958. $6.00 ji(s)f-n NEW / NÝR / NOU

FEB 1 TRIP 1 1950 first trip highway post office cover Richmond Virginia & Sanford North Carolina, neatly addressed to New York, clear backstamp, part cancel through address area. $1.75 hnv SEPT 9 TRIP 1 1946 Union Mississippi & Mobile Alabama first trip cover, bold cancel, neatly addressed to Ohio, envelope glue show-through. $2.50 ham

11 / 90 Permit No. 2652 of Raleigh NC franks unused business reply card to Exide Electronics. $0.50 n

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also North Dakota postcards.

Collection of more than 455 different North Dakota postmarks, on 455 postcards, most cancelled in the late 1950's and early 1960's, including many DPO's or offices which have since changed status, and many very small towns. All 455 are listed below.

The cancellation collector self-addressed postcards with images from all over the world and sent them under cover to the various postmasters to form this collection. He almost always used commemoratives, and those stamps which were rectangular were oriented vertically -- permitting the dial portion of the cancel to be easily read. He wrote vertically at the left edge of the message side so as to leave maximum room for cancels & auxiliary marks. Occasionally he would decorate the postcard with a seal, but not many got tied. While not all postmasters took special pains with their cancels, it is obvious that many did in response to the politeness of the request. (An example letter of request will be provided with the collection, in case you want to add to the collection yourself.) Almost always regular size postcards were used (avoiding the tendency of larger continentals to get bent). Some postcards got damaged in the mails, but most of them are quite presentable. Truly a labor of love that took hundreds of hours.

We list them all--noting a few (but not all) of the items of special interest (reasons in parens). All population figures quoted in parens are from the 1950 census; we note those towns that were 100 people or less throughout the listing.

List of North Dakota cancels included:
(each cell in the table represents a complete post card)

Abercrombie Adonis (DPO)

Agate (population 14,
2 different cancels on same postcard)Cover_NorthDakota_Agate.jpg (61795 bytes)

Akra (population 25, DPO, with Postmaster
Anna G. Hannerson's autograph)
Alamo Alexander
Alfred Alice
Alkabo (population 70) Almont
Ambrose Amenia
Anamoose Aneta
Arvilla Ashley
Athol (DPO) Backoo (population 46)
Baldwin (population 70) Balfour
Balta Bantry
Barlow (DPO, population 43) Barney
Bartlett (DPO, population 61) Battleview (population 60)
Beach Belcour
Belden (population 26) Belfield
Benedict Bentley (population 66)
Bergen (population 51) Berlin
Berthold Berwick (DPO, population 71)
Beulah Binford
Bisbee Bismarck
Blaisdell (population 80) Blanchard (population 60)
Bordulac (population 75)
Bowbells (2 different cancels on postcard) Bowdon
Bowman Braddock
Brampton (population 90) Breien (population 30)
Bremen (population 80) Brinsmade
Brocket Buchanan (population 80)
Bucyrus Buffalo
Buford (DPO,
population 61)
(population 68)
Buxton (with note from Clerk Jeanette M. Hovet)
Calvin Cando
Cannon Ball Carbury (population 37)
Carpio Carrington
Cartwright (population 35) Casselton
Cathay Cavalier
Cayuga Center
Chaffee Charbonneau (DPO,
population 22)
Charlson (population 25) Chaseley
(population 41)
Christine Churchs Ferry
Clifford Cogswell
Coleharbor (with Postmaster's note
on how they handle mail from Big Bend)
Colfax Colgan (DPO, population 31, postmaster's note)
Columbus Concrete (population 54)
Conway (DPO) Cooperstown
Corinth (DPO, population 30) Coteau (population 100)
Coulee (DPO, population 75) Crary
Crete (population 50) Crosby
Crystal Cummings
Davenport Dawson
Dazey Deering
Denbigh (population 27) De Lamere (DPO)
Devils Lake ("Pray For Peace" slogan cancel)
Dickey Dickinson
Dodge Donnybrook
Dore (DPO, population 25) Douglas
Doyon (population 98) Drake (2 different
on same postcard)
Drayton Dresden (DPO)
Dunn Center Dunseith
Dwight Edgeley
Edinburg Edmore
Ellendale Elliott (DPO, population 87)
Embden (DPO, population 64) Emrick (DPO, population 20)
Emmet (population 7) Emerado
Enderlin Englevale
(population 100)
Epping Erie
Esmond Fairmount
Fargo Fessenden
Fillmore (population 75) Fingal
Finley Flasher
Flaxton Flora (DPO, population 35,
PM Pope's autograph)
Forbes Fordville
Forest River Forman
Fort Rice
(population 27)
Fort Totten
Fortuna Fort Yates
Foxholm (2 different cancels on same postcard)
Fryburg (DPO,
population 100)
Fullerton Galchutt (population 73)
Galesburg Gardena
Gardner Garrison
Garske (DPO, population 18, 2 different on same postcard)
Geneseo Gilby
Glasston (population 54) Gladstone
Glenfield Glen Ullin
Goldenvalley Golva
Goodrich Gorham (DPO,
population 35)
Grafton Grand Forks
Grand Rapids (population 45) Granville
Grenora Guelph (population 61)
Gwinner Hague

Haley (DPO,
population 9)
Cover_NorthDakota_Haley.jpg (72128 bytes)

Hamar (population 79) Hamberg
Hamilton Hankinson
Hanks (DPO) Hannah
Hannover (population 33) Harlow (population 95)
Harmarth (DPO) Harvey
Harwood Hastings (DPO,
population 100)
Hatton Hazelton
Hazen Heaton (population 100)
Hebron Heimdal
Hensel Hettinger
Hillsboro Hoople
Hope Horace
Huff (population 52) Hunter
Inkster Jamestown
Jessie (population 83) Johnstown
(population 50)
Judson (DPO, population 75) Karlsruhe
Kathryn Kelso (DPO, population 26)
Kenaston (DPO, population 50)
Kenmare Kensal
Kief Kildeer
Kindred Kloten
Knox Kongsberg (DPO,
population 14)
Kramer Kulm
Lake Williams (DPO,
population 50)
La Moure Langdon
Lankin Lansford
Larimore Larson (population 59)
Lawton Leal (DPO, population 72)
Leith Lidgerwood
Lignite Lincoln Valley (DPO,
population 79)
Linton Litchville
Livonia Rural Station of Bismarck
Lonetree (population 24) Lostwood (DPO, population 30)
Maddock Maida (population 35)
Mandan Manning
(population 85)
Mapes (population 30) Mapleton
Marion Martin
May (DPO) Mayville
McCanna (population 41) McClusky
McGregor McHenry
McKenzie (DPO, population 81, 2 different cancels on same postcard)
McVille Medina
Medora Melville  (DPO, population 60)
Merricourt Michigan
Milnor Milton
Minot Minto (backwards cancel!)
Mohall Monango
Montpelier (2 different on same postcard) Mott
Munich Mylo
Nanson (population 18) Napoleon
Nash (population 43) Neche
Nekoma Newburg
New England New Hradeck (population 64)
New Leipzig (2 different on same postcard)
New Rockford New Salem
New Town Niagara
Niobe (DPO, population 78) Noonan

Norma (population 100)

Northwood Nortonville
Oakdale (DPO, population 6) Oakes

Oberon (2 different cancels, one ties a Christmas seal)Cover_NorthDakota_OberonOnSeal.jpg (96769 bytes)

Omemee (DPO, population 60) Oriska
Orr (DPO, population 67) Osnabrock
Overly (population 90) Page
Park River Parshall
Pelto (DPO, postmaster's autograph, population 21) Penn (population 67)
Perth Petersburg
Pettibone Pingree
Pisek Plaza
Pleasant Lake (DPO,
population 45)
Powers Lake Price (DPO, population 7)
Raub (population 50) Rawson (population 32)
Ray Reeder
Regan Regent
Reynolds Rhame
Richardton Riverdale
Robinson Rocklake
Rogers Rolette
Rolla Rugby
Ruso (population 37) Ryder
Saint Anthony (population 75) Saint John
Saint Michael
(population 56)
San Haven

Sanish (DPO)
Cover_NorthDakota_Sanish.jpg (178943 bytes)

Sarles Scranton
Selfridge Selz
Sentinel Butte Sheldon (2 different on same postcard)
Sherwood Shields
Sibley (DPO) Silva (population 40)
Souris Southam  (DPO,
population 85)
South Heart (population 100) Spiritwood
Spring Brook (population 51) Stanley
Steele Sterling (population 88)
Stirum (population 85) Strasburg
Streeter Surrey
Sutton Tacus (DPO)
Tappen Taylor
Temvik (DPO, population 71) Thompson
Thorne (DPO, population 37) Tioga
Tolna Towner
Trenton Turtle Lake
Tuttle Underwood
Union (population 23) Upham
Valley City Velva
Venturia Verendrye  (DPO, population 35)
Verona Voltaire (population 72)
Voss (population 60) Wabek (DPO, population 15)
Wahpeton (DPO) Walcott
Walhalla Warwick
Washburn Watford City
Webster (population 96) Wellsburg (DPO, population 42)
West Fargo Westfield (DPO, population 52)
Westhope Wheatland
Wheelock White Earth
Wild Rice (DPO, population 42) Wildrose
Willow City Wilton
Wimbledon Windsor (DPO, population 100, 2 different)
Wing Wishek
Wolford Wolseth (DPO, population 16)
Woodworth Wyndmere
York Ypsillanti
Zahl Zap

Price for the collection:
$300.00 postpaid & insured to a US address.

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MAR 31 1908 Aneta N. Dak. Rec'd dial marking on postcard sent from Mayville the previous day by Lydia Gudmunsen. Both markings clear. color Skodsborg view on front. $3.00 n

ND_Grano_MainStreet_small.jpg (3539 bytes)GRANO, NORTH DAKOTA (RENVILLE COUNTY). 1909 "West Side Main Street". Signs readable--doctor, post office (now a discontinued post office), Safford Drug Company... From a very small town! Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan of the front in .jpg (164 KB) or .tif format. $1.50 nm-n. Offered here because images of discontinued post offices are scarce.

JAN 9 1911 light Page N. Dak. handstamp on 1-c Jefferson franking postcard to Upham ND (both very small towns). color view shows rowing regatta at Henley-on-Thames England. $3.00 n

SEP 30 1920 light Leeds N. Dak. receiving cancel on postcard from Territoire de Belfort France, forwarded to Knox N. Dak. (also a small town), corner crease, corner wear. View is "16. - BELFORT. Le Pont Carnot" in black & white with red caption. $2.00 n-f

AUG 2 1926 Valley City hand cancels on postcard received there & forwarded twice--ultimately to Worcester Massachusetts. Originated in Michigan City Indiana; view is from Dune Park there, cancel ink on front. 2 corners multiply creased. $1.25 n

Cover_Oregon_NorthDakota_ReturnTo_small_small.jpg (2704 bytes)December 1927 - January 1928 FORWARDED by hand at Killdeer North Dakota to Eugene Oregon, which in turn applied its auxiliary mark RETURN TO WRITER twice to front of #6 cover from West Union Iowa, franked by 2-c Saratoga commemorative, backstamps at Killdeer & Eugene. Nice. $10.00

26 April 1943 FREE mail from serviceman at Officer Candidate School No. 1 to Illinois, neatly opened, lower right corner crease. $2.00

JUL 22 1948 clear Overly hand cancel on 1-c Washington franking postcard to an Ohio cancel collector. Another clear cancel on the front. $1.00 n

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22 May 1957 COD cover from the Postmaster at Wales, to Ohio in 1-cent Franklin postal stationery with penalty marking handstamped. $3.00

Cover_NorthDakota_Hallson.jpg (148515 bytes)Hallson (DPO, population 3 in 1950 census, 2 different cancels on same postcard) OCT 22 1957. Postcard sold, but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

Cover_NorthDakota_Raleigh1960-200_small.JPG"RECÁMERA INFERIOR DE LAS EXCLUSAS DE MIRAFLORES, MIRANDO HACIA EL SUR, CANAL DE PANAMÁ. / LOWER CHAMBER, MIRAFLORES LOCKS, LOOKING SOUTH, PANAMA CANAL." white-border era post card from booklet, very late usage (MAR 12 1960) at Raleigh North Dakota (DPO, almost complete handstamp with signed note from postmaster V. Bosworth explaining it was the best he could do with his old canceller), small corner crease at bottom, hint of cancel ink in the upper front border. $5.00 cg-n

"11. CALCUTTA -- Band Stand - Eden Garden" black & white postcard on yellowish paper from Art Union, used FEB 6 1961 at Tolley North Dakota (2 different cancels), weak corner due to small crease. $2.00 i-n

"EL RANCHO MOTOR HOTEL CAFE & LOUNGE..." in Williston North Dakota, postcard used there AUG 2 1962, slogan cancel marks town's 75th jubilee. $2.00 nm-n

2 November 1977 Bismark cancel on cover commemorating 50th anniversary of statehood, cacheted with an encapsulated 3-c stamp honoring the same event (inverted!). From the Heritage of America series. $1.00

15 November 1990 Maddock MAILER'S POSTMARK PERMIT #4 on commercial mail to Ohio, backflap torn when opened, but front neat. $1.00

NOV 12 1991 clear Mapleton ND hand cancel on business reply card to Dublin Ohio. $0.75 n. Same but 2 long creases. $0.50 n

NOV 12 1991 clear Rolette hand cancel on business reply card to Dublin Ohio. $0.75 n

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Wanted to buy--covers & postcards with flag cancels at Jamestown ND. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Wanted to buy--covers mailed from Brofy, Larvik & Rosholt. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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JY 25 06 light Belfast dial cancel ties sell-centered 1 / 2-penny King stamp franking postcard to Ayrshire, corner crease, corner & edge wear, small scrape on front upper edge. color view is "Drooping Mountain.  Killarney." in Ireland. $1.50 n-i*

JY 20 1909 clear Belfast straight-line machine cancel ties 1-penny King stamp franking postcard to New York City, corner crease, much corner & edge wear. Toned color view is "Conagher's Farm Co. Antrim (Home of the M'Kinlay's)". $2.00 n-n

1942 APO 813 of the American Armed Forces (at Belfast Northern Ireland) cancel on #6 cover to Tennessee, franked with 6-cent US airmail, passed by US  Army Examiner 10039 violet mark on front (1st Lt. A. Koenig), ink smear on back, bends in paper, cancel partly off cover, toning on face due to contact with other paper, as is. $1.50

1942 APO 813 (US forces at Belfast) on airmail cover to New Jersey, clear September 11 1942 cancel, passed by US Army Examiner 11033 handstamp in dark gray on front, creased vertically missing stamp & markings. $2.50

1944 APO 813 FORWARDING MARKS to Illinois: mail to APO 813 "Returned to the United States / Attention: Port Postal Officer / Port of Embarkation / Army Post Office / New York, N.Y." handstamped in blue on front, re-addressed handstamp in violet 'MAYO GENERAL HOSPITAL / GALESBURG, ILL." on front, backstamped clearly "N. Y. P. E. / ARMY DIRECTORY / SERVICE GIVEN / AUG  14 1944 / TOUR _2 / ARMY POST OFFICE" in large blue circle, opened neatly. Seldom seen. $9.00

Cover_NorthernIreland_ArmaghRegistered.jpg (214266 bytes)1962 REGISTERED POSTAL STATIONERY, 3 / 6 + 1d #6 cover, added four 1 / 6 & 9-d & 4-d stamps, handstamped "SUPPOSED LIABLE TO / UNITED STATES / CUSTOMS DUTY" in violet on front, PASSED US CUSTOMS handstamp in violet on declaration form, 3 backstamps in Michigan. $6.00

  Cover_CapeVerde_ToNIreland1-200_small.JPG Cape Verde cover available from Judnick.com 
Cover_CapeVerde_ToNIreland2-200_small.JPG Cabo Verde cover available from Judnick.com
  Cover_CapeVerde_ToNIreland3-200_small.JPG Cape Verde postal history available from Judnick.com 

Mostly 1966 - 1970 87-cover lot from a church & an import / export correspondence, all from Cabo Verde to Northern Ireland. Sizes are #6, greeting card & #10. Three are registered Praia at different rates (2 shown at left); another forwarded on arrival. Some minor faults present, but seldom seen material. Some of the material exhibits practice of sealing the envelopes with stamps & some Lisboa transit marking make the backs interesting (example shown at right has both qualities). Most are postmarked from the larger cities such as Praia & Mindelo. The principal appeal is a good variety of stamps on non-philatelic mail to a better destination. $87.00

Three c. 1970 covers from Portugal to Northern Ireland. Minor faults present, all stamps in good shape. $2.50 np

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See also Northern Ireland postcards.

  Stamps_NorthernIreland_BlockOf4.jpg (48743 bytes)  See also Northern Ireland stamps.

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See also Nigeria postcards.


See also Northern Rhodesia postcards.

12 May 1937 FDC to England on #6 cover franked by set of three stamps tied by bold cancels, minor corner wear & rounding, cancellation ink spots along top of back. $1.50

Cover_Angola_6AGO42ToMassachusetts-200_small.JPG availabe from Judnick.comSomewhat light Lobito 6 AGO 42 hand cancels ties 15-c da Gama & pair of 80-c Ceres stamps franking #6 cover to Boston 'via Capetown', 'Opened by Examiner' censor tape tied by PASSED O/4 under crown handstamp, bold 8-8-42 Elisabethville transit marking on back, return address on backflap is Cuma. We are advised that the O censor mark is Northern Rhodesian, which is not as common as the South African markings. $32.50 an

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See also North Korean gymnastics photos
& North Korean postcards.


See also North Rhine-Westphalia postcards & Prussian post cards.

1915 Minden postcard with feldpost usage, small corner crease. $1.50

NRW_Soest_CoverNRW_small.jpg (7265 bytes)
1916 Soest postcard with feldpost usage and clear violet censor mark. Close-up of postal markings only shown to preserve bandwidth. $2.50

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Several items available, including first flight cover's
--please inquire!
See also Northwest Territories postcards & Canadian post cards.

LA NORVÈGE / Noorweë / Noorwegen / Noregur / NORGE /
Norja / Norra / NORUEGA / NORVEGIA / Norvegian /
Norveġja / Norvegji / Norveška / NORWEGEN
/ Нарвегія /
NOORWEGEN / Նորվեգիա / 挪威 / ノルウェー / 노르웨이 / ਨਾਰਵੇ

Uncaptioned Swedish postcard in color showing a standing woman with arms outstretched, white robe, long flowing hair; mailed 23.9.1905 at Jonkoping (clear cancel, local usage). $4.00 w-n

Norway_Lyngseidet-200_small.JPG"Lyngseidet." including a small steamer departing from there, color brevkort fra Norge mailed 9VII06 at Trondhiem to Mikana Wisconsin (clear AUG 2 1906 Doane 2 receiving mark), well-struck violet 'Turistskibet / TRONDHIEM / NORDKAP / Kong Harald' ship cachet in the message area completes a very attractive back. Album impressions at the corners & minor corner wear. $10.00 n-nwsm(d)

"LUDGATE- Circus. LONDON" postcard including horse-drawn vehicles passing near The King Lud & bridge, color, printed in Germany, round corners as issued, mailed -8 11 11 in Kopervik Norway (pair of 5-ore stamps neatly tied) to South Dakota, one corner creased twice, minor edge wear along bottom. $3.50 e-n

1915 LESJE cancel on a locally used embossed postcard, corner missing. $2.00

1930 NIDAROS (Trondheim) on a real photo postcard of Stalheim, sent to United states & forwarded there. $3.75

1953 OSLO HUSK BLINDES UKE slogan cancel on continental postcard (Oslo scene) to US. $2.00

1957 K. N. M. Trondheim cachet, International Naval Review, Hampton Roads Virginia. USS Dyess cancel. $4.50 (n(s)n(d))%

1971 "ON CRUISE" ship cancel on a Bermuda postcard mailed to the US. $2.00

1972 TRONDHEIM on a God Jul postcard to the US with a Norwegian Christmas seal in the cancel. $2.50

Partial 9 NOV 1976 San Juan Puerto Rico machine cancel ties 1.00 Norwegian dancing couple stamp franking Norwegian Caribbean Lines® postcard sent to Mr. & Mrs. Larry Comer in Dayton Ohio, clearly struck black boxed PAQUEBOT / Norwegian M/S Skyward attesting to the propriety of the usage. Front shows the M/S Starward, M/S Southward & M/S Skyward under way near one another, traces of cancel ink on front. $3.00 pnp

2 - 5 - 1977 Norway FDC for its 2-stamp Europa issue, unaddressed, cacheted, with explanatory stiffener. $4.25 en

1977 POLARFILEX cacheted cover with Tromso polar bear fancy cancel on 2 different stamps.

1977 POLARFILEX cacheted cover with Tromso polar bear fancy cancel on a set of 4 ship stamps. $5.50

1984 Spitsbergen Expedition of Polish Academy of Sciences, Honsund, cacheted  & autographed by leader, Longyearbyen cancel, to US. $6.50

Norway_1984_Auroral_Expedition_small.jpg (1616 bytes)

1984 International Magnetospheric Study, multinational auroral expedition, Longyearbyen reindeer cancel, to US. Close-up of cancel shown to preserve bandwidth. $4.75

1985 Uniwersytet Wroclawki visit to Spitsbergen, cacheted, Longyearbyen reindeer cancel on pair of Norway stamps, to US. $5.00

Cover_Louisiana_1993Paquebot.jpg (150259 bytes)27 DEC 1993 New Orleans cancel ties 3 different Norwegian stamps to #6 cover from the ship LPG / C Hemera (out of Oslo) to Columbus Ohio, small straight-line PAQUEBOT mark just below one stamp, insignificant paper bends at the bottom edge. $3.00 lnp%

1993 Unused postcard depicting all the 1993 stamp issues of Norway, continental size. $2.00

1995 Packet Boat Auckland New Zealand cancel on cover to the United States bearing 5 Norwegian stamps, from M / S Tampere. $5.00

1995 Helsingborg Finland cancel on cover to the United States bearing 3 Norwegian stamps, from M.V. Moxnes.  $5.00

1995 Southend-on-Sea England cancel on cover to the United States bearing 3 Norwegian stamps, from M / S "Toba". $5.00

  Norway_20-09-2002-550-200_small.JPG   Norway_20-09-2002-550-2-200_small.JPG   
Norway_20-09-2002-500-200_small.JPGSeptember 2002 Norway soccer stamp issue in a complete set of four continental maximum cards (three shown). Images from noteworthy matches:  Norge-Tyskland 2-0 1936 (5,00 Kr, not shown), Norge-Brasil 2-1 1998 (5,50 Kr, shown upper left), Norge-USA 3-2 2000 (5,50 Kr, shown upper right), Norge-Sverige 3-1 1960 (7,00 Kr, shown lower left). $27.50 sn-sn

  Norway_12-02SoccerMaximum550-3-200_small.JPG   Norway_12-02SoccerMaximum550-200_small.JPG   
December 2002 children's soccer stamp issue in a complete set of four continental maximum cards (three shown). Stamps are all round (!) and denominated 5,50. Background images of children deliberately blurred to suggest motion. $20.00 sn-sn


Nr. 1 / 1987 Nordatlant Filateli (English Edition), 40 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of  Norway, Iceland,  Faeroes & Greenland. $4.00 fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 1 / 1988, 48 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. (2 available) $4.75 each. fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 2 / 1988, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. $3.00 fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 1 / 1989, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. (2 available) $3.00 each. fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 2 / 1989, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. $3.00 fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 1 / 1990, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. (2 available) $3.00 each. fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 2 / 1990, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. (2 available) $3.00 each. fign

"North Atlantic Philately' 1 / 1991, 32 pages, some color illustrations. Articles of interest to collectors of Iceland, Norway, Faeroes & Greenland. (2 available) $3.00 each. fign

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Norway_Hellesylt-100.jpg (223282 bytes)

See also Norway postcards. Shown is a real photo of Hellesylt.

Stamps_Norway_Birds.jpg (11010 bytes)

See also Norway stamps. Shown is a se-tenant pair of the high-value bird stamps from a 1980 booklet.

Gymnastics_Norway_AnitaTomulevska_small.jpg (4640 bytes)

See also Norwegian gymnastics photos. Athlete shown is Anita Tomulevska competing in the 1991 World Championships.


See also Nova Scotia postcards & Canadian post cards

Cover_NovaScotia_Kentville1927.jpg (165681 bytes)"Gaspereaux Valley, N. S." postcard mailed from Kentville 1927 (clear cancel ties centered Confederation 2-c stamp) to Massachusetts, a little corner & edge wear that shows mostly from the view side. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 n-n

Wanted to buy--US Naval covers with Halifax Nova Scotia in the killer bars, struck during the 1930's or 1940's. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to the US. *c

1 April 1947 first flight cover Boston Massachusetts to Yarmouth, St. John & Halifax, clear blue cachet maps route, Halifax backstamp also clear, franked with 5-c US airmail. $2.00 (nf)*

Cover_NovaScotia_MAY5-47-200_small.jpg Nova Scotia QSL cards available from LotsOfCovers.com"VE1HJ" colorful QSL card on manila stock, used MAY 5 1947 by operator Ralph Fraser to Philadelphia, well struck PAY NO MORE / THAN / CEILING PRICE slogan cancel. This slogan refers to the price of wheat controlled by the now-permanent Canadian Wheat Board monopsony; post 1939 the Eastern Provinces required such periodic reminders that were of course totally unnecessary out west. $2.50 n(h)-na

"BR-55 / EAST RIVER, NEW GLASGOW, NOVA SCOTIA / Color Photo--Courtesy Fred O. MacLeod / New Glasgow, N. S." including a bridge, chrome postcard mailed AU 24 56 at Margaree Harbour N. S. (clear cancel ties 4-c Queen stamp) to Massachusetts, 2 corner creases (1 small, 1 tiny). $1.00 n-n

11 MAR 1977 Fort Lauderdale FL machine cancel ties 13-c US eagle with shield stamp franking #6 envelope to Worthington Ohio, well struck 'COMMANDING OFFICER MAR 10 / H.M.C S. SAGUENAY' in blue with a period missing. This was the second Canadian military ship of that name, DDH206 a St. Laurent-class destroyer, which was scuttled as an artificial reef near Lunenburg Nova Scotia in 1990. $2.00 cfn

Cover_Luxembourg_UsedInNovaScotia_small.JPG (3349 bytes)

25 June 1994 HALIFAX PAQUEBOT POSTED AT SEA on 22-fr Luxembourg stamp franking #6 cover from M / V Cornelis Verolme (violet cachet) to Ohio. $3.00 ^

Undated CANADA / POSTAGE PAID / PORT PAYÉ BOXED HANDSTAMP on mail from Dartmouth to South Dakota, tiny smudge at bottom front, opened neatly. $1.50

                PhilatelicLiterature_Firby2008-200small.jpg auction catalogues available from Judnick.com  PhilatelicLiterature_Firby2008-200back.jpg philatelic references available from Judnick.com 
"The RANDALL R. MARTIN COLLECTIONS / of / COLONIAL BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN // Charles G. Firby / AUCTIONS / Spetember 26, 2008" 8-inch by 10-inch, complete, 160 pages within are lavishly illustrated in color, outside covers shown. Rarities galore from British Columbia & Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. A few spots of toning on the front cover & the long vertical edge away from the binding; everything else is fresh & appealing. Hard to find! $8.00 p-bnnnp

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Please see Atomic Energy covers.

See also Nude sculpture postcards, Nude paintings on post cards
& Nude photography on postcards.

See also Numismatics postcards & Numismatics stamps.

Wooden_Expo1904_StampSideOfZerbe.jpg (150159 bytes) wooden postcard available from Judnick.com post"All a-board for the World's Fair. Arrived safe. / Exposition is more than oak-a, is ash-tonishing; / you cedar sights of your life..." long message with numerous puns on a wood theme from Farran Zerbe, mailed to Columbus Ohio with a well-centered 1-c stamp commemorating the Expo. Seal of the Louisiana Purchase Company as the corner card on the stamp side. Dark wood but quite attractive. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & philatelic research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 enw-n

Cover_California_JAN1978Gold-100.jpg (216313 bytes)JAN 24 1978. Jan 24 1848 - Gold discovered in California - Coloma CA cancel ties 10-c banking & 3-c California centennial stamps, neatly addressed, black & gold cachet. $1.25 hcn

5-3-80 Luxembourg FDC for 3-stamp issue depicting old coins, unaddressed, multicolor cachet. $1.00 ln

4 -2 1981 greeting card cover from Paline to Chicago Illinois, franked with 105-f congress medal stamp which is tied, clear cancel on front, A5 & N1 & G3 US backstamps, neatly opened, staple holes miss everything important. $2.00 tn

Cover_Libya_1987Numismatic.jpg (437913 bytes)1987 REGISTERED #10 cover from Tripoli to Ohio, franked by 77-d & 91-d & 105-d gold dinar stamps (gorgeous Islamic coins, set complete except for souvenir sheet, most top perfs of 91-d trimmed in opening) & 100-d Khadafi & 50-d mushroom stamps, claim check remnant on front, no backstamps. $6.50 ln-

Marshall_Islands_Coin_small.jpg (2271 bytes)

"ANGELS! This stunning 1996 Heavenly Angels / Christmas Coin can be yours at Face Value ..." ad on first day of issue postcard from Majuro Marshall Islands, September 4, 1996. Scrape on image; first day side fine. $1.50 mcan-mcn


REFERENCE. "Collector's / Guide 2003" published by the Canadian Coin News & Canadian Stamp News, 128 pp. with coin & stamp prices, dealers, clubs & more. $2.00 n-n

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NIASA / NIASSA / Niassalàndia/ Niassalândia / NYASA /
 Nyasaland / Nyasalandia / NYASALAND PROTECTORATE /
 Nyassaland / Ньясаленд / ニヤサランド / 尼亞薩蘭

See also Nyassa postcards. For more modern material,
please see our Malawi covers & Malawi postcards.

Cover_Nyasa_BilhetePostal10Reis-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.comUnused 1885 Higgins & Gage #1 10-réis bilhete postal of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, two right front corners chipped way, many tiny dots of toning on the front as well as a more general darkening near the edges of both sides, 1/3" tear at the left front edge (just to the design) closes well. As is. $4.25 n

Cover_Nyassa_10Reis-200_small.JPG Nyassa postal stationery at Judnick.com

Unused 1903 Higgins & Gage #6 10-réis bilhete postal of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, very light toning along the front edges, just  a little wear at 3 corners. $9.00 n

Cover_Nyassa_20Reis-200_small.JPG Nyassa letter-card at Judnick.comUnused 1903 Higgins & Gage #5 20-réis bilhete postal of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, small internal crease near top center not to noticeable (suggesting careful ironing), toning at the edges of both sides, minor corner & edge wear, small upper corner crease. $9.00 n

Just how scarce are Nyassa postal cards?
When the world-renown Higgins & Gage catalogue editors searched for illustrations, they found but two--
and used Mozambique examples for the rest!

Cover_Nyassa_25Reis6-200_small.JPG Nyassa postal stationery available from Judnick.comUnused 1903 Higgins & Gage #6 25-réis carte postale of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, small internal crease near top center not to noticeable (suggesting careful ironing), light toning both sides. $9.00 n

  Cover_Nyasa_25AGO09-200_small.JPG Nyassa postal stationery available from Judnick.com  Cover_Nyasa_1909ToLeipzigBack-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com  Clear & complete CORREIO DE IBO 25 AGO 09 hand cancel on Higgins & Gage Nyasa #5 20-réis gray lilac on buff stock bilhete postal to a stamp dealer in Leipzig, trivial corner rounding, 3 hinge remnants on back. Sender's signature in green ink has been lined out in black ink & stroke across the back is typical of how recipients of would mark to indicate 'taken care of'. Ibo is a small island off the coast & the return address for reply was in Deutsch-Ost-Africa. Worthy of further study (ability to read Old German handwriting would be helpful) & exhibition! $295.00 n

  Cover_Nyasa_BilhetePostal17-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com  Cover_Nyasa_BilhetePostal17Secibd-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com
Unused 1914 Higgins & Gage #17 1-c bilhete postal of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, small almost linear spot of toning near the bottom center, multiple creases at the corner beneath the indicia & long but faint creasing along that same short edge. Another example, slightly larger in both dimensions, overprint bolder, just a little corner wear, speckled toning both sides. Both for $10.00 total. n

Cover_Nyasa_BilhetePostal18-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com

Unused 1914 Higgins & Gage #18 2-c bilhete postal of Moçambique overprinted NYASSA, stripes of toning on plain side, front much fresher, upper corners with small creases. $8.00 n

Wanted to buy--stamped Nyasa covers of all ages. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio. *c

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See also our Ohio postcard webpages: A B C CA-CE CH-CI CL
 F to K L--N O--R S--T & U--Z.
See also Ohio revenue & local stamps.

Circa NOV 3 1865 3-c Washington postal stationery with stamp added (and since removed by a certifiable imbecile) cancelled at Amelia O. (Ohio) addressed to 'Symmes E. Browne Esq. / Executive Officer / U.S. Gunboat Forest Rose / via Cairo / Ill." browning paper, upper right front corner gone (nicking the indicia), light toning & edge wrinkling. Earlier letters from the addressee were published by the US Naval Institute at Annapolis in 1970 under the title: 'From the Fresh-Water Navy, 1861-64: The Letters of Acting Master's Mate Henry R. Browne and Acting Ensign Symmes E. Browne'. The tinclad was active in Southern waters until the end of the war, giving us our year estimate. $15.00 u(p)o*

AdCard_LionCoffee_ToledoStamp_small.JPG (3509 bytes)

TOLEDO 1891. Uncaptioned trade card, embossed art showing girl and simulated handwritten message, also embossed "stamp" & simulated 1891 Toledo Ohio cancel, ad for Lion Coffee from Woolson Spice Co. of Toledo on back, corner crease, couple tiny spots on back, trade card. $12.50

Cover_MachineCancelBarry_1898ToledoOH.jpg (515666 bytes)DEC 15 1898 TOLEDO, O. 1 uncommon Barry killer on 2-c Washington #6 postal stationery to Parkersburg West Virginia (where it was backstamped), yellowish paper, lightly toned front, part of backflap missing. $3.50 m(b)o

Clear FEB 5 1899 Canton Ohio flag cancel (with 1 in flag center) ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia, neatly addressed, opening causes 2 small tears to backflap, clear backstamp on arrival the next day, few tiny cancel ink spot under corner card. $2.50 o

FEB 21 12-M'02 CLEVELAND, OHIO. / STATION B 1 Barry cancel ties 2-c Washington to #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia (backstamped clearly next day), right front edge ragged with stamp corner over new edge. Uncommon station usage. $3.25 m(b)o

Ohio_Painesville_ClassDay-200_small.jpg Ohio cover available from Judnick.com"Class Day Processional -- Lake Erie College, Painesville, O." showing many women students in long dresses, black & white postcard with undivided back, mailed SEP 10 1904 (mostly complete RFD cancel ties stamp) to Clifton Springs New York, corner toning both sides due to album contact, minor corner rounding. Rare postcard. $19.00 o(p)cp-o

Cover_MachineCancelBarry_ClevelandOH05.jpg (169864 bytes)AUG 28 8-PM'05 CLEVELAND, O. / STATION B 1 Barry cancel ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia (complete flag backstamp next day), slight browning of the paper with age, ding at right front edge & faint internal crease miss everything important. We believe this to be an uncommon station usage. $5.00 m(b)o

"Steamer A. Wherle, Jr., Cedar Point Line" postcard with the same view as the next listing but in black & white, undivided back mailed  AUG 15 1906 to Lyons Ohio (oddly shaped violet receiving mark there the next day), pencilled address very light, bottom corner crease, light uneven toning both sides. $4.00 s(c)s(l)-o& NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Court House ~ Warren, Ohio" including a fountain in the foreground, black & white postcard with undivided back mailed OCT 25 1906 from Phalanx Station Ohio (RFD Doane 2 cancel & a station Doane 5 cancel crisply struck at the DPO) to Mechanicstown Ohio, bottom corner crease, other edge wear is minor. The only time we have seen two different Doane cancel numbers which give a rough guide as to the differences in revenues between the RFD routes and the home office itself. $12.50 o(w)c-or

"LITTLE BUTTERFLY. / POSED BY EVELYN NESBIT" showing the theater actress, chorus girl & model feigning sleep on a polar bear rug; postcard print of a photo taken & copyrighted 1903 by Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr., undivided back, mailed JUN 1 1907 (clear R. F. D. / ROXABELL, OHIO hand cancel) to Miss Nellie Turner in Roxabell, back paper yellowing evenly with age. Front writing (as permitted at the time): 'Did you ever see her picture before S. B'. This postcard is more often seen hand-colored, but we prefer the photographer's intentions. $10.00 tnp-o

"Olentangy River.  Columbus, Ohio" including canoeists enjoying it, postcard mailed JUN 4 1907 (clear & complete COLUMBUS, OHIO / TRANS. CLK. cancel) to Kentucky, paper browning evenly with age, tiny ding in one edge is hard to see front the front, minor corner & edge wear. $7.50 o-o

"Campbell Ave., looking East, / Roanoke, Va." including the Wm. P. Baker storefront at the left & some pedestrian traffic, color postcard mailed 1907 (clear & complete AUG 28 1907 Warren Ohio 1 flag cancel receiving mark & somewhat light Roanoke Va. transfer clerk cancel), minor corner wear, light toning at back corners due to album contact. $7.50 v-o

"Rustic Bridge--Schiller Park. Columbus, Ohio" postcard litho-chromed in Germany for the American News Company, mailed AUG 29 1907 at Marysville Ohio (clear RFD 1 cancel ties 1-c Franklin stamp), small tear in top edge closes well, mild corner & edge wear, a little toning in the front caption area. $4.00 o(c)b-ro

Better_199small.jpg Ohio post cards available from LotsOfCovers.com"DAYTON, Ohio.  Third Street." Tuck Raphotype Postcard 5430 with undivided back, mailed to Miss Mary Caldwell in Coolville Ohio (Coolville O. RFD 3 9/20 07 12-M penned cancel in violet), mild corner wear & rounding, light toning both sides from album contract. $4.00 o(d)t-o

Clear SEP 30 1907 LEETONIA OHIO hand cancel on 1-cent McKinley postal card to Miss Catherine Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, all corners creased, 2 long vertical internal creases. As is. $0.50 g-o

Cover_Ohio_NorthDover-200_small.jpg Ohio cover available from Judnick.comClear strike of R. F. D. / SEP 15 P.M. 19 / NORTH DOVER, / OHIO ties 1-c Franklin to postcard mailed to Miss Marcia Bigelow in West Richfield Ohio, R.F.D. shifted markedly to the right & year digits (either 07 or 08 judging by the undivided back) missing, both sides lightly toned, 2 left back corners creased. Picture side shows the "Case School of Applied science, Euclid Avenue-Cleveland." with several small spots of cancel ink in the sky. $15.00 ro-c

Better_157small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com"Greetings / From / Plano / O." spelled out in glitter on an embossed floral postcard copyrighted 1907 by The Rose Company, mailed APR 2 1908 (gorgeous R. F. D. AUSTIN APR 2 1908 OHIO discontinued post office hand cancel that ties the stamp) to Miss Elva Hinkle in Washington Court House Ohio, album toning near the front edges. $7.00 o(p)fg-o

Light R. F. D. / AUG 16 1909 / CANFIELD OHIO hand cancel on post card conveying floral-design "Birthday Greetings" post card to Mrs. Herbert Knauf in Canfield. $2.50 ro

Tuck_061_small.jpg Ohio cover available from Judnick.com"A / Merry Christmas" Tuck Series 500 embossed post card mailed 1909 without postage at Hartford Connecticut, 1910 Creston Ohio auxiliary marking 'This is the mail for which / you sent stamps' in violet, mild corner wear & rounding, short thin linear scrape on front, lightly toned both sides. Part of the bottom border was inadvertently cropped in the scanning process but it is there. $2.25 tc-o

Cover_Ohio_FlagCancel1909.jpg (242872 bytes)Lot of 7 Bellevue Ohio covers with Jan 8 1908 - Jan 10 1910 flag cancels (1 in center of flag) on #6 2-c Washington postal stationery covers to Lakewood Ohio, some roughly opened, some with recipient's penciled annotations on back. All for $5.00 of

Cover_Ohio_Cozaddale1908-144.jpg (457676 bytes)"Take a tip from me…" color postcard with art showing man at restaurant tipping waiter, conveys an invitation from Allen McGuire to a 'shin dig' at South Lebanon on April 11th 1908, written on both sides (Doane 2 cancel on April 8 1908, receiving mark of Cozaddale, now a discontinued post office). long corner crease & small spot (not on stamp corner), minor corner rounding, paper browning evenly with age. $5.00 o(s)-o

Better_135small.jpg Ohio cover available from LotsOfCovers.com

SMITH. "City Hall, Marietta, O." postcard made in Germany for J. G. McCrorey & Company, mailed MAY 20 1908 at Jewell Run Ohio (mostly clear DPO hand cancel) to George A. Smith in Pittsburg Pennsylvania by his cousin Carrie, light toning both sides, minor corner wear. $3.75 o(m)g-o

"A Note from Freeport" color postcard with embossed floral design including a small cover, from United Art Publishing mailed there circa June 1 1908, recipient damaged the flap a bit when opening, cover contents gone, yellowish paper. Two-cent letter rate mandatory--treated as a letter. $5.50 o-o

"14545 -- Lake and Conservatory National Military Home, DAYTON, Ohio." printed in Germany for the Souvenir Post Card Company, mailed JUN 10 1908 (almost complete CLEVE. & CIN. TR45 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel) to Miss Edna Hunter in Catawba Ohio where it arrived same day (crisp CATAWBA Doane 4 auxiliary mark almost complete), minor corner rounding & edge wear. $5.00 o(d)-o

"Grotto and Lake. National Military Home near Dayton, Ohio." including a couple of people for scale, Excelsior post card No. A188 published by The Americaan News Company in New York, mailed circa-1908 (partial KENT & DAYTON R.P.O. hand cancel) to Miss Lola Sloane in Mansfield Ohio (care of the Street Car Office!). $5.00 o(d)-o

"EUCLID HEIGHTS, CLEVELAND, O." postcard mailed SEP 2 1908 to Miss Edna A. Stoner in Grand Haven Michigan, 'HELD FOR / POSTAGE' struck in black at Cleveland, 'Held for postage and forwarded / on receipt of same.' struck in violet, SEPT 7 1908 Cleveland cancel on 1¢ Franklin stamp, spotty toning both sides, mild corner rounding. $5.00 o(e)o(c)-o

Cover_Ohio_ElmwoodPlace1908-200_small.jpg Ohio cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"RAPID TRANSIT IN SEBRING O." with a black & white line drawing signed Earl Wehner showing a mule-drawn trolley car (penned on its side 'Warsaw Ave. Car' by sender, postcard published by J. B. Meiler & Sons in Dayton, mailed there 1908 (well struck SEP 8 1908 Elmwood Place Ohio DPO flag cancel overlaps & Cincinnati receiving marks, both on the next day), minor edge wear, light toning both sides from album contact. Amusing & hard to find! Date is outside those given in La Posta for Elmwood Place. $20.00 o(s)a(w)s-o

"A Joyous / Christmastide" postcard from Series B No. 14 mailed DEC 23 1910 (unusual violet RFD ROUTE / DEC 24 1910 / MARTINSBURG violet 3-straight-line cancel with the 24 filled in by pencil) to Miss Bessie Cooksey in Martinsburg, paper browned both sides especially at the edges due to album contact. $5.00 c-o

"Christmas / Greetings." with a sprig of holly set against a striped background, postcard mailed DEC 28 1908 at Martinsburg Ohio (unusual violet RFD NO. 1 violet 3-straight-line hand cancel in which the date 28 is pencilled in, double struck), paper browned both sides especially at the edges due to album contact. $4.00 c-o

=> Special: Both of the above for $7.75 o <=

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW / ABOUT / MUSIC / ? // COPYRIGHTED BY R. L. WELLS, 1907" with signed BO cartoon art on a postcard mailed JAN 15 1909 at Copley Ohio to Albert Boltz (also in Copley), almost complete DPO cancel for the unincorporated community in Summit County Ohio. $3.75 cm-o

Cover_Ohio_JAN28-1909-200small.jpg Ohio cover availabe from LotsOfCovers.com"Main Building, / Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' / Orphans Home, Xenia, O." postcard mailed there JAN 28 1909 (complete flag cancel) to Mrs. Sadie Fuller in Clyde Ohio, 'Returned to sender for better / directions' in violet' & 'Ohio' added by an angry heavy hand in response, upper corner creased twice, cancel ink shows in the sky, a lot of edge wear. There is a Clyde in California, Kansas, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas & Wisconsin -- which is why they asked! Sold but front side still available for artistic study & reference as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(x)-o

"May / this bow of white / Which gives delight, / And which I send you / A token be of Love divine / ..." with angel, hearts & roses in an intricately embossed lacy design, Valentine postcard mailed FEB 13 1909 from Nutwood Ohio (DPO in Trumbull County, light Doane cancel), mild corner wear, slight paper curl. $4.50 v-o

"Chittenden Hotel, Columbus, O." including a streetcar going under the electric arch & some pedestrian traffic on a moonlit night, clear COLUMBUS, OHIO / TRANS. CLK. JUL 4 1909 cancel ties 1-c Franklin stamp franking postcard to Vigo Ohio, minor corner & edge wear. $8.00 o(c)-o

"Presentation of National Medals--Wright Brothers' Celebration, Dayton, Ohio, June 18, 1909" Liddy & Iddings postcard mailed JUL 6 1909 to Pitsburg Ohio (complete Doane 2 arrival mark the next day), lightly toning near the back edges. $15.00 f-om(d)

Cover_Ohio_Loudoonville1909_small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com"B2270I20 Casino Bldg. at Olentangy Park, Columbus, Ohio." post card published by H. G. Zimmerman, mailed AUG 13 1909 to Elmer E. McCurdy in Loudonville Ohio (where it was 'HELD FOR POSTAGE' in black, 1-c Jefferson applied & then marked 'This is the mail/letter/package for / which you sent postage in violet'), both upper corners creased, noticeable edge wear, back pencil writing smeared a bit, front toned. Hard to find in any condition. When we searched the Internet we found 2 places showing, but no places actually offering it. $8.50 ao(c)-o

Better_056small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"'KEEP OUT' / This means you. / 27" postcard mailed 8-26-10 from Hanover Ohio (clear RFD #1 carrier's hand cancel) to Miss Grace Rector of the same town, noticeable corner & edge wear, light toning both sides. $3.75 ro-l

Cover_RPO_SeattleAndHoquiam-200_small.JPGClear SEATTLE & HOQUIAM / T 310 / 8 / SEP / 1910 / R.P.O. hand cancel on 1-c Franklin franking postcard from Porter Washington to Moultrie Ohio (DPO), forwarded to New Franklin Ohio (light SEP 13 1910 DPO hand cancel), thence forwarded to Homeworth Ohio! Tiny bottom corner crease & minor corner rounding affect nothing of philatelic significance. Postcard shows the Pierce County Court House in Tacoma, but who's looking at the front? $17.00 ro

Cover_Ohio_Roxabell1909-200_small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.comSharp & complete ROXABELLE OHIO DPO hand cancel ties 1-c Jefferson stamp franking a postcard to McArthur Ohio, front with art & quoting poetry attributed to Bayard Taylor, 2 corners with small creases, mild edge wear, back paper starting to brown with age, front unevenly toned. We recently bought a collection with several Roxabelle cancels; this was the best one. $7.50 p-o

"Columbus O.  Ohio School for Blind." showing its exterior in color, postcard with COLUMBUS, OHIO / TRANS. CLK. NOV 10 1909 cancel clearly struck tying 1-c Franklin stamp, minor corner & edge wear. $8.00 o(c)-o

"Looking North from State & High Sts., Columbus, O." on a moonlit night, the capitol building included prominently; color postcard with somewhat light COLUMBUS, OHIO / TRANS. CLK. DEC 28 1909 cancel tying 1-c Franklin stamp, minor corner & edge wear. $7.00 o(c)-o

"THE ESPLANADE, DUNDEE" including 3 ladies & a LEMCO sign, color post card mailed MAR 9 1910 from Hopewell Ohio (clear Doane 1 hand cancel), light fingerprint in address area, bottom corners with a bit of wear, hint of cancel ink in the front sky. $8.00 s-m(d)o

Better_034small.jpg Ohio covers available from Judnick.com

"Remembrance" textured & embossed floral postcard mailed June 23 1910 from Bellevue Ohio to St. Stephens Ohio (DPO arrival marking there light but almost complete the same day), front lightly toned, back more so. $1.25 f-o

"L-o-v-e spells trouble to me." with a man about to cane another man beside a woman, postcard mailed JUL 14 1910 from Crane Nest Ohio (clear DPO cancel ties 1-c stamp) to Miss Josie Drum in Benwood Ohio, approximately 1-1/2 internal crease from the bottom edge near a tiny scrape, minor edge wear, lightly toned back. $5.00 l-o

Better_151small.jpg Ohio covers available from Judnick.com

"I Could Do This All Day." showing 2 lovers kissing, oval image within an elaborately embossed frame, post card mailed at Benwood Ohio SEP 3 1910 (clear DPO cancel ties Jefferson stamp) to Miss Josie Drum in the same town, light album marks at the back corners, other album toning is also light.  $7.00 l-o

Ohio_Columbus_OTheBuckeye-200_small.jpg Ohio cover available from Judnick.com
"OHIO / THE / BUCKEYE STATE // WALKING IS CHEAP, / But Oh, You SORE FEET! / in COLUMBUS. // The / STRIKE IS STILL ON // ALLIED PRINTING / TRADES COUNCIL / UNION LABEL / COLUMBUS, O." with a shiny embossed metallic add-on of streetcar #528; post card published by the Cott Printing Company, mailed there SEP 5 1910 to Springfield Ohio (2-cents postage necessary due to add-on), lower corner creased twice, mild toning both sides. $25.00 o(c)ssu-o

Better_152small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com
"Their first quarrel. / Mr. newlywed: I wish I could get some bread like mother used to bake for me. / Mrs. Newlywed: I wish I could get some clothes like father used to buy for me. // PHOTO ONLY COPYRIGHTED 1908 BY THEODOR EISMANN, NEW YORK." Theochrom Serie No. 1163 postcard printed in Germany, mailed OCT 26 1910 at Benwood Ohio (clear DPO hand cancel ties Jefferson stamp) to Miss Josie Drum of the same town, long bottom corner crease, noticeable edge wear, uneven album toning on back. $6.00 l-o

Better_258small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"When I / ventured to show myself / on the Hotel Piazza / I created a sensation" elaborately embossed art in fresh colors showing an elegant with striped umbrella, mailed at Martinsburg Ohio (gorgeous violet R D ROUTE 10 / DEC 29 1910 MARTINSBURG hand cancel ties the stamp), spotty toning on back nowhere near the cancel. $5.00 uw(a)-or

"A Merry Christmas / Amos Wilson Kaufman / Rural Letter Carrier.  Route No. 2" circa-1910 postcard with 4-stanza poem printed on the message side, addressed simply to 'Joe Wert and family'. Ordinarily items like this are hard to place, because a location is not specified -- but not this one! The carrier's name is sufficiently distinctive that only one such name is found in a Google search: this man & his wife both buried in Oakland Cemetery in Auburn Township, just outside of Tiro Ohio (Crawford County). Cinching the deal is the addressing: there are many Wert families living in Crawford County. So Amos Wilson worked out of the Tiro Post Office, most likely servicing rural people he knew in Auburn Township. $11.00 o(a)o(t)pgc-ro

'2/11/11 Local R-1' pencil cancel on a 1-cent Jefferson stamp franking a deeply embossed hand-colored "A HAPPY BIRTHDAY" postcard addressed to Mr. Charles Pflueger on Route #1 in Westerville Ohio, made in Germany, spotty toning on back, 2 of the stamp's corners are creased. $1.50 b-o

Better_111small.jpg Ohio covers available from Judnick.com

"A / Valentine Message" with signed H. Schubert art on a Winsch postcard mailed FEB 12 1911 from Medina Ohio (dial in cancel is upside-down), mild wear to upper corners, traces of cancel ink on front. $3.00 va-o

Iowa_Bedford_1911OhioForwarding-100.jpg (317368 bytes)"Court House, Presyterian and / M. E. Churches, / Bedhford, Iowa // E. C. Kropp CO., MILWAUKEE", color postcard sent MAR 30 1911 by Barbara Moser, forwarded from Nevada Ohio (clear hand cancel there on APR 1) to Martel Ohio, browning paper on back, corner wear & rounding, corner crease, light album marks on back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 i-o

Better_156small.jpg Ohio covers available from Judnick Postcards"Bird's Eye of State Capitol, Columbus, O. / 2115" postcard mailed MAY 12 1911 from East Columbus (gorgeous DPO violet hand cancel, auxiliary mark on back at Columbus the next day), minor corner wear. $5.00 o(c)c-o

"Memorial Day Greetings" intricately embossed patriotic art with flags, bunting, eagle on a postcard mailed MAY 27 1911 at Blackrun Ohio to Herbert E. Farr in Newark Ohio, inviting the recipient to a Decoration Day observance on Tuesday at 2:30. Writer mentions that "Minnie is running a ice cream parlor here..." Black Run is a populated place in Muskingum County whose post office is long gone; Black Run Road still links Muskingum & Licking County. $10.00 mf-o

Ohio_Columbus_OSUCadetsAnd-200_small.JPG Ohio cover available from Judnick.com"O. S. U. Cadets and Armory, Columbus, O. / 21194" with their band in the foreground, postcard mailed JUL 4 1911 at Grogan Ohio (mostly clear, slightly doubled DPO hand cancel), 2 small corner creases, another corner with a small bend, toning along top back edge. $6.00 o(c)cm-o

Ohio_CampGround-2ndStLCamp-200_small.JPG Camp Ground Ohio DPO post card available from Judnick.com"2nd St. Lancaster Camp Ground, O." showing rental cottages there, sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed there AUG 3 1911 (almost complete DPO cancel), message on back refers to people there & the sender's cottage marked on front, toned back due to pencil writing of message, slight oxidation on front. $10.00 o(c)-o

"SHELBY, O. INTERIOR SACRED HEART OF MARY CHURCH" looking toward and centered on the altar, pews in the foreground with no worshipers, 2 stained glass windows on each side & two large ceiling fixtures (each with 6 lights); postcard mailed AUG 4 1911 (light SHELBY, OHIO / TRANS. CLK. cancel ties stamp) to Clara Merwine in Galion Ohio from her cousin Bertha, mild corner & edge wear. $8.00 oi-o!

"The Sea Wall from the Harbor, Queenstown, Ireland." including a fish boat, post card from an undisclosed publisher, mailed AUG 11 1911 at Layland Ohio (DPO in Coshocton County). writing on both sides, minor corner & edge wear, album marks at front corners. $5.00 i-o**

"FIVE HUNDRED FEET IN THE AIR / At Wright Brothers Training Ground, Dayton, Ohio / Published by R. S. McHenry, Dayton, Ohio" postcard with evenly divided back, mailed SEP 29 1911 (DET. & CIN. R.P.O cancel) to Miss Anna Butcher in Bellevue Ohio, postage was due (violet handstamp of Postmaster Elias R. Monfort ties stamp), light toning on back probably from the printing process itself, light spotty toning on front, soft corners. More precisely the training ground mentioned in the caption on back was actually Sims Station, also known as Huffman Prairie, 8 miles north-east of Dayton. Rare. $18.50 a(p)o(s)g-o

Lot of 3 Marietta flag cancels Jan 20 1912 - February 20 1912 clearly struck on #6 2-c Washington postal stationery covers to Parkersburg West Virginia, 2 backstamps complete the other partial show same-day service (1), typed addressed, a little paper toning due to age, 2 different corner cards. All for $2.25. o

Cover_Ohio_27FEB1912LillyChapel-200_small.JPG Lilly Chapel DPO cover available from Judnick.com"Cupid Told The Stork To bring / a boy to us Sun. / Name Edward Philip / weight 9 lbs. / date of birth Feb 25 1912" with embossed image of a flying stork bearing 3 babies, post card published by Winsch (1910 copyright), mailed Feb 27 1912 at Lilly Chapel Ohio (nice strike of the DPO cancel with just a couple of embossing gaps) by Mr. & Mrs. B. C.  Sidner, a few unimportant tiny speckles of toning on front & a tiny corner bend. Framing suggested. $10.00 bgw-o

Better_176small.jpg Ohio postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com"You Can Have a Jolly Time in / Panhandle / I know. I've tried it" generic post card mailed there DEC 2 1913 (DPO cancel with 4 letters & a some of the rim indistinct), upper corner crease, minor wear at one bottom corner. Generic postcards explained. $5.00 o(p)-o

CADIZ 1913. Registry return receipt card to Columbus Ohio. $2.00

Better_616small.jpg Ohio cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"State Hospital, / Athens, Ohio" showing the exterior of the mental institution, mailed MAR 10 1914 at Monday Ohio (crisp violet DPO cancel ties stamp) to Mrs. Vera McCoy in Jobs Ohio, minor wear to one bottom corner. SALE IN PROGRESS o(a)m-o

"First Presbyterian Church, North 3rd Street, / Newark, Ohio." postcard mailed JUL 13 1915 from Lockville Ohio (clear DPO hand cancel ties 1¢ Washington stamp), bottom corner crease, minor corner wear elsewhere. $8.00 o(n)-o NEW / NÝR / NOU

Cover_USOfficial_Justice1916.jpg (170539 bytes)FEB 21 1916 Salem Ohio hand cancel on Department of Justice official business #6 penalty cover from Referee in Bankruptcy C. F. Smith to West Virginia, small scrape knocks out 2 letters in the penalty wording, magenta color cover neatly opened. $3.75 uo

Light strike of June 2 1917 Barberton Ohio flag cancel ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg Virginia, addressed neatly, opened neatly, corner card of W. L. Campfield Furniture & Undertaking. $5.00 o

Cover_Advertising_ColumbusOhioJune1917.jpg (347944 bytes)JUNE 21 1917 clear Columbus Ohio cancel on 2-c Washington from booklet franking #6 cover with illustrated back showing the Hotel Deshler in Columbus, Hotel Wallick in New York & Hotel Secor in Toledo Ohio. light & illegible backstamp misses images, slight yellowing of the paper with age, neatly opened & neatly addressed. $8.00 ao

Cover_Ohio_23Sept1921Scipio--120.jpg (338096 bytes)"East Main Street, Bellevue, Ohio." Postcard including many carriages near Cooks Shoes & Clothing store, color, numbered 33374 on back, mailed 1921 from Scipio Siding Ohio (DPO cancel, clearly struck, the only time we have ever seen it). small corner crease, corner crease, minor corner wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg (338,096 bytes) or .tif format. $1.75 o-o

"POINSETTIA IN FULL BLOOM, MIAMI, FLORIDA." postcard mailed DEC 17 1925 from Miami Florida to Newark Ohio (beautifully centered margin copy 1¢ postage due precancelled there), 2 corners with multiple creases (1 affects the original stamp), another corner with small crease. $1.00 f(m)f-ou(p)

Lot of 5 postcards & 1 postal card addressed to various Ohio recipients, all with various treatments of postage due during the 1925 - 1995 time period. Recipient towns are Ashland, Columbus, Mansfield, Piqua & Zanesville. All six for $7.50 u(p)o

"163. TYPICAL MEXICAN PEON HOME AND FAMILY 33346" color, postcard mailed 1927 to Greenville Ohio (clear auxiliary marking NOT FOR R. D. No. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 / 8,9,10,11 CITY 1-2-3-4-5-6 because no street address), large brown spot in message area, partial cancel on front, soft corners. $3.00 m-o

Aug 29 1931 airmail cover with 5-c winged globe stamp tied by clear Cleveland Ohio Air Mail Field cancel, to Massachusetts, red National Air Races cachet, vertical crease (faint when viewed from front). $2.00

MAY 25 1932 clear Tiffin Ohio cancel ties 2-c Arbor Day stamp to #6 cover with George Washington Bicentennial cachet in blue & red, some envelope glue show-through, backflap torn in opening. $2.25wo

JUL 6 1932 Tiffin Ohio cancel on 3-c Los Angeles Olympics stamp franking #6 cover to same city, attractive blue & red cachet for his bicentennial, brownish paper, slight envelope glue show-through. $2.75 wo

AUG 22 1932 neat Warren Ohio cancel on block of four 3-c Washington stamps from booklet franking #6 cover to Geneva New York, large blue bicentennial cachet from the Universal Stamp Association Convention there, autographed by two club officials, trace envelope glue show-through. $3.00 wpo

Clear AU 10 1933 Columbus Ohio machine cancel ties damaged-in-opening 3¢ Washington stamp franking #10 envelope conveying 4 full-page letter on 2 illustrated letterheads from M. Mae Palmer to her husband A. T. Palmer (proprietors of the Maeland Stock Farm in Dublin Ohio) as he travelled with the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, next-day arrival marked by light violet double-ring Martinsburg WV hand cancel on back. These people trained and boarded horses & harnesses suitable for heavy circus work. Aside from personal remarks, the lady recounts in detail a fascinating & amusing bargaining session where a prospective customer tried to buy or rent "the tallyho" and harness for four. Their business did not last long, evidently succumbing during the Depression. We found no mention of their business at all when we searched the Internet. $19.00 o-ch

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JULY 26 1944 Lockbourne Army Air Base Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan with 3-c win the war stamp tied by clear Columbus 2 Ohio cancel. $2.00

Veterinarian_NationalHighway_Ohio11-3-44.jpg (123667 bytes)"VETERINARY Announcement / Having been located in the Vandalia Area by the Procurement- / Assignment Board, I am opening an office for the practice of / Veterinary Medicine on Route 40 / ...DR. H. E. BOOHER, Veterinarian" on government postal card mailed NOV 3 1944 at West Milton Ohio (clear cancel on 1-c Washington), pre-printed address to "BOX HOLDER / RURAL ROUTE" & nothing else. $10.00 vn-o

"ADMINISTRATION BUILDING / RAVENNA ORDNANCE CENTER / APCO  OHIO" postcard mailed at APCO (Atlas Powder Company, now a discontinued post office) May 28 1945 to Mr. Cecil Morris in Hamden Ohio, 3 tiny corner creases, light spotty toning both sides. The plant produced more weapons for the WWII war effort than any other in the US. Rare: when we searched the Internet there were no other offers, no prior recorded sales, and no exhibits. Belongs in the Portage County Historical Society collection. $8.00 o(r)o(a)-o

MAY 13 1946 somewhat light SHARON PA machine cancel ties 3-c Washington to #6 cover (R. R. B. Form 648) from an Erie Railroad Company freight agent there to Maury Ohio, where it was opened by mistake & resealed neatly at the top with clear tape (which has since browned), a similar name handwritten next to the typed address with 'Is this yours? Carrier' underneath it. It was, as we know from the source of this item. Envelope is brown with a vertical crease & wrinkling. Interesting. $4.00 ro

Cover_USPostageDue_BREWith276.jpg (262700 bytes)circa 1947 Columbus Ohio registry hand cancels on business reply envelope from Demobilizer Personnel Receiving Branch AGO in St. Louis to the World War II Compensation Fund in Columbus Ohio--with the following postage due stamps affixed: pair $1.00 & pair 30-c & pair 3-c & one 10-c, '69 / 276' in pencil, small backflap crease, 2 staple holes just miss stamps. $15.00 uo

Cover_Naval_Constitution_1-22-48_small.jpg (5893 bytes)93% complete JAN 22 1948 CONSTITUTION OHIO cancel ties 3-c Constitution stamp to homemade cacheted cover to Dorchester Massachusetts. The multicolor cachet consists of a model of the ship within a glass case over a brief caption & an American flag sticker. Under the stamp is another sticker proclaiming PHILATELIC MAIL / PLEASE CANCEL LIGHTLY. Ink in the address area is spotty, as if hit by rain. Obviously unique. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 no

Cover_Automobile_ZanesvilleOhio1949_small.JPG (3991 bytes)MAR 23 1949 Zanesville Ohio cancel on #10 cover from the Muskingum Motor Club to a local resident, embossed "Sure! / I'll TAKE / IT / EASY / AAA" hand in blue & yellow within a decorated border all around, Help Crippled Children seal on back. $2.00

NOV15'49 metered #10 windowed cover from Goodyear in Akron Ohio, slogan reading "PULL THROUGH SNOW or MUD / GOOD YEAR SURE / GRIP / TIRES" with an auto underneath it, opened neatly. $2.50

California_018_small.jpg Ohio cover available from LotsOfCards.com"V7--CONEJO GRADE BETWEEN LOS ANGELES AND VENTURA, CALIF." linen post card mailed 1950, forwarding from Logan Ohio (clear MAY 20 1950 auxiliary handstamp on back) to Johnstown Ohio, a little cancel ink at the front left border, corner wear is minor. In western Rancho El Conejo. $2.50 c(c)c(r)-o

      OUTVILLE (LICKING COUNTY). Postal card mailed to Newark MAR 31 1955, exceptional & complete violet double-ring cancel from the post office that became a DPO in 1960, excellent condition. Shown left. $2.00 o(o)-o. Same but cancel not quite complete. Shown right. $1.75 o(o)-o

JUN 29 1956 Edenton Ohio cancel boldly ties NOT CHARITY / BUT AN OPPORTUNITY 1955 Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled seal to postcard franked by 3-c Booker T. Washington stamp (clearly tied). Seldom seen. $2.00 uo

"Rainbow Bridge in Liberty Township, near Basil, Ohio" showing a covered bridge, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1957 at West Rushville (missing 5 in cancel). $2.50 ob-o

"W4PAJ" QSL card mailed 1961 by operator Charles E. George, clear JUL 3 1961 Westlake Ohio slogan cancel on front 'WESTLAKE, OHIO / CELEBRATING 150 YEARS / 1811 0 1961', two straight-line NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO auxiliary postal markings used for address correction on back. $2.50 v-o

Cover_USPostageDue_1961Windowed.JPG (167795 bytes)JY 21 1961 #6 windowed cover mailed at Cleveland Ohio with no stamp to Willoughby Ohio, violet 'POSTAGE DUE, 4 CENTS' handstamped & circled in pencil with annotation 'next trip', 4-cent postage due stamp applied & cancelled JUL 22, lightly toned back. $2.00 u

"K1VBN / 1" Middletown Rhode Island QSL postcard mailed 1962, world map design, location correction on face, NORTH OLMSTEAD OHIO auxiliary mark on back to improve the address, partial cancel on front. $1.50 r

USPostageDUe_1963FourCents.jpg (133620 bytes)DEC 14 1963 Cleveland Ohio cancel on #6 cover with no stamp to Willoughby Ohio, violet 'POSTAGE DUE, 4 CENTS' handstamped, violet Willowick Branch of Willoughby Ohio cancel ties 4-c postage due stamp, untied Boys Town seal on back, sent unclosed. $2.00 u

"W8DCH" QSL postcard mailed there 1963 (clear STRIKE BACK AT CANCER / GIVE / AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY slogan cancel), minor ding at one edge. $1.25 o-o

"Tea procesing(sic) plant Japan" home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed NOV 12 1964 at Hebron Ohio (2 different cancels, one ties 1964 Boys Town seal). $2.00 j-o

CoastGuard_Jun23'56ToledoOhio-100.jpg (290692 bytes)JUN 23 1956 clear Toledo Ohio machine cancel ties 3-c Coast Guard stamp franking #6 cover to Michigan, bold green cachet for 10th Annual Convention of the 9th District Coast Guard League matches color of stamp. Attractive despite a little wrinkling at 3 corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 co

ShipOwner_WhiteStar_RMCeltic-200_small.JPG"R.M.(sic) CELTIC / 20,904 TONNAGE, 700 FT. LENGTH, 754 FT. BREADTH, 13,00 I.H.P." real photo postcard from C. W. Hunt & Co., an old card mailed in more modern times JUN 29 1956 at Edenton Ohio (2 different cancels clearly struck, one ties a 1955 rehabilitation seal), slight curl to the paper, one corner multiply creased but not into image, long surface crack in the glossy finish. The caption should read R.M.S. Celtic, which was registered to the White Star Line in 1901. This ill-fated ship saw 17 people aboard die as a result of a mine in 1917, then torpedoed in 1918 with a loss of 6 souls & finally run aground off Queenstown in 1928. $16.50 s(w)s(o)di-o

Comic_EverybodyIs-200_small.jpg Ohio covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"EVERYBODY IS ADMIRING / OUR POST CARDS" (& the fact that one of the bathing beauties forgot to put on the bottom of her bikini!) circa 1957 comic chrome postcard, long crease in the sand area.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cbp-ot

Circa November 11 1960 typed & signed note from Peninsula Ohio Postmaster Harrington informing a collector that the Boston Ohio post office was discontinued in 1957. $2.00 o

"ALVIN B. FOX, POSTMASTER" violet handstamp in straight line beneath 3 1959 National Wildlife Federation labels depicting birds in color--Western Tanager, Western Kingbird & Lark Bunting. Home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed Walhonding Ohio NOV 26 1962 (clear cancel ties 4-c Arctic exploration stamp), minor wear to one corner, a little paper discoloration near the lark bunting label. $2.50 o(w)bg-o

Uncaptioned home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard showing a male water skier from a distance, mailed OCT 15 1965 at Urbana Ohio (clear 'PRAY / FOR / PEACE' cancel), cancel ink on front. $1.00 s(w)-o

COLUMBUS 1966. POSTAGE DUE 4 CENTS handstamp marking & red meter POSTAGE DUE for same amount on postcard. Both markings clear. $2.00

"WN7JCF" Casper Wyoming QSL postcard mailed April 14 1968 by operator Steven C. Kirkwood, small cowboy & oil well graphics, partial cancel on front, small corner crease,  address hand-corrected by postal service at Westerville Ohio ('Advise your correspondents & / publishers of your correct address' in violet ties 6-c Roosevelt stamp). $1.50 w-o

APR 20 1971 paper receipt dated by handstamp, to handwritten Cleve[land] Crane Co., black boxed WICKLIFFE / OHIO 44092 canceling 30-c & 10-c & 2-c & 1-c postage due stamps. $2.00 uo

MAY 13 1971 paper receipt dated by handstamp, to handwritten Cleve[land] Crane Co., black boxed WICKLIFFE / OHIO 44092 canceling 30-c (torn corner) & 2-c postage due stamps. $1.00 uo

Cover_USPostageDue_May1971WickliffeReceipt.jpg (123800 bytes)

MAY 22 1971 paper receipt dated by handstamp, to handwritten Cleve[land] Crane Co., black boxed WICKLIFFE / OHIO 44092 canceling 30-c & pair of 10-c & 6-c postage due stamps. $2.00 uo

"W7HKE" Roseburg Oregon QSL postcard mailed there JAN 13 1972 (clear cancel but no stamp, so violet POSTAGE DUE 8¢ handstamp at Trenton Ohio), logging truck design, trace of cancel ink on front . $2.00 ol-o

      Pal Revere Patriot postal card serviced at Pataskala OH APR 17 1972 with 6 different favor cancels, 2 front, the rest on back. $2.50 o(p)-ou(p)

Ohio_Maineville_CoverCincinnatiSeal.jpg (160606 bytes)"W8GPG" Maineville shortwave (7 MHz) QSL postcard mailed 5 Feb 1977 (red QCWA label tied by Cincinnati cancel) by operator William Pl Steubach, 2 club insignias & Bridges of Friendship design, mild corner & edge wear. $2.75 o-u(c)

OCT 30 1977 clear WOOPEX STATION of Wooster Ohio cancel ties 13-c Lindburgh stmap franking #6 unaddressed cover with black-and-violet cachets marking the Wooster 'centennial / 1st airship-airplane / mail service' (can't be right), insert more accurately details 45th anniversary of the Wooster-Akron Dirigible mail flight. $1.50 zo

Cover_SriLanka_BusinessReplyEnvelopeToOhio.jpg (224947 bytes)1 2 80 clear Mount Lavinia hand cancels tie .75 Ceylon arrenga bird & 3.00 International Year of the Child stamps franking business reply envelope (permit 893 of Columbus Ohio) to Worthington Ohio, 3 corner creases. $1.50 so

JEROME KERN. Clear MAR 10 1985 Colopex Columbus Ohio fancy cancel depicting a whale franks unaddressed #6 cover with large blue cachet of the British Caribbean Philatelic Study group. Attractive. $1.25 fo

Cover_Ohio_ReturnedLot-100.jpg (219213 bytes)Lot of 12 covers mailed with official stamps March 1985 - July 1986, each with Air Force return addresses in Ohio, each to a different Columbus Ohio addressee, all returned with a good variety of pointed-finger markings (NOT DELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED, NO SUCH NUMBER, ATTEMPTED NOT KNOWN, etc.) Most #10 size brochures, one large postcard at cover rate. Stamps making 22-c rate except for four 24-cents (overpaid when out of 1-c official stamps apparently). Interesting lot demonstrating the scarcity of 22-c official stamps at the time--only one bears the 22-c official, the rest are 20-c plus two 1-c, or 20-c plus one 4-c. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 u(o)o

Lot of 4 reports & surveys sent April 1985 - May 1991 to 15th Congressional District of Ohio constituents under the free frank of Chalmers Wylie, who held office for a considerable length of time & knew how to use the free frank privilege to advantage. $4.00 u(f)o

Cover_USOfficial_05-28-85.jpg (86299 bytes)28 MAY 1985 Columbus Ohio cancel on two 1-c perforated & one 20-c coil official stamps franking #10 cover from USAF Recruiting Office (52AG) to same city, backflap taped shut, small corner tear on opening. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 uo

Cover_USOfficial_1July86Forwarded.jpg (129808 bytes)1 JUL 1986 Columbus Ohio cancel on 22-c official coil stamp franking #10 cover to same city, yellow label stating '...RETURN TO SENDER / NO FORWARDING ORDER ON FILE / UNABLE TO FORWARD'. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 uo

03 / 15 / 86 Worthington Ohio forwarding label (to Dublin Ohio) on #6 airmail cover from the Geological Survey Division in Kingston Jamaica, franked by 50-c Jamaican woodpecker & 5-c revalued walkway stamps, neatly opened, small green US MA routing mark on front. $1.25 gjo

02.03.87 Worthington Ohio forwarding labels (to Dublin Ohio) on official O.P.S.S. (On Pakistan State Service) envelope despatched in Islamabad & franked by pair of Rs-3 mosque stamps, various small US routing marks on back, neatly opened. (2 available) $1.50 each. po

Cover_UnitedStates_PostageDue_SEP201998-200_small.JPG postage due cover available from Judnick.comThree SEP 25'98 Dublin Ohio POSTAGE DUE meter strips totaling $210.32 (!!) on a business reply card, collecting for a large tray of ownership registrations sent to the same company, adherence to the front undoubtedly from a detailed accounting (register tape?) of the spectacular total. $11.50 u(p)o

Cover_Ohio_WadsworthPermit-100.JPG (672462 bytes)Lot of 11 covers all with different stamps tied by clear Wadsworth Ohio Mailer's Postmark Permit #1 hand cancels, neatly addressed to Columbus Ohio. Most approximately 9"x6" in size, one smaller. A few small corner creases or wrinkles from being in the mail, but nothing tatty & most quite attractive. Example shown is the 45-c UPU with a presorted first class stamp. $10.00 op

"Farm and Dairy / … / 3 Easy Ways to Subscribe…" continental mailed 2000 from Salem Ohio (permit No. 5). $1.00

  Ohio_Waldo_71stW-100.jpg (273898 bytes)  Ohio_Waldo_FiremenBack-200_small.JPG
"71st Waldo Firemen's Festival / Honoring / Fire Chief Bruce Baker (1960-1976) / Chief Mike Fogle (1989-Present), / Chief Rex Henry (1976-1989)" color art depicting them in uniform on continental postcard mailed there with a special fancy July 4 2004 station cancel based on the art, interesting & detailed explanatory note from a resident on back, front autographed by the designer postmaster Leigh Purdy. Very special. Waldo is in Ohio. $5.00 of-of##

Undated #10 windowed cover for the State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio Inc., sent unstamped at the non-profit organization rate, their 2-color emblem in the corner card area, opened neatly. $1.00 lo

                                          Cover_Ohio_ForwardedLot-100.jpg (405495 bytes)
Lot of 17 covers with Ohio forwarding markings, most in the early 1990's. All #10 size covers or smaller. Mostly yellow labels affixed--NOTIFY SENDER OF NEW ADDRESS, FORWARD TIME EXPIRED, AUTOMATED MAIL, NO SUCH STREET / NOT FOUND (still forwarded!). Nicest item involves Russian postal stationery with added stamps (shown above). Duplication is present, so be prepared to trade. $10.00 o


Lot of 26 permit mail items--mostly business reply cards & business reply covers--from Ohio towns & cities. Not much duplications, good condition throughout. $9.00 o-


"Columbus Post Office / Customer / Information Guide" interesting 6-panel brochure in black=and-white listing post office locations, zip codes, phone numbers, PO box access times, rental fees, etc. $1.00 o

"STREET CAR R.P.O. SERVICE IN CINCINNATI AND CLEVELAND" by Kenneth T. Stewart, and "STREET CAR R.P.O. SERVICE IN ROCHESTER" by Douglas N. Clark", together in a softbound book with 1986 copyright, well illustrated with photos & maps, scarcity & valuation information included, 52 pages. $18.00 rsno

"THE DEVELOPMENT OF OHIO'S RAILWAY MAIL ROUTE MARKINGS 1845 - 1900" photostats of a formal exhibit, with value annotations on all covers shown. Magnificent, with much scarce material & very hard to find in its own right. Loose-leaf & 3-hole punch. Will include suitably sized sturdy binder. $45.00 ro


Cover_Ohio_ReturnedSpringfield1941-100.jpg (355998 bytes)

Lot of 38 covers returned to sender from Ohio towns. Most #10 size, a few smaller. 35 have various pointing-finger type auxiliary markings, 1 a machine cancel UNCLAIMED, and 2 RETURN TO WRITER handstamps. Most 1940 - 1992, with many in the earlier part of that period. Good variety includes: Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Lancaster, Lynchburg, Mansfield, Nashville, New Albany, Toledo, Wapakoneta, Zanesville, etc.. Example shown is from Springfield in 1941. $38.00 o


JACKSON COUNTY. Wanted to buy--post cards or covers cancelled clearly at smaller towns such as Bud, Burris, Camba, Clarence, Eastburn, Eckny, Esther, Herdman, Hewit, Hillsdale, Ivy, Leo, etc. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

VINTON COUNTY. Wanted to buy--postcards or covers cancelled clearly at smaller towns such as Allensville, Arbaugh, Bee, Bolins Mills, Eagle Mills, Ego, Golf, Goosetown, Hawk, Hawks, Hue, Inghams, Knoll, Knox, etc. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Austria, Authors, Autographed, Automobiles, Aviation, Azerbaijan & Azores
Baden, Bahamas, Bahrain, Balloons,
Bangladesh, Barbados & Basutoland
Bavaria, Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo,
Belgium, Belize, Benin & Bermuda
Bhutan, Bicentennials, Birds, Blacks,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana & Brasil
British Antarctic Territory, British Columbia,
British Guiana, British Honduras,
British Solomon Islands, British Virgin Islands,
Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Burma & Burundi
Butterflies, California, Cacti & Succulents,
Cambodia, & Republic of Cameroons
Canada, Canal Zone, Canary Islands,
Cape of Good Hope, Cape Verde & Captain Cook
Cayman Islands, Centenaries, Centrafrique,
Chad, Chemistry, Chess & Children
Chile, Chilean Antarctic Territory, China
Christmas, Christmas Island & Churchill
Coast Guard, Coats of arms,
Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Colombia
Colorado, Communications, Comoro Islands,
Confederate States & Congo (both)
Connecticut NEW
Cook Islands, Copernicus, Costa Rica & Costumes
Croatia, Cuba (including US in), Curaçao,
Cyprus (including Turkish Cyprus) & Cyrenaica
Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Dance,
DWI, Danzig, Delaware, Denmark, DC & Dogs
Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dubai & Easter
East Germany, Ecology, Ecuador, Education,
Egypt, Eisenhower, Elephants,
England & Equatorial Guinea
Estonia, Ethiopia, Europa/CEPT & Expositions
Faeroes, Falkland Islands & Dependencies,
Famous People, Federal Express, Fernando Poo,
Fiji, Finland & Firefighting
First Flights (Worldwide)
Fish, Fiume, Flag cancels,
Flags, Florida, Flowers & Folklore
France, French Colonies, French Offices & Funchal
Gabon, Gambia, Geography, Geology,
Georgia USA, Germany, Ghana & Gibraltar
Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Gilbert Islands, Goa,
Gold Coast, Graphic arts. Great Britain & Greece
Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Guam,
Guatemala, Guernsey, Haiti, Hannover & Hawaii
Hedjaz, Helgoland, Heraldry, highway post office,
Honduras, Hong Kong, Horses,
Human Rights, Hungary, Iceland & Idaho
Illinois, Inaugurations, India, Indiana, Indians, Indo-China, Indonesia, Insects, Iowa, Iran & Ireland
Isle of Man, Israel, Italy & Ivory Coast
Jamaica NEW
Japan, Jersey, Jewelry, Johnston Island, Johore & Jordan
Judaica, Jugoslavia, Kansas, Kazakhstan, Kennedy,
Kentucky, Kenya, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika
Kirgiz S.S.R., Kiribati, Komi A.S.S.R., Korea,
Kuwait, Labor, Laos, Latvia & Law
Lebanon, Leeward Islands, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lighthouses, Lincoln & Lindbergh
Lions International, Lithuania,
Lombardy-Venetia & Lothringen
Louisiana, Lourenço Marques,
Lübeck, Lundy & Luxembourg
Macao, Macedonia & Machine Cancels on US Covers
Madagascar, Madeira, Madonnas, Maine, Malawi, Malaysia, Malay States, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Manitoba & Maps
Marianas, Marines, Marshall Islands,
Martinique, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mayotte, Medicine, Meteorology, Metered & México
Michigan, Middle East Forces, Military & Minnesota
Mississippi & Missouri
Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia,
Montana, Montenegro & Montserrat
Motorcycles, Mountains, Mushrooms,
Music, Namibia & Nauru
Naval Covers (US - A to M Ships)
Naval Covers (US - N to R Ships)
Naval Covers (US - S to T Ships)
Naval Covers (US - U to Z Ships)
Nebraska, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles,
Netherlands New Guinea & Nevada
New Brunswick, New Caledonia,
Newfoundland & New Guinea
New Hebrides, New Jersey, New Mexico,
New South Wales & New York
New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria,
Nobel Prizes & Norfolk Island
North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Ireland,
Northern Rhodesia. Norway,

Nova Scotia, Numismatics & Ohio
Oklahoma, Oldenburg, Olympics,
Oman, Ontario & OPSAIL
Orange Free State, Orchids, Oregon,
Paintings, Pakistan & Palau
Palestine, Panama, Territory of Papua,
Papua New Guinea & Paquebot
Paraguay, Patriotic, Penang, Pennsylvania,
Penrhyn Island, Perak & Permit Mail
Perú, Philately (topic & general literature),
Philippines, Photography, Pitcairn Island & Poland
Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Portuguese Africa,
Portuguese Guinea, Postal Service,
Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico & Qatar
Québec, Queensland, Racing,
Railroads (including RPO's) & Red Cross
Religion, Réunion, RFD, Rhine Palatinate, Rhode Island, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland & Rio Muni
Romania, Roosevelt, Ross Dependency
Rotary International, Royalty, Royal weddings & Russia
Rwanda, Ryukyus, Saar,
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla,
Saint Helena & Saint Lucia
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent,
Saint Vincent Grenadines, San Marino,
São Thomé et Principe,
Saskatchewan, Saudi Arabia, Saxony & Scotland
Scouting, Sculpture, Seapost, Serbia, Shells,
Ships, Sierra Leone & Singapore
Skiing, Slovenia, Snakes, Social history,
Solomon Islands & South Africa
South Carolina, South Dakota,
South Korea & South West Africa
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Sports, Sri Lanka,
Stamp topicals, Straits Settlements, Sudan,
Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland & Syria
Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Tatarstan,
Telegrams/Telegraphs & Telephones
Tennessee, Texas, Thailand,
Theaters, Togo & Tokelau
Tonga, Trains, Transkei,
Transportation, Transvaal & Trengganu
Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda & Ukraine
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic,
United Nations & United Nations Geneva
United States
Universal Postal Union (UPU), Uruguay,
Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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