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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUOVO / NOUVEAU.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com


We have many items to offer, some unusual--so please inquire!
See also Isle of Man stamps & Isle of Man postcards.

IsleOfMan_SoundAndCalf-200_small.JPG"Sound & Calf of Man" color post card mailed at Port St. Mary JY 24 1909 (clear cancel ties stamp with a corner gone before mailing) to Manchester then forwarded (the new address in red) to Southport, 2 small corner creases, mild edge wear, a few speckles of cancel ink show in the sky. $7.50 i-i

Cover_IsleOfMan_20AUG1913-200_small.JPG"ARRIVAL OF STEAMERS, VICTORIA PIER, / DOUGLAS, I.O.M. // Greetings from Isle of Man // GLEN HELEN, I.O.M" multiview Tuck post card 2678 with 2 sepia-tone real photos within embossed oval frames, mailed at Douglas 20 AUG 13 (clear machine cancel on 1/2-penny stamp franking to Yorkshire), mild corner & edge wear most noticeable from front, toning near 2 back edges away from the stamp. $6.00 imt-i

"GREETINGS / FROM / DOUGLAS" multiview sepia-tone postcard within silver borders, 5 better views including the Laxey Wheel, electric railway & Douglas Head Lighthouse; mailed 26 JUL 24 to Salamanca New York, clear cancel on 1-penny stamp, underfranking noted as postage due 2-cents on arrival at New York City, small corner crease, corner & edge wear most noticeable from the front. $8.00 i-i

"SUNDAY SERVICE AT KIRK BRADDAN, I.O.M." with a throng seated out-of-doors, color postcard mailed at Douglas 17 JLY 1937 (clear cancel ties 1-d King stamp franking to Northumberland), some cancel ink on front noticeable in sky, upper corner creases do not affect the stamp or cancel, album impressions at all corners, one bottom corner with a small crease. $3.75 i-i

"LOCH PROMENADE, DOUGLAS, I. O. M." with copyrighted Brian Gerald art published by Valentine & Sons, postcard mailed at Douglas 25 JNE 1948 (clear hand cancel) to London, trivial corner wear, some cancel ink mars the front sky. $3.75 i-i

"DOUGLAS.I.O.M" with misplaced periods as indicated, black & white multiview postcard with 5 scenes including Loch Promenade & Toast Rack (with Jacob's Marie Biscuits advertising), mailed there 1949 to Ohio (clear cancel), corner crease, light toning at upper right front corner, cancel ink on front. $3.75 im-I

Cover_Railroad_1973IsleOfMan.jpg (192842 bytes)

-4 AUG 1973 official FDC for 4-stamp Isle of Man steam railway issue complete, unaddressed, multicolor cachet, with interesting explanatory insert. $5.50 ri

"GOOD LUCK FROM / DOUGLAS" multiview chrome postcard with 4 scenes--Harbour, Inner Harbour, Promenade & Promenade Gardens--surrounding a black cat; mailed at Douglas (somewhat faint 20 AUG 1976 'Isle of Man / FOR A / SUNNY / SEPTEMBER' fancy cancel ties 9-d franking to Ohio). $2.00 i-i

1989 PAQUEBOT USAGE of an Antigua and Barbuda 30-cent banana stamp at Rotterdam Netherlands, on #6 cover from MV Annika (Isle of Man ownership) to USA, small corner crease away from stamp & markings. Allowable usage because they were coming from Antigua & Barbuda. $4.00 anpi%

Cover_Railroad_24SP90-200_small.jpg Isle of Man covers available from LotsOfCovers.comClear 24 SP 90 Hull North Humberside hand cancel ties 20-p & 2-p Isle of Man railroad stamps franking #6 cover to California. Well struck PAQUEBOT in black box at front left, neatly addressed, small neat violet YB US postal routing mark on front, 2 other such marks on back. $3.50 rpgi

HAMBURG 1997 VIOLET Paquebot IN RECTANGLE and black dial cancels on cover from Isle of Man ship MV CMBT Concord to Ohio, master's signature, 25 & 5 & 1 ship stamps from same series all tied. Gorgeous. $4.00 pi

CAPE TOWN / CAAPSTAD / PAQUEBOT 1998 BLACK DIAL MARK (struck twice) & black dial cancel on cover from Isle of Man ship M. V. Nomzi to Ohio, 27 & 5 ship stamps both tied by cancel, a little discoloration on the back only. $3.25 pi

IsleOfMan_InternationalReplyCoupon_small.jpg (5018 bytes)

International reply coupon denominated 10 p., unused. $2.00

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


Iisrael / Iseraela / ISRAËL / ISRAELE / Israele / Israelek /
İsrail / Îsraîl / Isra'ila / Izrael /
/ Ізраіль / Израел / 以色列 / Ισραήλ
/ ইসরাইল /
ისრაელის / ઇઝરાયેલ / イスラエル / ಇಸ್ರೇಲ್ / 이스라엘 / इस्राएल
For pre-1949, please see Palestine postal history.
See also Israeli postcards, Judaica postcards
& Israeli gymnastics photos.


    "JERUSALEM -- Partial view of the New city" also captioned in Hebrew; chrome post card mailed there 1961 to Pennsylvania (0.25 javelin thrower stamp). $1.50 is(t)-i*

"ON THE LAKE OF TIBERIAS (FISHERMEN'S SHORE)" also captioned in Hebrew, postcard mailed from Manariyya to Wisconsin in 1963 (0,30 Korczak stamp tied). $1.50 is(l)-i

                                ISRAELI MILITARY ADMINISTRATION
                           OF THE WEST BANK & THE GAZA STRIP--
                        POST OFFICE OPENING COVERS, 1967 - 1970
          Cover_Israel_LotOf35_Gesher-Adam-100.jpg (275609 bytes)    Cover_Israel_LotOf35_HalHul-100.jpg (211972 bytes)
35 cacheted & unaddressed #6 size covers (also illustrated with examples of previous cancels of post offices serving the residents, mentioned here in lower case). Collectively, a cancellation history of the "Occupied Palestinian Territories": AL BIRA (El-Bireh, El Bira), AL-NUSEIRAT (Gaza, Dir El Balah), ANABTA, ARABA (Galqilya, Selet El Daher), ATIL (Djenine, Naplous), AZLIN (Beit Jala, Jerus), BANI SUNEYIA (Khan Yunus, Gaza), BET-GALA (Beit Jala), BETH-EL (Quart Israelite, Jerusalem), BETLEHEM (Bethléem, Beït-Ul-Lahm), BET SAHUR (Beit-Sahour), BETUNIYA (Qalqilia, Naplous), BIRKET-RAM (Damas-Caiffa, Banias), BIR ZET (Bir-Zeit), GESHER-ADAM (Naplous, Jerusalem--shown above left), HALHUL (Salfit, Tul Karm--shown above right),... etc. Nice! $75.00 for the group. ip*

Four available individually:

ANABTA 29.8.1967, a big Arab village near Nablus. $2.50 i+

BETLEHEM 10.7.1967, (Bethléem, Beït-Ul-Lahm. $2.50 i+

BIQ'AT HA'-YARDEN to DOAR-NA, first day of mobile post. $2.50 i+

RAMALLAH 11.7.1967, (Ramoullah Jerusalem). $2.50 i+



Cover_Malta_1968ToIsrael-72.jpg (276636 bytes)

JY 22 68 cancel ties 6-d human rights stamp franking air letter to Haifa Israel, creased lightly away from stamp & cancel, backstamped with almost complete machine cancel clearly on arrival 26.7.68. $3.50 mi

"ISRAEL" continental map with cartoon illustrations, postcard mailed 1973 from Tel-Aviv to Pennsylvania (0,15 Negev & 0,50 Rosh Pinna stamps), trace of cancel ink on front . $1.25 i-I

"JERUSALEM, THE GARDEN TOMB / SERVICE IN THE GARDEN OF THE TOMB" continental postcard mailed there to Ohio 1.2.73 (0,55 children's drawing stamp). $1.50 i-i*

"ISRAEL" continental map with cartoon illustrations, post card mailed 1973 from Tel-Aviv to Pennsylvania (0,15 Negev & 0,50 Rosh Pinna stamps), trace of cancel ink on front . $1.25 i-i*

"Ski on Mt. Hermon" with many people & some children with sleds, continental postcard mailed 9.3.74 from Tel-Aviv to Michigan (0,65 Plain of Zebulun stamp clearly tied. $1.50 i-I*

"ACRE" also captioned in Hebrew, continental multiview postcard with 4 scenes, postcard mailed from Tel-Aviv to Ohio 31.8.87 (2,00 & two 0,10 stamps tied). $1.50 i-I


"FODOR'S / ISRAEL / 1980" 352-page softbound reference intended originally for travelers, but an invaluable source of facts & in-depth understanding on which to base cover & topical stamp write-ups for exhibitions. A lot for the money! $2.00 i-i

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

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"Faubourgs de SMYRNE. - Cordelio. 1" also captioned in Greek, showing the Cordelio / now Karşıyaka suburb on the Gulf of İzmir; carte postale mailed 6.6.14 at Smyrne using an Italian Offices 20-para on 10-centesimi stamp to New Bedford Pennsylvania, both upper corners with a tiny crease, the upper corner further from the stamp having a longer crease as well, long bottom corner bend. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either or $7.25 both. t-ti

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


Wanted to buy--non-philatelic postal history from there.
Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

To offer material for this pricelist, please click here.


Subdivided: Covers, Postal cards, Philatelic literature
& Italian revenue stamps on document.

See also Italian postcards, Sicily postcards
& Italian gymnastics photos.


"Abbazia" in monochromatic dark green, looking toward the shoreline. Clear 10.12.00 ABBAZIA  / VI hand cancel on 5-heller Austrian stamp franking Correspondenz-Karte to Budapest (well-inked receiving handstamp the next day). $17.50 ia-i

Italy_41RomaForo_1903ToNatal.jpg (150753 bytes)16 11 -03 light ROMA cancels tie 10-cent King stamp to undivided back postcard to Ladysmith Natal (unusual destination, clear arrival marking DE 11 1903), lightly toned front, toning due to album contact, noticeable corner wear. black & white image captioned: "41. Roma - Foro Romano, Tempio di Castore e Polluce" Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 i-i

Better_013small.jpg Italian covers available from Judnick.com

"Milano - Corso Vittorio Emanuele." street scene with a few legible signs (Fiat, Nestle...) & 2 streetcars; sepia-tone carte postale mailed 4 7 06 (MILANO FERROVIA / ESPOSIZIONE cancel) to Mr. George B. Wilson in Columbus Ohio, 1 corner with 2 small bends, writing on front was permitted at that time, very light toning in the front sky. Shown left. $5.00 is-i

Italy_Bozen_AustriaUsedIn.JPG (202061 bytes)

"BOZEN Obstmarkt" showing a market with many vendors along the street, color Photochrom on yellowish paper, numbered 2488 on back, mailed there 1912 (exceptionally clear cancel on Austrian 5-Heller stamp) to Vienna. small corner crease, mild corner wear. Interesting view that will make you get out the magnifying glass. $5.50 i-i

17.V. 26 Milano Ferrovia cancel ties L1.25 Saint Francis stamp to small cover to Illinois, sealed on back. $2.50 i

14-15 / 31 XII Roma Ferrovia "LA LOTTERIA E42 / VI FARA' MILIONARI' slogan cancel ties L1.25 World War I commemorative stamp franking small cover to Fort Wayne Indian, vertical crease misses stamp & cancel. $4.00 i&

Cover_Italy_EmanueleFilibertoRomaFerrovia1928.JPG (182681 bytes)

17-18 / 21 XI / VII 28 Roma Ferrovia cancel ties 30-cent Emanuele Torino stamp to postcard to Genoa, Madesimo art on view side, stamp probably bleached before sending. $4.00 I

19 XII 1927 Firenze Forrovia slogan cancel ties 50-cent centenary stamp & 50-cent King & 25-cent King stamps to small envelope to Hartford Connecticut, neatly opened. $3.00 i

17-18 / 23 11 / 31 IX Roma Ferrovia cancel ties L1.25 Virgi-liano blue stamp to small cover to Minnesota. $8.00 I

20-21 / 11 XI / 32XI Milano Corrispondenze Centrol cancel ties L1.25 Garibaldi stamp to commercial cover to Frankfurt, small tears at top close well. $6.00 i

2.XII.28 Udine Ferrovia cancel ties 75-cent Torino knight stamp to postcard to Paris France, view of Loggia Municipale. $2.50 I

23 XII 28 Milano slogan cancel ties 20-cent Emanuele Torino stamp to local postcard, New Year art. $2.00 i


-4.7.30 QUARTO dei MILLE / GENOVA cancel ties 20-c Umbertto wedding stamp to local postcard, real photo view is of Montevatini Terme, corner crease. $1.00 I

23 IX 30 Milano Corrispondenze Centro cancel ties L1.25 fallen soldier stamp to greeting card size cover to New York City, upper left corner crease. $12.50 I

5 XII 30 IX Firenze Ferrovia slogan cancel SERVITEVI / DEI PACCHIPOSTAL / URGENTI ties 75-cent Vergil stamp to postcard to Iowa, address & message ink faded, view side is adoration painting in color within fancy border. $6.00 I

30 XII 30 three Roma Ferrovia circular date stamp tie two 25-c King & 75-cent Vergil stamps to greeting card size envelope to New York City, brownish toning to bottom edge & a few unimportant wrinkles. $7.50

circa 1930 Milano viewcard with 75-cent Vergil stamp TCV, to Berwin Illinois, small ink smear on back. $6.50 i

Cover_Italy_SaintAnthony28-6-31.jpg (211397 bytes)

28.6.31 ROMA circular date stamp ties 75-cent Saint Antoniiano stamp to postcard to Indiana, view of Rome aqueduct from a distance. $8.00 I

28.8.31 Foligno circular date stamp ties 20-cent Vergil stamp franking postcard to Massafra, view is sepia-tone painting from the monastery there. $2.00 i

19 X 1931 Padova Centrol slogan cancel ties 75-cent Saint Antoniano stamp to postcard to Malta, view of Caffé Pedrocchi in B7W. $11.50 I

16.3.32 MILANO circular date stamp ties L1.25 naval academy stamp to small cover to Florida, backstamped on arrival. $8.50 I

Cover_Italy_1933ToSwitzerland.jpg (183855 bytes)
-4.6.33 three Roma Ferrovia circular date stamp tie 75-cent Volare Necesse Est & L.050 Se Avanzo & 75-centRitornado stamps franking small cover to Switzerland, apparently overfranked by 75-cent, attractive. $35.00 I

20.VII.33 Venezia Ferrovia slogan cancel ties 75-cent tenth anniversary stamp to postcard sent to California, real photo view of Ponte dei Sospiri. $3.00 i

13.9.33 Como circular date stamp ties 75-cent tenth anniversary stamp to postcard sent to England, Lago di Como view in color, small ding in bottom edge. $3.00 i

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

18.10.33 Merano Bolzano circular date stamp ties L1.25 tenth anniversary stamp to commercial cover to Berlin, light vertical creases misses stamp & markings. $4.00 i

24-12-33 partial Pescara circular date stamp on 20-cent Holy Year stamp franking postcard to Padova, view of Ponte sul Cigno in black & white. $1.50

5 II 34 Pistoia cancel ties 5-c tenth anniversary & 20-c man's head & 30-c Victor E. stamps franking continental postcard to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, vertical crease through 5-cent stamp. $2.00 i

24.12.34 NAPOLI circular date stamp ties L1.25 Pacinotti stamp to small cover to Camden New Jersey, several small ink smear on front, torn backflap. $8.00 i

19 OTT 35 Milano Reffovia cancels tie 20-cent air show & 5-cent wolf stamps to envelope sent at printed matter rate to Ohio. $5.00

21 XII 35 XV Milano Ferr. Corrispondenze slogan cancel tiesL1.25 Bellini stamp to Surrey England, opened neatly. $17.50 i

20-2 36 Bologna Ferrovia lottery slogan cancel ties 75-c bimillenario stamp to commercial cover to Ohio, small corner crease, toning on one back edge. $7.50 I

-9.5 36 Revere / Mantova circular date stamp ties 20-cent XVII FIERA da MILANO stamp on tiny cover to Rome, opened neatly. $1.50 I

14.5.36 Palombara Sabina circular date stamp ties 20-cent XVII FIERA da MILANO stamp on postcard to Rome, view is panorama of the city in color. $2.00

images/Cover_Italy-18VI38Slogan-300_small.jpg18.VI 38 Genova Ferrovia slogan cancel VISITATE / L'ITALIA ties L1.25 Augustus stamp to entire commercial envelope to New York City. Just a little wrinkling at the top due to opening. Close-up of stamp & cancel shown for detail. $6.00 i

29.7.38 circular date stamp ties 75-cent Augustus stamp to continental size postcard to Ohio, small corner crease. $5.50 I

Lot of five miscellaneous Italian covers from 1930's (4 postcards, small envelope) with some good stamps. $16.00 i

17.3.41 Savona ARRIVI E PARTENZE cancels tie 50-c King & L1.25 Mussolini & Hitler stamps to Catanzaro, Roma-Napoli railroad circular date stamp on back & another railroad marking as well, backstamped on arrival, small pieces of back top are missing due to opening. $8.50 i

20.4.41 gorgeous Roma Ferrovia slogan cancel (2a GIORNATA / DELLA TECNICA / 4 MAGGIO XIX) ties 20-c Mussolini & Hitler stamp franking postcard to Padova, view of Saint Peters in Rome, rough edges as issued, small corner crease. $2.50 I

Cover_Italy_24-4-41.jpg (222984 bytes)

24.4.41 partly indistinct cancels tie 75-cent & L 1.25German-Italian army camaraderie stamps & pair of L1 purple Fascist symbol stamps to airmail cover to New Bedford Massachusetts. $10.00 i

30.10-41 indistinct circular date stamp ties 10-cent Mussolini & Hitler stamp franking postcard to Genoa(?), color view of Rome Coliseum. $2.50 I

Cover_Swaziland_1947ToPOW-200_small.JPG27 X 42 BREMERSDORP hand cancel ties 3-d & 6-d Swaziland King stamps franking #6 envelope airmailed to 'N.186312 Pte J.A. ROBBERTS / South African Prisoner of War / Camp 65, / Military Post 3450 / ITALY.' In return address area: 'South African Prisoner of War post / Office des Prissoniers de Geurre'. OPENED BY CENSOR tape in 2 languages damaged on opening. Black double-ring POSTA ITALIA / UFFICIO ... [next word hard to read] on back. A few spots of toning front & back. $350.00 sis

Cover_Korea_APO970FirstDay.jpg (266509 bytes)NOV 3 1945 US War Department penalty #10 envelope to Chaplain at APO 464 (Lake Garda Italy, which ceased operations 10 / 45), FORWARD TO: / RETURNING TO US violet handstamp with Cincinnati Ohio address supplied, clear & complete backstamp U.S. ARMY 970 NOV 20 1945 (first day at Pusan Korea) on its way there. Wrinkling along edges & light toning due to its travels. $10.00 kia

2.IX.46 somewhat indistinct Trieste cancels two L-2 red stamps overprinted A.M.G. / V.G. franking greeting card size envelope to Genoa, neatly opened, small light yellowish spots of toning. $2.00 I

19.-3.91 TRIESTE FERR. ACCETT. (Italy) hand cancels tie 20¢ flamefish & 10¢ stoplight parrotfish Bahamas stamps franking #6 PAQUEBOT cover to California from the Bahamian Alandia Tanker Company Ltd. M. T. ALANDIA NORD (violet cachet), 3 tiny corner creases, neatly addressed, never opened. $3.75 fbpi

Three 19.-3.91 TRIESTE FERR. ACCETT. (Italy) hand cancels tie 5¢ rock beauty juvenile & 15¢ jackknife fist & 10¢ stoplight parrotfish Bahamas stamps franking #6 PAQUEBOT cover to California from the Bahamian Alandia Tanker Company Ltd. M. T. ALANDIA NORD (violet cachet well struck), tiny upper corner crease, neatly addressed, never opened. $4.25 fbpi NEW / NEU / NOVA

RacingAuto_Imola15GranCampionatoDelMondo-120.JPG (517204 bytes)

"IMOLA / 16º GRAN PREMIO / DI SAN MARINO / Campionato del / mondo di F.1 / 5 maggio 1996" unmailed continental postcard with 750-lire Italian Gazzetta delio Sport stamp tied by the same fancy 5-5-1996 auto racing cancel shown enlarged as part of the front design. Nice! $3.50 a(r)is-i

"Ferrari 1947 - 1997 / La Galleria del Vento" continental-size post card with an illustrated -3.6.97 Italian meter-mail indicia overstruck by a commemorative cancel '50 ANNI DI VITTORIE / Ferrari / 1947 - 1997' well struck, numeral pencilled in the message area possibly a limited edition number, excellent condition. $2.00 a(r)-i NEW / NEU / NOVA

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Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

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Unless noted otherwise, numbers for postal stationery
are from Cat. Unificato di Storia Postale.

 Italy_02_small.jpg (2149 bytes) 
Letter card. #1B $4.50

 Italy_01_small.jpg (1852 bytes) 
Letter card. #2B $4.50

 Italy_03_small.jpg (2379 bytes) 
Letter card. #3 $4.50

 Italy_04_small.jpg (2297 bytes) 
Letter card. $5.00

  Italy_09_small.jpg (2419 bytes)
Postal card. #7A $4.50

  Italy_08_small.jpg (2726 bytes) 
Postal card, faint corner crease at upper right. #7B $8.00

  Italy_12_small.jpg (2915 bytes) 
Postal card. #8A $5.00

  Italy_10_small.jpg (2800 bytes) 
Postal card. #9A $4.50

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Italy_11_small.jpg (2711 bytes)
Postal card. #9B $6.00

  Italy_13_small.jpg (2344 bytes) 
Small postal card toned. #13 $2.00

  Italy_14_small.jpg (2073 bytes) 
Small postal card, no toning. #13 Postal card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50

Italy_18_small.jpg (1555 bytes)
Postal card with reply card attached. $10.00

Italy_17_small.jpg (2428 bytes)
Postal card with reply card attached. #16B $8.00

Italy_15_small.jpg (2823 bytes)
Revalued postal card. #18 $5.00

Italy_16_small.jpg (2160 bytes)
Postal card. #21 $4.50

Italy_19_small.jpg (3454 bytes)
Postal card, faint corner crease at upper right.
25th Anniversary of liberation of Rome. #24 $

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Italy_20_small.jpg (2036 bytes)
Postal card, faint corner crease at upper left. #58B $4.75

 Italy_06_small.jpg (2361 bytes) 
Postal card, continental size. #94 $1.00

 Italy_07_small.jpg (2160 bytes) 
Postal card, continental size, triangular mark on back. #95 $1.00

 Italy_05_small.jpg (2005 bytes) 
Postal card, continental size. #97 $8.00

Higgins & Gage 101, unused & fresh. $4.50

Higgins & Gage 135, unused & fresh. $6.50

Unlisted in 1978 Higgins & Gage, like figure 22 but no view.
Unused & fresh. PLEASE INQUIRE.

Unlisted in 1978 Higgins & Gage. "CARTOLINA POSTALE / PER LE FORZE ARMATE / Sii sempre riservato su tutto /
ciò che riguarda il servizio...."
Message on back but unaddressed. PLEASE INQUIRE

1876 Fano to Montecastrilli, clear arrival backstamp,
2 corner creases. $10.00

1893 letter card, Roma Ferrovia to Zürich Switzerland, lightly toned back. $4.00

1894 postal card Messina to Leipzig,
clear arrival marking. $2.50

1895 postal card, Ancona to Hückeswagen Prussia,
clar receiving mark. $5.00

1896 postal card, Milano Ferrovia to Zurich,
celar arrival marking. $3.75

1896 postal card, Pallanza to Metz Germany. $4.25

1896 postal card, Solmona to Leipzig Germany. $4.25

1898 postal card, Genova Ferrovia to Palermo,
toned areas on back (album paste?). $1.50

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

1898 postal card, Messina to Palermo,
small 2 mark. $2.00

1901 postal card,
Roma Ferrovia to Pitsburgh Pennsylvania, small corner crease. $3.25

1902 postal card,
Novi di Modena to Edinburgh Scotland. $3.75

1902 reply card, Grosseto to Roma,
172 in oval, small corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $1.50

1905 postal card, Lucca to Detroit Michigan, lightly toned front, lightly toned back. $1.75

1906 postal card,
Torino Ferrovia to Zurich Switzerland, clear arrival mark. $3.75

1907 postal card,
Palermo Ferrovia to Leipzig Germany, 2 corner creases. $2.00

1911 postal card, Roma Ferrovia to London England,

1915 postal card, Latisana Udine to Palmanova,
bold cancel, small ink smear on back. $2.00 !

circa 1920 postal card, Torino Ferrovia to Corim(?).

1921 postal card, Firenze to Vienne Austria,

circa 1922 postal card,
20-cent & 25-cent. stamps added
Torino Ferrovia to Frankfurt a / M. Germany, corner crease. $2.00

1922 reply card, 25-cent. stamp added,
Palermo Ferrovia to Zeitz Germany,
clear cancel. $3.00

1923 Vinceremo postal card, 15-cent. stamp added,
S. Polo a Piade(?) Trentino to Roma. $5.00

1924 postal card, 30-cent stamp added,
Milano Centro to Berne Swizerland, edge wear. $2.00

1924 postal card,
Roma Votate La Lista Nazionale to München Bavaria,
bold cancel exhorts people to vote Fascist, corner wear & rounding. $2.50

1925 postal card with 20-cent stamp added,
Genova Ferr. to Aberdeenshire Scotland. $3.00

3- VIII 1928 postal card, damaged 50-cent stamp added,
TORINO / 1928 / ESPOSIZIONI slogan cancel
Milano Ferrovia to Chur Switzerland,
typed message, lightly toned front. $3.25 ie

1929 postal card, 20-cent & 25-cent stamps added,
Torino to Frankfurt Germany. $3.00

2III1935 illustrated postal card (Caserma Mussolini),
to Copenhagen Denmark, corner & edge wear. $16.00

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


1961 "Mondadori's / Pocket / ITALIAN -ENGLISH / ENGLISH-ITALIAN Dictionary" 271-page part I plus 297-page part II, 25,000 vocabulary entries. Useful for the collector of Italian stamps & covers, if Italian is not your native language: you will find more useful material & understand more of it when you do. Used with a crease on the front & back cover. Only $2.00 i-i

February 1967 American Philatelist: Topical--The French Art Stamps; Italy--1927 Issue for Physicist Volta; Canada--The Beaver Stamps; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aaci

March 1967 American Philatelist: Czechoslovak Field Posts, 1918-20--Additional Data; US--Freaks and Oddities--Booklet Foldovers; Italy & Colonies--1926 St. Francis of Assisi Issue; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aciu

April 1967 American Philatelist: Tasmanian Taxed Letters--1878-1912; Argentina's 'Mutilation' of Falklands' Stamps; Italy--Manzoni--Peaceful Revolutionist; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aafit

July 1967 American Philatelist: Canada--the Centennial of Confederation; Italy--The Ferrucci Stamps of 1930; United States--The Reason for the Official and Unofficial 1857 Perforation; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aciu

September 1967 American Philatelist: Italy--1931 St. Anthony of Padua Issue; In Poland--Przemysl Airmail of 1915; Canal Zone--Punch Perforations Described; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. cip

November 1967 American Philatelist: Ecuador's Liberal Party Issue of 1896; Italy--1930 Virgil Issue; Serbia--First Postage Stamps of the Principality; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. aeis

November 1968 American Philatelist: Cuban Stamps Used Abroad--In Cuba; UN--International Meteorology, Its Past and Future; Italy: The Stamps of Saseno; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. acim

"Bolaffi 1971 Catalogo Nazionale® die Francobolli Italiani" 574 pages plus covers, softbound. Includes occupations, colonies, flights, FDC's & much more; well illustrated, gently used. $5.00 i-i

"Bolaffi 1975 Catalogo Nazionale® dei Francobolli Italiani" 384 pages plus endmatter plus covers, softbound. Includes Vatican, first day cover prices, printing quantities & more, gently used, well illustrated. Extremely useful table of English / French / German / Spanish / Italian philatelic terms translated. $5.00 i-i

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All issues of fil-Italia (official journal of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle) are specially bound with a hard clear plastic cover that inhibits
soiling & creasing of page corners. Illustrations & scholarship are of high quality. We recommend it highly.
Cover prices when issued were 5 British pounds each.

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXII, no 1 (whole number 87), winter 1995 / 1996: disinfected mail of Italy, flourescence, Marconi, Italian East African covers, British Army post offices in Trieste, Servizio delle Riscossioni, airmail avoiding France & more. $6.50 ib

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXII, no 2 (whole number 88), spring 1996: Italian stamp booklets, postal stationery cut-outs, Ufficio Notizie, mail from the Ukraine, Italian Office in Benghazi, Servizio Riscossioni, L.A.T.I., Fiume, Salonika & more. $6.50 i-i

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXII, no 3 (whole number 89), summer 1996: Trieste, civilian postmarks of Libya 1911-1942, suspension of mail services, early censorship in Eritrea, peace between Sweden and San Marino & more. $6.50 ile

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXIII, no 1 (whole number 91), winter 1996 / 1997: airmail stamps of Somalia, civilian postmarks of Libya 1911-1942, censorship in the Italian Army during World War II, Italian airmail to the Far East & more. $6.50 il-s

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXIII, no 2 (whole number 92), spring 1997: US postage used in Martone, the Parmeggiani portrait, Scambisti markings in Trieste, Vatican souvenir envelopes, Libya cancellations (part 4), returned mail from hotels & more. $6.50 ivl

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXIII, no 3 (whole number 93), Summer 1997: plate numbers on Italian typographed stamps, Tuscan postal history, police of Italian Africa, the great rivers flight of 1927, Tuscan postal history, emergency frankings & more. $6.50 i-i

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXIII, no 4 (whole number 94), Autumn 1997: post offices of Amara, horseman issues of Cyrenaica, stamps of Umberto II, short reign of Umberto II, exempt from censorship, Sicilian Postal History Society & more. $6.50 ic

Six auction catalogues of the Italy & Colonies Study Circle: 30 March 1996, 29 June 1996, 14 September 1996, 14 December 1996, 23 March 1997 (2-page spread shown left), 27 September 1997 . Each has many lots expertly described & realistically priced. Generally a good source for stampless, railways & military. $3.00 each or all 6 for $16.50. i

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27 MAG 1942 Esattoria Comunale di Monte San Vito document imposing a 1-lira tax on a 204.45 lire transaction, tax paid by stamp tied by a clear violet cancellation with a fancy coat of arms at its center, horizontal crease. $2.50 i& Similar document except the amount is 209.20 lire and there are some light blue ink spots noticeable in the margins. $1.75 i

       Cover_Italy_FoggiaRevenues-200_small.jpg  Cover_Italy_1940FoggiaRevenues-200_small.jpg
Lot of 36 tax on consumption form receipts (mostly "GESTIONE IMPOSTE DI CONSUMO"} with revenue stamps affixed often at an edge, most dating 1938 - 1941. Good variety of stamp denominations, most receipts bearing multiple stamps. Most filled out at Foggia or Cerignola, and folded one or two times. Some have attachments. Interesting group for study; has not been picked over by specialists. Example above: REGISTRATO at Foggia 1941 1940. Example below: 1940 with Foggia attachment at the left. All 36 for $45.00 i

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Boli Kosta / Costa d'Ivori / CÔTE D'IVOIRE /
Elevandiluurannik /
Elfenbenskysten / IVOORKUS /
IVOORKUST / Kotdivuāra /Obala Slonovače /
pobřeží slonoviny / 象牙海岸 / 코트 디부 아르 / आयव्हरी कोस्ट

Much commercial mail can be offered--please inquire!
See also Ivory Coast postcards on their own webpage.

Ivory_Coast_Elima_TCV_small.jpg (3435 bytes)

"9 COTE D'IVOIRE. -- le village d'Elima sur le lac Aby" three stamps (2 different) TCV on unmailed postcard, very attractive. $15.00 i-i

Cover_RotaryInternational_IvoryCoast.jpg (131077 bytes)
2 -8 1982 Grand Lahou cancel socked-on-nose of Ivory Coast 100-f Rotary International stamp franking greeting-card size airmail envelope to Chicago Illinois, toned back, slight reduction on opening furthest corner from stamp, tiny staple holes in address area. $2.00 ri

28-12 1992 Man Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) cancel ties two 150-f biological diversity stamps franking greeting card envelope to Chicago, small D4 & CZ routing marks on backflap, small creases at 3 corners would iron out. $2.25 ei

22-II 1993 Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) cancels tie two 200-f water protection stamps franking airmail greeting card envelope to Chicago, small KC US route marking on back, spot of light toning on front, neatly opened. $1.75 ei

22-II 1993 Tabou Cote d'Ivoire (small town in Ivory Coast) cancels tie pair of 150-f World Conference on the Environment stamps franking airmailed greeting card envelope to Chicago, neatly opened, slight envelope glue show-through on back. $2.50 ei

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Giamaica / Hamayka / Iamáice / JAMAÏQUE / JAMAIKA /
Jamaikako / JAMAJKA / Xhamaika / Yamayka / Ямайка /
 ཇ་མའི་ཀ / 자메이카 / जमैका /
জ্যামাইকা / 牙买加 / ジャマイカ / 자메이카
Now on their own webpage. Please click here to visit it.

See also Jamaican postcards & QSL cards.


USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
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ja näidistega
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