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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / NOVA.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

Many more items in stock--please inquire!
See also our East Germany postcards listing.

"Gruss vom Brand (sächs. Schweiz)" in Eastern Germany, color on undivided back, mailed there 1900 to Potschappel (3 clear postmarks), lightly toned front, minor corner wear. $10.00 ae-e

GrussAus_DemSpreewald_Picnick.jpg (139430 bytes)"Gruss aus dem Spreewald. / Bei Lehde." showing a family group picnicking & fishing; black & white with brown caption on undivided back mailed 1901 (clear Burg cancel on 5-pfg Germania stamp), slight yellowing of the paper with age, faint album marks at corners, tiny spots on 2 front edges, minor corner wear. Spreewald is in Eastern Germany. $8.50 ge

MAY 14 1903 Newton Kansas receiving mark neatly dates multicolor "Gruss aus Zwickau i / S." postcard franked by 10-pfg Germania stamp with socked-on-nose AUE(ERZG)-WERDAU BAHNPOST / ZUG 1955 / 1 5 3 cancel, light album marks on back. Nice! $12.00 e-eg

Cover_EastGermany_07-09-52.jpg (213228 bytes)

08. 9.52 FDC for 24-pfg & 35-pfg Leipziger Messe stamps, attractive multicolor art cachet from Deutsche Post, neatly addressed to Hermsdorf Thür., 2 small hinge remnant on backflap. $5.00 e

30.4.57 clear fancy BERLIN X Internationale Friedensfahrt cancel ties two 5-pfg stamps franking cacheted cover (honoring same), neatly addressed to South Bend Indiana & forwarded to Chicago, drucksache rate, long crease & wear along top miss everything important, as is. $1.00 e

14.8.57 FDC for 10-pf & 25-pf Bertolt Brecht stamps neatly addressed to South Bend Indiana & forwarded to Chicago, wrinkling & small tear at top miss stamps & cancel, printed quotation from Brecht serves as cachet, as is. $1.00 e

27. 2.58 Wedau cancel ties 20-pfg & 25-pfg Leipzig Fair stamps franking FDC neatly addressed to Chicago Illinois, embossed coat-of-arms cachet for the fair, a little wrinkling at corner nearest stamps. $1.25 e

20.4.61 FDC for 20-pfg & 25-pfg Gagarin space stamps, unaddressed, embossed cachet with some gold lettering. $7.00 e

19.-9.78 clear Wissenberg fancy cancels on 10-pfg postal card airmailed to Columbus Ohio with 25-pfg & 20-pfg Berlin view stamps added & neatly cancelled, 2 faint small corner crease. $3.75 e

East_Germany_Complete_Set_small.JPG (2656 bytes)
Better Item with Complete Set
(ALL PHILATELIC, MOST 1965 - 1974)
An excellent source of genuine used stamps, all from the same philatelic correspondence. 29 covers bear a cachet related to the stamps, but are not first day covers.  A few of these cachets are colorless and embossed; but most have eye appeal (see the one above). While most covers bear many different stamps from the same set, most miss the "sperrwert" which was sold at a premium.
Nonetheless, there are a few complete sets, yielding genuinely used examples of the sperrwert. Size of the covers are all as shown above, so they mount easily on album pages. Average retail almost $2 each, with enough full sets & "sperrwert" to compensate for the inexpensive ones. $34.00 postpaid to a US address.

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also our Ecology / natural history postcards.

SEP 1 1961 Clear Woodland California centennial slogan cancel ties 4-c water conservation stamp to cacheted unaddressed #6 cover. $1.00 ce

Cover_USFreeFrank_Cohelan-200_small.jpg ecology topical covere available from Judnick.comDecember 19 1963 speech on a "Sound and Enduring Wilderness Policy" conveyed to Washington State University student Gary Lanker in a #10 cover bearing the free frank of Hon. Jeffery Cohelan, neatly opened, no contents. Congressman Cohelan represented Californians from 1959 - 1971. $5.00 u(f)ec

19.5.70 AUSTRIAN FDC for S2 Nature Conservation Year stamp, supplemented by S1.80 Kunst der Donauschule stamp to get the drucksache rate to Ohio, neatly addressed, unsealed. $1.50

Cover_BAT_4JAN1977FDC.jpg (591043 bytes)
4 JAN 1977 bold Halley cancel ties complete four-stamp whale conservation issue to cacheted unaddressed official FDC. Gorgeous! $20.00 bfe

2.2.1977 official Swedish FDC for the 2-stamp issue for Nordic cooperation on environmental matters. $2.50 se

19.11.82 Geneva UN FDC's for the conservation & protection of nature issue, complete on 2 unaddressed covers with multicolor cachets. Both for $2.00 eu

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Never sealed #6 envelope from the Finnish Hurre Expedition to the North Pole in the Summer of 1984, cancels at Resolute Bay N. W. T. on block of four Canadian 10-c ship stamps franking it to Columbus Ohio. This little-known expedition found a broad range of chlorinated pesticides and chlorophenols were not detectable within their 5 ng/l detection limits. That work was cited in later litigation (1985 & 1987). The somewhat over-inked green cachet at the lower left front reads in part 'High Arctic International Explorer Services Ltd.' giving their Resolute Bay address & phone number. $9.00 ce

Cover_Liberia_1984Forestry.jpg (273111 bytes)1984 EXPRESS #10 cover from Monrovia Liberia to Illinois, franked by pair of 50-c Forestry Congress stamps, 3 Monrovia backstamps, opened neatly. $3.00 le

December 1986 American Philatelist: National Wildlife Federation seals; fairy tale topicals from East Germany; Elks Tournament of Roses FDC's'; Russian evacuation of North Pole; Holy Father greets ITALIA '85; and more. $3.75 the complete journal. aeru(c)

Cover_Ecology_RepublicOfCameroon.jpg (206130 bytes)
10 -8 1987 blurred Bekequé Mathieu Republic of Cameroon cancels tie three 100-f vegetation protection stamps franking airmailed #6 cover to Chicago, neatly opened. $2.50 ec

Before 21 / 6 / 1988 Irish Philatelic Bulletin announcing the 'FAUNA & FLORA / Endangered Species of Vegetation issue of stamps, first day covers & maximum cards. 8 panels. $1.00 ie

12.7.89 Pointe Noire Congo cancels tie strip of three 200-f National Tree Day & one 5-f anti-desertification & 70-f Africa Fund stamps to registered #12 cover to Illinois, trimmed to #10 size by reduction at bottom in opening. $2.00 e

21.12.89 Ouesso Congo (small town) cancels tie four 10-f anti-desertification & pair of 100-f communications stamps franking greeting card cover to Illinois, neatly opened. $2.00 e

Before September 1990, Airmailed Greenland official post-card-size folded announcement & order form of their semi-postal environmental stamp showing the sledge dog & common eider; sent POSSTSAG / Service des postes to Ohio. In our opinion, the design of the stamp requires this explanation for an understanding of it. $1.00 ge

28-12 1992 Man Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) cancel ties two 150-f biological diversity stamps franking greeting card cover  to Chicago, small D4 & CZ routing marks on backflap, small creases at 3 corners would iron out. $2.25 ei

22-II 1993 Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) cancels tie two 200-f water protection stamps franking airmail greeting card cover to Chicago, small KC US route marking on back, spot of light toning on front, neatly opened. $1.75 ei

22-II 1993 Tabou Cote d'Ivoire (small town in Ivory Coast) cancels tie pair of 150-f World Conference on the Environment stamps franking airmailed greeting card cover to Chicago, neatly opened, slight envelope glue show-through on back. $2.50 ei

17-9-93 Bordeaux R.P. France fancy cancel "La forêt est précieuse - Ne la brûtons pas" ties 2.40 Marianne stamp franking greeting card cover to Varzy. opened neatly, dial portion of cancel is half off the cover, fancy part is complete & well struck. $1.00 ef

1996 New York City "Collect & Protect Endangered Species / 1996 National Stamp Collecting Month" cancel ties 32-c Georgia O'Keeffe stamp franking greeting card cover to Ohio. $1.00 en

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Eacuadór / Ekuador / Ekuadorren / Ekvador / Ekvádor /
Ekwador / EQUADOR / EQUATEUR / Էկվադոր / Эквадор /
ইকোয়াডর / 厄瓜多尔 / Εκουαδόρ / इक्वेडोर / エクアドル / 에콰도르

There are several items to offer--please inquire!
See also our Ecuador postcards & our Galápagos Islands post cards.

Slovenia_HochosterwitzIKarnten-200_small.JPG"Hochosterwitz i Kärnten" showing the Carinthian castle (now in Austria), sepia-tone postcard mailed TCV by Josip Bincl on 10 IX 27 from Gornja-Radgona Slovenia (cancels both sides) using a pair of Jugoslavian 25 stamps to Guayaquil Ecuador, 2 corner creases (1 tiny, 1 long but not into image or postal markings), curl to the paper, Ecuadorian postal arrival marking is mostly in the dark portion of the front image, but it also ties the edge of one stamp. $11.00 a-se

NOV 27 1942 two GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 30-c Andes mountains & 5-c Atahualpa Indian & 5-c brown crest stamps franking #6 cover to Ferndale Michigan, browning EXAMINED BY censor tape at left edge, vertical crease misses everything. $1.50 e

Cover_Ecuador_1943ToIndiana-100.jpg (342959 bytes)"Costumbre Indigenos-- Ecuador" real photo postcard of a market scene, close-up of merchant, mailed 1943 to the United States (4 stamps, forwarded in Indiana), 2 corners creased (one is small). From Art P. Holton at the US Embassy. $3.75 e-e

OCT 1946 GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c torch airmail franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., light wrinkling along top. $1.00 e

NOV 1946 GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c torch airmail franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., long creases detract. $0.75 e

circa DEC 1946 indistinct GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c Mariana teaching children airmail stamp franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., wrinkling at all corners detracts. $0.75 e

circa JUN 1947 partial indistinct GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c condor airmail franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., wrinkling at 3 corners & bit of one corner gone. $0.50 e

circa JUN 1947 smeared blue GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c condor airmail franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., clear Detroit backstamp provides date, long crease, corner crease. $1.00 e

circa JUN 1947 GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp on 40-c Mariana teaching children airmail stamp franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., wrinkling at top & bottom detracts. $0.75 e

20 XII 47 clear QUITO machine cancel ties 10-c Vicente Rocafuerte & 2-centavos exposition stamps franking cover to Wallingford Vermont, neatly opened, small corner crease, long crease along left edge. $1.25 e

circa 1947 partially clear GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp ties 30-c green Mount Chimborazo stamp franking greeting card cover to Detroit Michigan, corner card of Max Müller & Cia., wrinkling at top & bottom detracts, most of corner near stamp gone from rough opening. $0.50 e

NOV 18 1948 two QUITO circular date stamp tie strip of three 30-centavos church ordinario stamps paying airmail rate for #6 cover to Detroit, creased & toned at left side. $0.75 e

"Barrel post office on / Galapagos Islands" showing it receiving a coat of paint, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 at Neon Kentucky, unusual subject matter. SOLD g-e

Cover_Ecuador_13AGO1959-200_small.jpg Ecuador cover available from Judniock.com"HC4IE" Manta QSL postcard airmailed to Pennsylvania (20 cardinal & 1,00 Paul Rivet stamps tied by Guayaquil 13 AGO 59 roller cancel) by operator Pete Bogdanovich. Size is slightly wider than a regular post card, tiny upper corner bends, tiny speckles of cancel ink on the front. $2.50 e-e

"Barrel post office on / Galapagos Islands" showing it receiving a coat of paint, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 at Neon Kentucky, unusual subject matter. $3.00 g-e**&

November 1967 American Philatelist: Ecuador's Liberal Party Issue of 1896; Italy--1930 Virgil Issue; Serbia--First Postage Stamps of the Principality; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. aeis

circa JUN 1974 #10 cover from Dirección General de Correos Quito to Ann Arbor Michigan, 2 clear official markings instead of stamps, clear machine roller cancel across entire back, one short end wrinkled, includes contents (marked "rec'd 6 / 11 / 74 by recipient) listing the ordinary & airmail stamps that were available at that time. Interesting. $2.00 e

circa 1979 partly indistinct Quito Ecuador cancel on S / 17,80 Sequoyah--Estados Unidos airmail stamp franking #10 airmail cover to Ohio, opened neatly, small corner crease. Indian topical. $1.25 ie

circa 25 MAR 1980 airmail #10 cover from Quito to Worthington Ohio, franked by two s / 5.00 Ecuadorian painters & one S / 1.00 musician Davila & two S / 3.40 street scene stamps all lightly cancelled SUCURSAL / No. 6, tape secures backflap, opened neatly, minor wrinkling at short edge away from stamps, recipient's datestamp applied to front. $1.75 e

circa DEC 1980 airmail #10 cover from Universidad de Guayaquil biology faculty member to Worthington Ohio franked by 10.60-sucre President Aguilera airmail stamp lightly cancelled, small US G4 & M2 routing marks on back, neatly opened. $1.25 e

Cover_Ecuador_23JAN90-200_small.jpg Ecuador cover available from Judnick.com"HC5AI" Cuenca QSL card mailed 23 JAN 1990 by operator Alfonso 'Alfo' Villavicencio, Cuenca violet handstamp on back cites legislative resolution permitting free franking, tiny bend at one corner, QSL bureau backstamp, 2 small US postal routing marks on front confirm that it went free of postage. Shown. $3.75 e-e. Similar, mailed 1 JAN 89, 2 small US postal routing marks on front again. $3.75 e-e

Cover_Ecuador_9DIC1993-200_small.jpg Ecuadorian cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"HC6CS" Ambato Ecuador QSL card used 9 DIC 1993 by operator Ivan Camacho R., backstamped 'RADIOAFICIONADO / ENVIO LIBRE DE PORTE / ACUERDO LEGISLATIVO DEL 8-IX-79' in violet, tiny corner crease, tiny spot of discoloration at another corner, 2 small US postal routing marks on back confirm it that went free of postage per the law cited in the handstamp shown. $3.75 e-e*

Cover_Ecuador14Ene1994-100.jpg (478343 bytes)14 ENE 1994 large violet GUAYAQUIL circular date stamp ties four 105-sucres & one 1500-sucres 1743-1993 anniversary stamps franking registered airmail #10 cover to Los Angeles California, opened neatly. Cover has sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.25 e

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AUSBILDUNG / Edjaghys / Educación / ÉDUCATION /
Educazion / FORMAZIONE / Hezkuntza / INSTRUÇÃO /
 Obrazovanje / OPVOEDING / Pendidikan / Uddannelse /
Vzdělání / Адукацыя / Təhsil / 교육 / ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ / ການສຶກສາ
More can be offered--please inquire!
See also Education on stamps, Education postcards.
& "Using Postcards in the Classroom" article.

Cover_Education_EastonPennsylvania_small.jpg (4870 bytes)MAY 17 1932 Easton Pennsylvania cancel ties 5-cent airmail franking #6 cover to Tiffin Ohio, Lafayette College Centennial cachet in violet & attractive border on front, backflap sealed & tied with LAFAYETTE /  COLLEGE / CENTENNIAL /  HISTORICAL PAGEANT / ... large seal, stiffener within, minor envelope glue show-through on back. $6.00 ep

MAY 25 1949 clear USS SICILY (CVE 118) hand cancel ties 3-c Washington and Lee University stamp franking #6 cover to North Carolina, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.25 ne

JUN 5 1949 clear USS SICILLY (CVE 118) handstamp ties Washington & Lee University stamp franking #6 cover to North Carolina, neatly addressed, neatly opened. Top of dial just off the upper edge. $2.50 ne

USS LEYTE (CV 32) bold AUG 29 1949 cancel ties 3-c Washington & Lee University stamp franking #6 cover to North Carolina, neatly addressed, backstamped Aug 30 at East Greenwich Rhode Island. $2.75 ne

Somewhat light SEP 30 1949 USS STICKELL DD888 hand cancel ties 3-d Washington & Lee University stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, neatly addressed, small spot of light toning just above the address. $2.00 ne

27 October 1958 cacheted unaddressed Japanese `FDC for the 10-yen teaching stamp, excellent condition. $1.00 je

8 November 1958 cacheted unaddressed Japanese FDC for the centenary of the founding of the Keio Gijuku educational institution, with bilingual explanatory insert in Japanese & English, excellent condition. $1.25 jce

USS SHENANDOAH somewhat blurry hand cancel ties 3-c Washington & Lee University stamp franking #6 cover to West Virginia, generic but attractive military ships cachet at lower left corner, neatly addressed, never opened, brownish paper. $2.75 ne

11 JA 62 airmail #10 envelop from Rezayat Trading Company in Kuwait to Cambridge Massachusetts, franked by pair of 90-fils secondary school stamps (well centered & tied by bold cancel), 3 light vertical creases miss everything important, light wrinkling at short edge furthest from stamps. $2.00 ke

USS SIERRA (AD-18) clear FEB 18 1967 hand cancel ties 5-c Naval Academy stamp franking #6 cover to Wisconsin, violet ship's cachet in violet a bit light, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.75 ne

1968 Frederick Maryland HOOD COLLEGE / DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY / 1893 - 1968 slogan cancel on postcard. $1.00

NOV 19 1971 UN FDC for 8-c UN International School stamp featuring Pablo Picasso art, Artmaster cachet in green, addressed in pencil, unsealed. $0.75 eu

Clear red GAINESVILLE NOV 12'74 Pitney-Bowes meter with 'Florida's / FIRST university / Focusing its resources on Solutions for Tomorrow / University of Florida, Gainesville' slogan, franking #10 cover to Ohio, neatly opened, neatly addressed, small bottom corner crease. $0.75 fe

23.5.1978 official Swedish FDC for the Stockholm University centenary issue, explanatory insert in 4 languages. $1.50 sec

Cover_SouthWestAfrica-1XI90Official-100.jpg (509206 bytes)Clear -1.XIc90 Othwarongo South West Africa cancel on AMPTELIK--OFFICIAL #10 brown cover with printed penalty notice, sent to Windhoek, well-inked bilingual Department of National Education handstamp in upper right front corner, neatly opened. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 se

-9.2.92 registered #10 airmail cover from Lahore Cantt GPO Pakistan to ,New Haven Connecticut, ranked by 7.00-rupees meter & pair of Rs-3 leader stamps, neatly addressed, neatly opened, on University admissions business. $2.25 pe

c.1992 clear boxed-in-black AIR MAIL / VIA AEREA handstamp ties S / 1.00 tricentenario university coat-of-arms stamp to greeting-card size airmail cover to Ohio. This high value was unpriced used in the 1993 & 1998 Scott Catalogues. $7.50 pe

1993 10 28 cacheted Lithuanian cover commemorating 200 years of "S. Daukantui", 1000-k Simonas Daukantas stamp neatly tied, unaddressed. Daukantas was an educator & historian. $2.50 le

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EGIPTO / Echipto / Мысыр / Egipat / मिस्र / エジプト

Many items can be offered--please inquire!
See also Egyptian postcards.

Cover_Egypt_1907Cataract-200_small.jpg Egypt cover available from Judnick.com"Philae. // Kiosk. / Le Kiosque. // Vegnios &  Zachos, Cairo & Luxor.  No. 1133." carte postale in black & white with red caption, clear 27 II 07 CATARACT HOTEL cancel ties 4 milliemes Egyptian stamp franking it to Ohio, upper corner crease not on stamp side, couple small spots of toning in the address area. $5.00 e-e

14-11-60 fancy UNESCO cancel on 10-m Save the Monuments of Nubia stamp, attractive multicolor cachet, unaddressed. Archaeology topical. $1.00 ea*

Cover_Egypt_1977Archaeology_small.JPG (3108 bytes)

2 JAN 1977 FDC with 20-m, 30-m, 55-m & 110-m stamps showing archaeological finds (Nefertiti & Akhnaton sculptures), two-color cachet. $3.00. ea

Cover_Egypt_1978RevenueCloseup_small.JPG (4351 bytes)
OCT 1978 American Express PAID cancels 30-mil orange revenue stamp on client's copy of a foreign exchange transaction at tourist rate, left edge a little ragged but affecting nothing. Close-up of stamped area shown. $2.00 e

12 9 80 Ezbet El-bog three circular date stamp tie m-20 minaret & strip of three 70-m roadway stamps to registered airmail cover to Washington DC, much wrinkling at one short edge & vertical creases that mercifully miss the important stuff. $2.00 e


"THE TRAVELLING POST OFFICES OF EGYPT" by Peter A. S. Smith, paperbound with 1983 copyright, 65 pages. Topics: state railways & light railways of Upper & Lower Egypt; steamer routes; Kharga Oasis Line; maritime post office; military TPO's. Route maps, scarcity indexes, glossary of Arabic spellings of names & a useful bibliography. $15.00 re 

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


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MAY 30 1960 clear blue COMPEX .04 fancy meter cancel commemorating Eisenhower's People to People Program, red art cachet also honoring same, unaddressed. $1.50 e

OCT 14 1960 clear Denison Texas cancel ties 4-c flag on pole stamp to #6 cover commemorating Ike's birth, Goldcraft cachet in dark green, neatly addressed. $1.50 e

MAR 17 1970 clear Easton Maryland cancel on 6-c Ike stamp with Mr. Zip tab attached, franking mobile QSL postcard or Orangebury County South Carolina & Bradford County Florida. $1.00 e

OCT 14 1977 clear Abilene Kansas circular date stamp ties 13-c eagle with shield stamp to cover commemorating issuance of his stamp there, encapsulated mint 6-c Ike stamp as cachet, neatly addressed. $1.00 e

NOV 4 1979 Denison Texas cancel ties 6-c Ike & 13-c flag over Capitol stamps to cover commemorating his election, cachet in black & gold, unaddressed, informative stiffener. $1.25 e

OCT 14 1980 clear Abilene Kansas circular date stamp ties 6-c Eisenhower & 13-c eagle with shield stamps to cover commemorating issuance of his stamp there, large color portrait of Ike done by Norman Rockwell as cachet, unaddressed. $1.25 e

MAY 22 1986 FDC for 22-c Ike stamp, gold foil replica of stamp for cachet, neatly addressed, informative stiffener. $1.50 e

See also Eisenhower topical stamps.

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Be sure to see Venda postal history & Elephant postcards!

EL-SALVADOR / LE SALVADOR / এল সালভাদোর / Сальвадор /
ཨིལ་སལ་ཝ་ཌོར། / Ελ Σαλβαδόρ / 엘살바도르 / अल साल्वाडोर /
এল সালভাদর / এল সালভাদর / სალვადორი / एल साल्भादोर / エルサルバドル
See also El Salvador postcards.

images/ElSalvador_PesandoElCafe-200_small.jpg"Pesando el Café Para la Exportación" showing coffee being weighed for export by 3 workers & a supervisor, color tarjeta postal mailed FEB 25 1911 from Santa Ana to Ohio (5-centavos stamp undamaged & tied, blue Santa Ana auxiliary marking fairly clear), paper lightly browned with age muting the colors. mild wear at the corners (including 2 small creases not into the image). $13.50 ep-e

August 1968 American Philatelist: El Salvador--1930 Airmail Issue, Scott C15-18; US Special Delivery Issues--An Undeveloped Field; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. aeu

September 1968 American Philatelist: Mexico--the Monterey 'Provisionals'; Confederate Provisionals--Three Camden S. C. Covers; El Salvador's First Airmails; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. acem

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also Great Britain postal history,
England (A--B) postcards  England (C--G) postcards,
England (H--K) postcards  England (L--O) postcards,
England (P--Z) postcards & Great Britain stamps.

Cover_England_1827SFL.jpg (139367 bytes)

21 July 1827 stampless folded letter to Corsham Wiltshire (no office there after 1874) acknowledgment of receipt for over 68 pounds, OFE / 21 / 1827 clearly struck, wax seal intact. $9.00 e

16 September 1837 stampless folded letter to Bath, EX / 16SEPT / 1837 faintly struck. $4.75 e

Cover mailed OC 1 1849 at Rugby (blue cancel) by Dr. Dickinson? in Warwickshire (abbreviation below his name) 'per packet' at port OC 2 1849 (orange transit marking) to Louis Mackinson? Esq. at Hals Hall, 4 Paths Post Office, Clarendon [Parish] Jamaica, received at Kingston Jamaica NO 4 1849. Hals Hall, also in Clarendon Parish about 5 miles away, was and still is very small. The rate, which we read as 72, would have included 2 for the ship's captain. $35.00 jge

Cover_GreatBritain_29MR10-200_small.JPG English cover available from Judnick.com"The Emerald Isle. / Killarney. Meting of the Waters, Dinis." color scene within an embossed golden oval border, post card mailed MR 29 10 at Bordon Camp S. O. Hants (clear hand cancel on 1/2-penny King stamp), front surface has many multiple cracks in the laminate material, slight album toning at the back corners. Bordon Camp was a station on the Woolmer Instructional Military Railway. $5.00 i-e

BARNSLEY, YORKSHIRE. "The head postmaster acknowledges the receipt of…" interesting 1912 government postal card with small heraldic design, staple. $3.00

MAR 13 1944 #6 cover from Cpl. John R. Pelton at APO 519 (Wilton, England) to Maryland, PASSED BY / BASE / 1031 / ARMY / EXAMINER struck in violet, censor tape. $2.50 ea

DEC 18 1944 V-mail from Sgt. F. J. Lehnert in APO 557 (Brampton Grange, England) to California, multiple creases. $1.50 e

DEC 27 1944 #6 cover from US Army Postal Service APO 519B (Blandford, Dorset, England) to Pennsylvania, clear cancel, minor wrinkling near edge. $3.00 ea

"OFFICES OF / LONDON INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION 1960 / 13 GOODWINS COURT, LONDON, W.C.2" RP, mailed to the United States 1960 (clear KING GEORGES /  JUBILEE / TRUST slogan cancel). $5.00 e-ee

Most 1968 - 1970 15-cover lot from a church correspondence, all from Praia Cabo Verde to England. All but one are #6 envelopes. Minor faults present, but seldom seen material. The principal appeal is a good variety of stamps on non-philatelic mail to a better destination. $15.00 ce

Cover_Malta_24NOV1984-200_small.JPG England cover available from Judnick.comJA 31 85 indistinct Zejtun Malta cancel on 7-c plowing & 1-c agriculture stamps franking #6 airmail cover to Harrow England, marked there 'Return to / Sender' by hand with 24 NOV 1984 circular date stamp there, 30 JAN 1885 Valletta backstamp, small piece of backflap missing, 2 small corner creases affect nothing. $8.50 me

21 AU 87 Grangemouth Sterlingshire cancel ties Åland 2.00 forest & 0.20 ship stamp franking #6 cover from ship M. S. Gunilla (out of Mariehamn) to Texas, black PAQUEBOT in rectangle clearly struck. $3.50 aep

17 NOV 1988 Gloucestershire England ties 14.00 Iceland runners stamp to #6 cover from ship Grundarfoss to Texas, straight-line PAQUEBOT marking in violet. $3.00 ipe

Clear red 12 MCH 1990 LIVERPOOL machine cancel with slogan 'LIVERPOOL / is a mechanised / Letter Office / PLEASE / USE POST CODES' & clear black circular PAQUEBOT LIVERPOOL both tie 30¢ spotfin butterflyfish stamp franking #6 PAQUEBOT cover to New Jersey from crude oil tanker m. t. ALANDIA PRIDE, unsealed, neatly addressed. $3.75 fbe

Clear red 30 OCT 1990 CLEVELAND hand cancel ties 30¢ spotfin butterflyfish stamp franking #6 PAQUEBOT (straight-line marking) cover to California from crude oil tanker m. t. ALANDIA TRADER, unsealed, neatly addressed. $3.75 fbe NEW / NOVI / NUEVO

6 NOV 1992 crisp Worcester District (England) slogan cancel "Please control / your dog / when the / Postman calls" (including a dog drawing) ties 39-p Queen stamp (corner torn by sender) franking #10 airmail cover to Connecticut. $1.00 de

International reply coupon sold at Headingley (a small town) in 1994, not yet used, excellent condition. $3.00 (ei)

January 2011 APO AE 09494 marker cancellation on 5 US stamps (3 different) franking large (approx. 9"x12") envelope to Ohio, paper bends at the short edges, bar code strip at bottom partially covers polar bear stamp, neatly opened. This is a US Air Force garrison at Gloucestershire England--a standby airfield that is not in everyday use. $5.00 ae

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4-7-1975 FDC for 0,05-ekuele stamp showing George Washington & John Adams (US Bicentennial), multicolor cachet, unaddressed. $0.75 eb

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fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXII, no 3 (whole number 89), summer 1996: Trieste, civilian postmarks of Libya 1911-1942, suspension of mail services, early censorship in Eritrea, peace between Sweden and San Marino & more. $6.25 ile

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