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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a trans.GIF (3772 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVI / NUEVO.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

ANTIGUA, Antigua a Barbuda / Antigua dhe Barbuda /
Antigua en Barbuda /
Antigua eta Barbuda /
Antigua ug Barbuda / Antigva ir Barbuda /
Antígva og Barbúda / WALADLI / WADADLI /
Անտիգուա եւ Բարբուդա / Antiqua və Barbuda /
Антыгуа і Барбуда / অ্যান্টিগুয়া ও বার্বুডা / 安提瓜和巴布达 /
アンチグアバーブーダ / 앤티가 바부 다 / एंटीग्वा आणि बार्बुडा

See also our Antigua stamps & our Antigua & Barbuda postcards.

Pre-Independence on 1 November 1981 the
country name on the stamps was simply Antigua.

Cover_Antigua_3JU35-200_small.JPG Antigua cover available from Judnick.comClear JU 3 1935 hand cancel ties well-centered 1-d King George Silver Jubilee stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, large decorative orange cachet for the occasion is well struck, tiny upper corner crease affects nothing, lower corner has small faint crease and nearby bend, neatly typed address, never opened. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & philatelic research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 a

Four partial 12 MY 37 ANTIGUA hand cancels tie 1-c & 1-1/2-c & 2-1/2-c set of stamps franking registered cover to England, never opened, neatly addressed, long bend parallels the top edge above everything philatelic. $1.50 a

Somewhat light 21 JU 1950 Freetown hand cancels tie 3-d Fort James & 6-d Harbour definitives franking commercial #6 airmail cover to Chicago Illinois, clear St. Johns transit mark on back, small hinge remnant on backflap, 2 tiny staple holes from recipient processing in the address area, neatly opened. $5.00 a

Clear NO 18 1950 St. Johns hand cancel ties 1/ Harbour definitive stamp franking commercial #6 cover to Chicago Illinois, 5 backstamps (4 different) are all readable, small hinge remnant on backflap, tiny pinhole from recipient processing misses everything, neatly opened. $5.00 a

Legible 15 JU 55 St. Johns hand cancels tie 12-c harbour & 6-c Fort James definitives franking #10 registered cover airmailed to Massachusetts, 5 backstamps (3 different, 4 well struck), vertical fold through center irons out fairly well & affects 1 backstamp. $4.50 a

Light 11 NO 57 St. Johns hand cancel ties 1-c & 5-c & 12-c QEII definitives franking registered commercial #6 cover from New Winthropes Village to Chicago Illinois, 5 clear backstamps (3 different), neatly opened, 2 tiny staple holes from recipient processing miss everything. $5.00 a

Cover_Antigua_1971-200_small.jpg Antiuga cover available from LotsOfCovers.comClear 11 DE 71 ALL SAINTS hand cancel ties 35-c Churchill Centenary stamp franking commercial #6 airmail cover from Falmouth Vill(age) to Chicago Illinois, backflap wrinkled a bit on sealing, small US routing marks on back as well. Penned arrows by postal clerk draw attention to intended destination which was misplaced in the return address area. Reduced at bottom a bit when opened. $5.00 ac

Somewhat light 11 SP 72 St. Johns hand cancel ties 25-c RMSP Solent ship & 35-c 1854 officer stamps franking registered commercial #6 envelope to Chicago Illinois, 4 clear backstamps (3 different), neatly opened, 2 tiny staple holes from recipient processing miss everything. $3.75 a

Cover_Antigua_May1974Registered-200_small.JPG Antigua cover available from Judnick.comLight 20 MY 1973 St. Johns cancel on pair of 35-c Gordon Highlander stamps franking G-size registered envelope from St. Mary Parish Antigua to Chicago, clear boxed violet Antigua registration etiquette on back, light diamond-in-box customs marking in New York, and 2 different transit marks in the US on May 23 and May 24. The envelope was produced in such a way as to be not quite rectangular (see light background area at bottom in illustration) but it has not been reduced, and the opening is so neat it is hard to tell where it occurred. Two pairs of tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing) & there is a small faint corner crease--none of which affects anything philatelic. To give an idea of how unusual this cover is from St Mary Parish, the sender's address is misplaced on the front, and the recipient's address is misplaced on the back. $6.00 a

Cover_Antigua_1973Registered-200_small.JPG Antigua cover available from LotsOfCovers.comFairly clear 15 JU 1973 St. Johns hand cancel on 35-c Easter 1973 & 25-c RMSP Solent stamps franking commercial #6 registered cover from Clare Hall Antigua to Chicago Illinois, 2 black Antigua handstamps on back are light, 2 different Chicago registration marks better struck in red (Jun 20) & violet (Jun 21) on back, 2 tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing) affect the violet backstamp. $3.50 a

Clear 10 AP 74 St. Johns hand cancels tie 25-c RMSP Solent ship & 35-c University anniversary stamps franking commercial #6 cover from Liberta Village to Chicago Illinois, 4 backstamps include 1 complete in violet on arrival, other 3 backstamps disturbed by tape removal. $4.25 a

Somewhat light 20 MY 74 St. Johns hand cancel ties 10-c gunner & 50-c HMS Renown ship stamps franking registered #6 cover to Illinois, backflap sealed with 3 strips of selvedge, 5 backstamps (3 different, 4 legible). $4.00 a

Light 25 AU 81 St. Johns hand cancel just ties $1 definitive with INDEPENDENCE 1981 overprint franking #6 registered cover to Illinois, 4 backstamps are all well-struck, neatly opened, 2 tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing) within one of the backstamps. $4.00 a

Light 1 MR 82 St. Johns hand cancel ties $1 scenic definitive stamp franking #6 registered cover to Illinois, 5 backstamps (3 different) are all legible, neatly opened, 2 tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing) just nicks one of the backstamps. $4.00 a

Somewhat light 17 MY 82 hand cancel ties $1 scenic definitive stamp franking #6 registered cover to Illinois, 4 backstamps (3 different, 2 US are well-struck), neatly opened, 2 tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing) miss everything. $3.00 a

Cover_Antigua_LotOf12-1_small.jpg Antigua cover available from Judnick.comLot of 12 covers, sized #6 and #10, circa 1951 - 1978, all to the United States, one official unstamped, the rest commercial mail with a good variety of stamps, 3 registered, one with violet 'Visit ANTIGUA for CARNIVAL July 30 - Aug 8 1978' promotional cachet well-struck at All Saints (shown), a few with 2 tiny staple holes (from recipient's internal processing). All at our wholesale price of $12.00. aw

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Post Independence on 1 November 1981.

1983 REGISTERED #10 cover from St. John's to Illinois, franked with $1 Roosevelt anniversary & 60-c George Washington anniversary stamps, 4 backstamps include 2 St. John's that are clearer than those on the front, unimportant wrinkling at the corners. $3.50 a

1983 REGISTERED #6 cover from St. John's to Illinois, franked with $1 Princess Di birthday & 60-c Commonwealth Day with sailboat stamps & undenominated label (which was creased before mailing) showing a ship with 3 flags, four backstamps include 2 different Chicago. $4.00 a

5 MAY1983 #6 commercial airmail cover to Illinois franked with a well-centered 1983 Commonwealth Day stamp, neatly opened, two small US postal routing marks on the back (LA & KB). $1.00 b

1984 AIRMAIL #6 cover from St. John's to Pennsylvania, franked by 60-c sport sailing stamp clearly canceled & tied, clear Wilkes-Barre mental health slogan backstamp on receipt. $1.50

circa 1986 AIRMAIL #6 cover from St. John's to Illinois, franked by 60-c Commonwealth Day stamp with sailboat, neatly opened. $1.50

1989 PAQUEBOT USAGE of their 30-cent banana stamp at Rotterdam Netherlands, on #6 cover from MV Annika (Isle of Man ownership) to USA, small corner crease away from stamp & markings. Allowable usage because they were coming from Antigua & Barbuda. $4.00 anpi

Cover_Iceland_Paquebot1990_small.jpg (2822 bytes)-4.1.1990 Reykjavik Iceland circular date stamp ties Antigua & Barbuda 10-c Columbus explorations & 15-c breadfruit stamps to #6 cover from ship Band Aid Express to New Jersey, straight-line Paquebot mark in black, fresh appearance. $3.50 ia

1995 PAQUEBOT USAGE of their 45-cent giant brimstone stamp at Bombay India, on #6 cover from MT Unkas to Ohio. $4.00 aip

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & where you want delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


"WILBUR WRIGHT Sur son biplan / Camp d'Auvours (8 Aut 1908)" including his inset portrait on a partial map of France--Nantes, Poitiers, Angoulême & Bordeaux called out. Sent O. H. M. S. (On His Majesty's Service) from APO 67 on 24 DE 1914 (passed by Censor No. 1314) to Cheltenham England. Attractive & rare. $20.00 a(p)f(c)-a

"BAR-sur-AUBE (Aube)  (Chef-lieu d'Arrondisement) à 53 km. de Troyes, 4553 hab. - Vue générale" carte postale with green back detached neatly from a booklet, sent free (soldier's mail) APR 11 1919 from APO 755 after a 2-day censorship process to Nottingham Pennsylvania. $3.00 f(b)-a

"BAR-sur-AUBE (Aube) - L'Eglise St. Pierre / (Mon. hist., XIIe siècle)" carte postale with green back detached neatly from a booklet, sent free (soldier's mail) APR 11 1919 from APO 755 after a 2-day censorship process to Nottingham Pennsylvania. Back is similar in appearance to the postcard above. $3.00 f(b)-a

Postcard "69 SOUTHAMPTON -- Prospect Place" in England including a trolley in the foreground, sepia-tone, Soldiers Mail 25 APR 19 to Ohio from Private Thomas E. Davies at APO 749 (clear Southampton cancel), mild corner wear. Pronounced double print on front fuzzies up everything; back is fine. $3.75 e-a

"92 RENNES. -- Caserne du Colmbier." postcard showing armed troops marching into a large building, black & white, censored (violet handstamp) soldiers mail from US Army APO 713 (American Expeditionary Force, fairly clear cancel June 2 1919), lightly toned front. $3.00 f-a

Cover_APO_13JUN19-200_small.JPG APO cover available from Judnick.comClear & almost complete JUN 13 19 / THIRD ARMY / APO 745 on soldiers mail postcard to Mrs. Lilla Linkletter of Somerville Massachusetts, bold violet A.E.F. PASSED AS CENSORED 1188 handstamp, front caption "Ahrweiler - Kloster Kalvarienberg", Stengel-published, all corners rounded, 2 small corner creases. $3.00 sw-a

MAY 25 1942 clear Tacoma cancel on free mail from Private stationed at Fort Lewis, APO 44 in return address (more than 2 years earlier than in my copy of Shaffer), small corner creases. $3.75 wa

Cover_APO_Australia1942_small.jpg APO covers available at LotsOfCovers.comJUN 24 42 US Army Postal Service APO 41 (Sydney Australia) cancel clearly struck on free mail sent by 2nd Lt. Sally Royer at APO 924 to Pennsylvania, 'EXAMINED BY / THEATRE CENSOR' in box finely struck, a little crinkling around the edges, tear on back from opening. $5.00 aa

Cover_NewCaledonia_1942APO502.jpg (188108 bytes)JUL 1? 1942 APO 502 cancel ties US 6-c airmail stamp franking #6 cover from Lt. A. J. Mangan Peep Patrol GHQ to Portland Oregon then forwarded to Michigan, violet Air Force Censor 12 mark in lower left corner, clear Portland arrival mark on front JUL 24th, wrinkling along right front edge, slight browning of the paper with age, envelope glue show-through on back. The APO was located at Camp Barnes Noumea. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 na

Blacks_No691-200_small.jpg APO cover available from LotsOfCards.com"No. 691  A Composite Photo--Typical Southern Wayside--The Army Passes by--Maneuvers of 1942"  including prominently 3 black children eating watermelon, post card mailed free from APO #26 (an Engineering Battalion then at Fredericksburg Virginia) SEP 21 1942 by Private Hopf to his grandfather Mr. Julius Hopf of Jersey City New Jersey. Cancel ink in front sky, separated neatly from other postcards at its sides, small bottom corner crease not into the image. Back address area has logo urging citizens to buy war bonds and stamps 'for victory'. $10.00 bgm(a)-a

FEB 11 1943 APO hand cancels tie 6-c airmail stamp franking #6 envelope to Mr. I. W. Schwarz in New York City from Pvt. S. Zuckerman at Fort Brook Puerto Rico (APO #851 in his return address), violet PASSED BY BASE 0123 ARMY EXAMINER well struck atop a black boxed PASSED BY 0123 ARMY EXAMINER, attest of Howard H. Johnson 1st Lt. C.A.C. beneath, opened very neatly along the bottom, envelope glue show-through on back. $2.50 pa

April 6 1943 unstamped War Department penalty cover from New York Port of Embarkation at Brooklyn New York to chaplain at APO 700 c / o Postmaster New York City, opened neatly, envelope glue show-through on back. $3.75 ua

NOV 7 1943 clear & complete APO 918 (Nandi Airbase, Viti Levu Island) cancel on 6-cent US airmail franking cover to Virginia, backflap torn in opening, front side is neat. $6.00 fa*

FEB 21 1944 bold US APO 149 cancel (Sunninghill England, early use) on 6-c airmail postal stationery to Syracuse New York, from Sgt. John F. Brislin (APO 696 return address), PASSED BY / U 22070 S / ARMY EXAMINER with signature", minor backflap faults. $2.50 ga

MAR 13 1944 #6 cover from Cpl. John R. Pelton at APO 519 (Wilton, England) to Maryland, PASSED BY / BASE / 1031 /  ARMY / EXAMINER struck in violet, censor tape. $2.50 ea

APR 22 1944 clear US APO 515 cancel (Chester England) on 6-c airmail postal stationery from Cpl. John Birkbeck to New York City, PASSED BY / U 08485 S / ARMY EXAMINER with signature, small tear through return address corner from opening. $2.00 ga

Cover_NewCaledonia_JUN28-1944-200_small.JPG New Caledonia cover available from Judnick.comClear JUN 8 1944 US ARMY A.P.O.502 machine cancel (Camp Barnes, New Caledonia) on US 6-c airmail stamp franking twice censored cover to APO 321 c/o San Francisco (Sidor, now in Papua New Guinea), reduced on opening at the right edge opposite the censor tape, light vertical crease. Censor markings: bold violet circled PASSED BY / BASE / 1928 / ARMY / EXAMINER & light but complete blue boxed PASSED BY / U 2289 S / ARMY EXAMINER & tape OPENED BY / US ARMY EXAMINER. Correspondence between two members of the Whyde family. $19.00 na

Cover_APO_15400in1944-200_small.jpg APO cover available from Judnick.comClear JUL 24 1944 US POSTAL SERVICE No. 3 cancel on small V-Mail envelope from APO 15400 to Miss Idella Kraby in Austin Minnesota, from her friend Sammy (a private in a parachute company who vaguely mentions England as his location). Statistical survey of high-number APO's in Shaffer indicates this is quite rare. Envelope backflap is torn. $30.00 a-g(k)

APO_446_8OCT1944-200_small.JPG APO cover available from LotsOfCovers.comClear OCT 8 1944 US Postal Service cancel on postcard sent free by Cpl. Harry R. Jones of the 154 Armored Signal Company at APO 446 c/o PM New York, light but complete boxed violet PASSED BY 47487 ARMY EXAMINER, with censor's signature Robt E. Beard 1st Lt. below. Our 5th edition reference indicates that the unit arrived in France 2 days later BUT as we read the message, the intention is to notify the recipient of a change of address already made. The postcard view is a non-descript Cincinnati Ohio view, and it is unlikely that the Army would have bothered to censor a postcard from that US location. Upper corner crease misses all postal markings. $25.00 a-gg

DEC 27 1944 #6 cover from US Army Postal Service APO 519B (Blandford, Dorset, England) to Pennsylvania, clear cancel, minor wrinkling near edge. $3.00 ea

1944 APO 466, October 8--2 days earlier than in Shaffer, on postcard to New York, passed by Army Examiner 47437. Cincinnati view. $5.00

Cover_Ceylon_Mar45APO-100.jpg (338063 bytes)Clear MAR 5 1945 US APO 432 hand cancel on #6 cover sent free to New York after being passed & initialed by Army Examiner 22921, 'VIA AIR MAIL' struck off, from H. J. Bode at the US Army Hospital in Kandy Ceylon, neatly addressed, neatly opened. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ca

JUN 23 1945 US APO 690 (Arayos Greece) cancel on 6-c airmail plane stamp franking #9 cover from Sgt. A. E. Piester to Washington DC, PASSED BY / U 13676 S / ARMY EXAMINER with signature, front only. $1.50 ga*

Cover_Wales_NewportAPO1945.jpg (316087 bytes)JUL 17 1945 APO 134 (Newport, Wales) cancel on free mail to New York, clear violet PASSED BY BASE 1208 ARMY EXAMINER, OPENED BY U.S. ARMY EXAMINER tape at end, neatly opened. $2.50 wa

Cover_PapuaNewGuinea_USForces-100.jpg (296778 bytes)World War II, APO 929 (Papua New Guinea) partial cancel & almost complete violet U. S. A. F. I. A. /  PASSED BY CENSOR markings on free mail to Pennsylvania from a Sgt. Gallagher in the 38th Bomb Group, backflap & corner tear from opening, likely extraneous writing on the back. $13.00 pa

Cover_Korea_APO970FirstDay.jpg (266509 bytes)NOV 3 1945 US War Department penalty #10 cover to Chaplain at APO 464 (Lake Garda Italy, which ceased operations 10 / 45), FORWARD TO: / RETURNING TO US violet handstamp with Cincinnati Ohio address supplied, clear & complete backstamp U.S. ARMY 970 NOV 20 1945 (first day at Pusan Korea) on its way there. Wrinkling along edges & light toning due to its travels. $10.00 kai

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Undated World War II. War Department #10 penalty cover from Chaplain's Office Fifth Army at APO 464 to Chaplain 355 CA Bn at APO 529, receiving mark June 2 (no year) clearly shows time of day arrival, neatly opened, recipient's annotation '34 CA Brig' on front. $5.00 ua

Undated World War II. War Department #10 penalty cover from HQ. Fifteenth Air Force to 355 AAA SL. Bn. at APO 512, receiving mark May 27 clearly shows time of day arrival, neatly opened, mail clerk's 'chaplain' annotation on front. $3.75 ua

Cover_Germany_12Mar45VMail_small.jpg (4941 bytes)

MAR 12 1945 clear U. S. Postal Service No. 3 machine cancel on windowed V-mail penalty cover from S / Sgt. William H. Pasend at APO 80 (at Mittendorf Germany for one week only) to Lima Ohio. Contents included. $5.00 ga

MAY 26 1945 clear Toledo Ohio machine cancel on US 3-c Washington #10 postal cover to APO 510 (US forces at Hersfeld), clear violet circular POSTAL DIRECTORY COMPANY 2686 hand marking accompanied by forwarding address, 3 / 5-inch tear misses everything important, Example of American troops in British Zone a mere 19 days after war's end. $5.00 ga

JUN 5 1945 U. S. Army Postal Service 94 (Dusseldorf, British Zone) cancel ties US 6-c airmail stamp franking greeting-card size cover to Wheeling West Virginia, rubber band mark on back. The 5 denoting the day is upside-down. $5.00 ga

FEB 20 1946 clear Burbank California cancel ties 6-c airmail stamp franking cover to APO 173 (Bensheim Germany), violet pointing-finger RETURN TO WRITER / RETURNED TO U.S. / NO FORWARDING ADDRESS handstamped on front, almost complete backstamp of APO 173 on the back (late usage), 1 / 3-inch tear, minor edge wrinkling. $4.00 ga

Cover_APO_Belgrade777-200_small.jpg Yugoslavian cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"Zagreb" real photo post card picturing 4 teenage girls in traditional attire, mailed SEP 25 1946 to the Hoptner Family in Philadelphia by Jacob B. 'Jake' Hoptner working at the US Embassy in Belgrade, almost complete U. S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE / A. P. O. / 777 hand cancel ties 1-c Washington stamp franking. Card had rough edges as issued. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 jg-aj

Cover_Labrador_Navy1947-200_small.jpg APO cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"VO6K" Battle Harbor US Coast Guard Loran Radio Station QSL card, mailed free (MAR 11 1947 US Navy 228 FPO cancel complete & clear) by operator M. E. Chesley, tape remnant & tiny pinhole at top back center, 2 small thins at bottom edge from tape removal. $5.00 l-lca

24 April 1947 US FORCES IN JAPAN postcard from APO 19 at Beppu to Geneva Switzerland, violet handstamp INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE FOR AIR MAIL SERVICE (US 5-cent airmail stamp only), black handstamp Returned For Additional Postage, view shows scene from the Inland Sea. $5.00

"MIDWAY ISLAND / KM6AA" shortwave (7 Mc) QSL card mailed DEC 22 1947 from US Navy 1504 BR. by operator John R. 'Johnny' West, stamp side with 4 dark yellow tape remnants, long corner crease, 3 internal creases, minor corner wear. $2.00 h(n)u-a

Hawaii_SchofieldBarracks-200_small.jpg APO cover available from LotsOfCards.com"KH6NP" colorful Schofield Barracks Hawaii QSL card on brownish stock, mailed FEB 10 1948 (clear Army APO cancel) by Captain J. H. Huggins, 3 tape remnants at edges, toning near the front borders. The hula dancer in the artwork has one breast exposed. $3.00 h(s)m(a)-a

"KH6LF" territorial Honolulu Hawai'i QSL card on brownish stock, mailed FEB 24 1948 by operator Mac McInnis (clear & complete US Army BPO 15 cancel), 4 tape remnants at the back edges obscure nothing. $2.00 h(h)-a

Cover_APO_864Newfoundland1948.jpg (126238 bytes)
"VO4J" Harmon Field (Stephenville) QSL card mailed JUN 11 1948 by Alec Johnston (US 1-c prexie stamp tied by clear APO 864 cancel) to Massachusetts. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 n-an

NOV 10 1948 somewhat light but clear APO 1105 BR (FST Philippines) double-ring cancel ties 5-c US airmail stamp franking #10 cover from 10th General Hospital to Irregular Claims Section of World War II Compensation Fund in Ohio, unimportant wrinkling at non-stamp corners. $2.50 pa

"KP4FP" 2-color San Juan Puerto Rico QSL postcard mailed NOV 15 1948 at APO 851 (somewhat light but readable cancel) by operator A. Bickhart at the Post Engineer Office, tiny spot of light toning at front bottom edge. $2.50 p-a

JAN 6 1949 overinked APO 74 cancel ties US 5-c airmail & 2-c Adams stamp franking #10 cover from Lt. Roy J. Semrau to Irregular Claims Section of World War II Compensation Fund, unimportant wrinkling at non-stamp corners. $2.50 pa

10 January 1949 US FORCES IN JAPAN #10 cover to Ohio, from 13766 BR in Tokyo, lightly struck 12766 cancel (Tokyo) on 6-cent airmail, Navy 3923 in Yokosuku return address, marked IR on front by World War II Compensation Fund recipient. $4.00

11 January 1949 US FORCES IN JAPAN #10 cover to Ohio, clear APO 547 cancel on US 6-cent airmail stamp, return address APO 309. Both APO's were in Senda Japan. $4.00

Bavaria_KriegerGedachtnis-200_small.JPG Bavarian cover available from LotsOfCovers.com

"Krieger-Gedächtnis-Kapelle a. Kramerplateau, Garmisch" in winter, real photo post card airmailed 8 DEC 1952 from APO 172 in Bavaria to Ohio (where it was forwarded), small corner crease. $5.00 bw-a

Cover_Japan_CustomsTag1952_small.jpg (4191 bytes)1952 CUSTOMS DECLARATION & CERTIFICATE TAG FOR BONA FIDE GIFTS once attached to binoculars sent to soldier in US forces in Tokyo, APO 500, short tear (not through any lettering) & nearby corner crease when pulled from item, California MPO postmark is a bit faint. $7.50 ja

"Garmisch-Partenkirchen gegen Zugspitzgruppe (2964 m) Phot. H. Huber 878" showing the town in winter, real photo with wonderful composition & contrast, corner crease just misses image, airmailed 1952 from APO 403 (numerals in dial not clear) to Ohio, spot of ink on back message. $4.00 bw-a

19 October 1953 US FORCES IN JAPAN #6 cover from 7 BPO at Yokohama to California, backflap fell off when top cut open neatly, Jagyi markings on back. $2.50

"KL7CRE" territorial Anchorage Alaska QSL post card with Redi Kilowatt art, used by 1958 Philco techrep Dean W. Manley (APO942 address, good strike of its cancel on back), faint small bottom corner crease. $4.00 ae-a

5 June 1959 US FORCES IN JAPAN oversize postcard (about #6 cover size) to Michigan, QSL from APO 919, fairly clear cancel on 4-cent Lincoln stamp. $2.50

APR 7 1960 clear APO 175 (Darmstadt) machine cancel ties US 7-c airmail stamp franking #6 cover from Frank Jenich to Millburn New Jersey, front fresh, a little envelope glue show-through on back. $1.00 ga

MAY 4 1961 #10 airmail cover from APO 301 at Yongsan to Columbus Ohio, franked with 7-c US airmail stamp, neatly addressed & opened. $3.75 ka

Cover_Greenland_CampCenturyAPO.jpg (222550 bytes)1963 very light Thule Air Force Base Greenland APO 23 cancel on 5-flag over White House stamp franking #6 cover from Camp Century (nuclear-powered city under the ice, 100 miles from the North Pole) to Tennessee, 2 violet cachets as well struck as we have ever seen from there, small but distracting smudge of cachet ink in the killer lines of the cancel. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ga*!^!

MAR 15 1973 airmail #10 cover from 09254 APO at Ankara to Richmond Virginia, franked by 11-c US airmail stamp with clear cancel, neatly opened. $2.00 ta

MAR 15 1973 airmail #10 cover from 09254 APO at Ankara to Richmond Virginia, franked by 11-c US airmail stamp with clear cancel, neatly opened. $2.00 ta

January 2011 APO AE 09494 marker cancellation on 5 US stamps (3 different) franking large (approx. 9"x12") envelope to Ohio, paper bends at the short edges, bar code strip at bottom partially covers polar bear stamp, neatly opened. This is a US Air Force garrison at Gloucestershire England--a standby airfield that is not in everyday use. $5.00 ae


"The Mystery Courier Service Mails" article by Ralph A. Miller on the American Military Transport Service, in Volume 2, Number 2 (June 1973) Postal History USA, hard to find. $5.00 p2

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See also Archaeology stamps
& Archaeology postcards.

14-11-60 fancy Egyptian UNESCO cancel on 10-m Save the Monuments of Nubia stamp, attractive multicolor cachet, unaddressed. Archaeology topical. $1.00 ea*

11.2.70 Papua & New Guinea FDC for complete 4-stamp historic & archaeological issue, cacheted & unaddressed. (2 available) $3.00 each or $5.50 for both. pa

Cover_Egypt_1977Archaeology_small.JPG (3102 bytes)

2 JAN 1977 Egyptian FDC with 20-m, 30-m, 55-m & 110-m stamps showing archaeological finds (Nefertiti & Akhnaton sculptures), two-color cachet. $3.00 ea

  Greenland_SanningasoqQisummik-200_small.JPG   Greenland_UumasupNiaquaQuisummik-200_small.JPG
Greenland_BiskopipAjaappiaataNuua-200_small.JPG13 August 1999 Greenland Viking artifacts issue: 4.50 "Puugutaq ukkusissamik sanaaq. / Skål af klæbersten (fedtsten)." (not shown) ; 4.75 "Sanningasoq quisummik kigartugaq / ... / Krucifiks skåret i træ fra Vesterbygden 21,3 cm." (above left); 5.75 "Uumasup niaqua qisummik kigartugaq / Vesterbygdenimeersoq. / ..." (above right); & 8.00 "Biskopip ajaappiaata nuua aarrup tuugaanik / sanaaq romamiusut alutornarsagaq. / ..." (lower left). Complete Set of four maximum cards: $13.50 ga-ga

Light (& therefore hard to date precisely) Lilongwe machine cancel ties 3-t rock paintings stamp franking #6 cover to Rhodesia, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 ma

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See also our Architecture postcards.

Cover_Japan_FDC_small.jpg (3948 bytes)

20 September 1956 Japanese FDC to Ohio, black & blue cachet & 14-yen castle stamp tied by fancy red cancel, including bilingual enclosure. $5.00

Cover_Europa_1978Finland-120.jpg (307402 bytes)
2 - 5 - 78 Finland FDC for their 2-stamp Europa issue, black & brown pictorial Fleetwood cachet, accompanying insert explains the architectural significance of the issue. $11.00 efa

13.6.1975 official Swedish FDC for 5-stamp booklet for architectural heritage year, insert in 4 languages. $2.50 sa

22.05.1978 Germany FDC for its 3-stamp Europa / CEPT issue showing some of its significant architecture, unaddressed, cacheted in color, with explanatory insert. $4.25 ega

22.IX.1978 FDC for 3-stamp traditional Turkish houses issue, clear Ankara cancel, multicolor cachet, unaddressed. $0.75 ta

Cover_Hungary_Architecture1980_small.jpg (3179 bytes)

80-II 2 Hungary 7 ancient architecture stamps, complete on 2 large cacheted & unaddressed FDC's (one shown), fresh appearance. Both for $3.00 ha

Great_Britain_FDC_Historic_Buildings_SS_small.jpg (1793 bytes)

London 1990 Exhibition, Souvenir Sheet on mailed Great Britain FDC. Architecture subject: historic buildings. $6.00

23 11 95 #9 airmail cover from Moundou to Sarh Chad franked by 150-f stamp showing two types of native huts, one of the two blue cancels completely legible, handstamped cachet on back for Mission Evangelique des Freres au Chad, opened neatly, vertical crease misses all markings. $1.75 ca

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阿根廷 / ‘Alekina / Archentina / Argentena / ARGENTINIEN /
ARGENTINIË / Argentyna / Argentynje / Arjentina /
Arxentina / República Argentina / Αργεντινή / ルゼンチン

See also: Argentine Antarctic covers, Argentina stamps,
Argentina postcards & Argentina gymnastics photos -- all at this site.

Argentina_BarracasAlSur-1905-100.jpg (333490 bytes)"Barracas al Sur.  Consejo General de Educatión /  REPUBLICA ARGENTINA / 109"  postcard with undivided back & yellowish paper, TCV from Buenos Aires NOV 29 1905 to Nebraska at 10-centvos impreso rate, attractive cancel, backstamped on arrival JAN 7 1906), yellowish paper, couple toned spots on back, mild corner wear & rounding. $8.00 a-a

Cover_Argentina_1905ToGermany_small.JPG (3415 bytes)1905 postcard to Germany  "Rosario de Sta Fé Licoreria la 'Germania'" color postcard mailed there 1905 to Germany (6-centavos stamp neatly cancelled, clear Landau Pfalz receiving mark, por vapor 'Nile"), corner wear & rounding, lightly toned front. $5.00 a-a*

Argentina_EnLaRecoleta-100.jpg (351375 bytes)

"En la Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina" postcard showing a park scene, mailed there 1905 to West Virginia (15-c greenish blue stamp, clear receiving cancel, forwarded to New Jersey). $5.00 a-a

May 3 1914 "Casa de la Independencia. Tucumán" black & white post card mailed there to Alabama (clear cancel ties 5-c orange-red stamp), date writing on front, corner & edge wear. $3.50 a-a

"ROSARIO /  Parque Independencia. Fuente Española" real photo postcard with 2-c Septiembre de 1930 stamp TCV 21-3-31 to Illinois (impressos rate, tied stamp), fancy handstamp of sender on back, a little toning at one corner & another edge. $3.25 a-a

"Rosario de Sta Fé Licoreria la 'Germania'" color, mailed there 1905 to Germany (6-centavos stamp neatly cancelled, clear Landau Pfalz receiving mark, por vapor "Nile"), corner wear & rounding, lightly toned front. $5.00 a-a

"PLAZA DE MAYO BUENOS AIRES" color with linen-like finish, mailed TCV July 10 1930 to Illinois (off-center 5-c General stamp neatly but faintly cancelled). $3.25 a-a

15 VII 30 "BUENOS AIRES - Plaza Itaiia" black & white postcard mailed there TCV to Illinois (clear cancel on 5-c General stamp). $3.50 a-a

Argentina_A105-100.jpg (155840 bytes)"A 105 Palacio Urquiza entre Olivos y Anchorena - República Argentina" monochromatic dark blue mailed TCV to Illinois circa 1930 (2-c & 3-c General stamps neatly but indistinctly cancelled). 2 corner creases. $2.50 Another TCV with 3-c General & 2-c Septiembre de 1930 stamps clearly cancelled & tied, corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. $3.25 a-a

"CÓRDOBA - Vista panorámica" monochromatic blue with red caption, mailed TCV 11 DEC 31 to Illinois (10-c General stamp tied by clear cancel), trivial corner & edge wear. $4.00 a-a

"Saludos de la / Rep. Argentina" monochromatic dark purple multiview postcard with 16 scenes (having legible captions) including Mar Del Plata & Salta, mailed 1948 to New York (40-c Azucar & 5-c Paz Mundial stamps clearly cancelled). $2.50 a-a

"Vista do Buenos Aires… / 6. - Edificio Cavanagh /  Cavanagh Building" color, airmailed there to the United States 1951 (well centered 50-c Pozo de Petroleo stamp is tied), soft corners. $2.00 a-a

Cover_Argentina_1938MaximumCard_small.jpg (3513 bytes)

"DOMINGO FAUSTINO SARMIENTO" maximum card franked by two of the Argentinean stamp honoring him (1938 anniversary of his death), back completely covered with a detailed account of his life in Spanish. $3.
50 a-a

Argentina_FD_Booklet_small.jpg (3075 bytes)1947 first day folder (earliest we've seen from there). TARGETA REMEMORATIVA (COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE) OF 24 DIC. (DECEMBER) 1947, IN AN OFFICIAL FIRST DAY FOLDER, CANCELLED BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. Not often seen, the numbering indicates the small quantity made. Originally sold at a substantial 15c premium over its 25c face. "La Administracion General de Correos y Telecomunicaciones se adhiere en esta feeha solemne a la Cruzada Escolar Argentine por la Paz Mundial, sentir unanime del pueblo argentino." Minor separation at the fold. $3.00

1947 3-centavos Moreno wrapper to Ohio, dial inverted with respect to the Buenos Aires slogan cancel, carried Pampa Breezes. $3.75

1954 QSL card with Radio Club Argentino triangular label tied by bold blue-green Servicio de QSL handstamp. Nice Cinderella correctly used. $2.00

c.1957 1-peso Eva Peron on airmail postcard from Buenos Aires to Illinois, stamp lightly creased because it extended over the edge, color view of Plaza del Congreso there. $1.00

1959 FDC (May 16) for 5 pesos Aerolineas Argentina stamp, appropriate multicolor cachet on unaddressed postcard, message side blank. $1.25

1965 airmail #10 cover from Argentina's Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Instituto de Energia Atomica in São Paulo to the National Aeronautics & Space Administration in Washington DC. Franked with four Cr$5.00 Barbosa & one Cr$100.00 Kennedy memorial stamps. $2.00

Cover_LionsInternational_LotOf8Argentinajpg.JPG (226009 bytes)Lot of eight #10 covers airmailed from Argentinean Lions International clubs to The International Association of Lions Clubs in Chicago. All with Lions cachet & neatly addressed by typing or printing. Clubs in Bella Vista (Corrientes District), Tafí Viejo (Tucumán), Tunuyan (Mendoza), Villa Constitucion (Santa Fe), Concepcion (Tucumán), Zarate (North Buenos Aires), Bragado (Pcia. de Buenos Aires) & General Roca (Rio Negro). Six are registered, each with 2 appropriate backstamps; one of those six was also Expreso. Good mix of stamps making up various rates. Seven opened neatly, one got long tear near bottom from opening. All 8 for $15.00 la

Airmail postcard from Buenos Aires to Canal Zone franked by 50-centavos lighthouse. $2.00


April 1967 American Philatelist: Tasmanian Taxed Letters--1878-1912; Argentina's 'Mutilation' of Falklands' Stamps; Italy--Manzoni--Peaceful Revolutionist; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aafit

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See also our Argentina covers (not Antarctic related).

Cover_ArgentineAntarctic_LotOf2Belgrano_small.jpg (4405 bytes)FEB 14 1939 clear U.S.S. PHOENIX at NAVY YARD, PHILA, PA. cancel ties US 3-c Jefferson prexy franking #6 cover to Joliet Illinois, generic blue ship cachet, browning paper. The Phoenix was later named "Manuel Belgrano" and was sunk in the Falklands War. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 npa#

-9 JUL 74 clear BASE DE EJERCITO ESPERENZA cancels tie 5 different Argentina stamps (including penguin & cormorant semi-postals) franking #6 cover neatly addressed to Buenos Aires. Backstamped on arrival 10 JUL 75. $6.00 a

                                      1983 - 1984 FALKLAND CLAIMS
                                      Cover_ArgentineAntarctic_LotOf6.jpg (169863 bytes)
Six #6 covers franked by 5000-peso stamp publicizing Argentina's claims to the Falkland Islands & South Georgia Islands, from: Base Esperanza, Estación Científica Almirante Brown, Base Aerea Teniente Matienzo, Base Científica Tte. Jabany, Base General San Martin & Base Aerea Vicecomodoro Marambio. Four with an additional stamp, five neatly addressed to Buenos Aires, three backstamped. $27.50 for all 6. a

                    1983 - 1984 ANTARCTIC STATIONS & AIRBASES
          Cover_ArgentineAntarctic_LotOf11-2.jpg (187764 bytes)    Cover_ArgenitneAntarctic_LotOf11-1.jpg (174628 bytes)
Eleven #6 covers franked with a good variety of stamps (2 - 5 different per cover) cancelled at various bases: Estación Científica Almirante Brown, Destacamento Naval Ocadas, Base Aerea Teniente Matienzo, Base de Ejercito General Belgrano II (2), Base de Ejercito General San Martin (2), Base de Ejercito Esperanza (2), Base Aerea Vicecomodoro Marambio (2), Topicals include many different flowers & a few birds. $45.00 for all 11. aa

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See also Arizona postcards.

SportsBaseball_Valentine_Tuck1908.jpg (181741 bytes)
"Valentine Greetings / The ball player thinks he's 'the' stuff / But the rooters will soon call his bluff / When he misses the ball, / ..." and 2 more lines for a limerick, Tuck Valentine Post Card Series No. 5, brownish paper, mailed 1908 to Phoenix Arizona Territory (clear dial cancel ink on front on FEB 14 1908), minor stamp damaged, lightly toned front, faint corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 s(b)pvt-a

Arizona_PlaygroundOf_1910TerritorialFlag.jpg (155834 bytes)

"Playground of Nature's Forces.  PRESCOTT, Arizona." sepia-tone on yellowish paper, mailed there AUG 25 1910 (clear and complete territorial flag cancel) to Iron Springs, lightly toned front, 2 small corner creases. $7.50 a-a

PHEONIX 1914.  Postcard to Kansas bearing a clear cancel in which the month and day are both inverted. $2.00

11-14-1936 #6 cover with the Phoenix Post Office dedication cachet of the Phoenix Philatelic Association, unstamped & unaddressed souvenir, brownish paper, envelope glue show-through. $1.25 a

DEC 19 1942 FREE mail from a serviceman at Ryan Field near Tucson, clear cancel, small card size, opened neatly. $1.50

JUN 4 1942 FREE mail from a serviceman at Fort Huachuca to Wisconsin, clear cancel, #6 size, opened neatly, envelope glue show-through. $1.50

DEC 2 1943 FREE mail from a serviceman at K.A.A.F. near Kingman to Nevada, clear cancel, #6 size, small piece missing at top where opened. $1.00

OCT 23 1944 FREE mail from Pfc John A. Rammel at S.A.A.F. near Stuttgart to North Dakota, clear cancel, a little bigger than #6 size, opened neatly. $1.50 a

MAR 23 1945 Yuma Army Air Field Red Cross #10 cover to Michigan with 3-c win the war stamp tied by clear Yuma Arizona cancel. $2.00

July 6 1947 first flight cover from Grand Canyon Arizona to San Francisco, violet cachet, with 2-c UN & 3-c Kearny stamps, backstamped Los Angeles & San Francisco. $2.00 af

AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajo woman weaving, explanatory insert on Navajo art included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajos with sheep near rocks, explanatory insert on Navajo people included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

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AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajo woman gardening, explanatory insert on Navajo home life included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

JAN 29 1972 AIRPEX Station of Casa Grande cancel on 8-c space stamp, sepia-tone cachet pictures the new 150-inch telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, address label removed (faint traces). $1.50 a

DEC 30 1977 Tucson cancel on cacheted cover commemorating the Gadsden Purchase (train & cactus design) franked with Gadsden Purchase & Pueblo art stamps, unaddressed, explanatory stiffener, fresh appearance. $1.00

DEC 30 1977 Tucson cancel on cacheted cover commemorating the Gadsden Purchase with 13-c eagle stamp & using an encapsulated uncancelled Gadsden Purchase commemorative as its cachet, addressed neatly, fresh appearance. $1.00 a

SEPT 4 1986 US FDC for 22-c Navajo art blanket weaving stamp tied by clear Window Rock Arizona cancel, cachet is a gold-color metallic replica of the stamp, with explanatory insert. (2 different) $1.25 each (ia)

Undated Fred Harvey continental postcard picturing the Grand Canyon, unused, with clear "MAILED BY MULE AT / THE BOTTOM  / OF THE GRAND CANYON /  PHANTOM RANCH" red handstamp applied as favor on the back. $1.00

Cover_Arizona_PheonixMultiview.jpg (181688 bytes)Undated #6 cover from the Valley Lumber Co. of Phoenix, front and back overall designs with 5 scenes from the area--YMCA, Board of Trade, US Indian School, Roosevelt Dam & Capitol Building--in violet, also text promoting the area generally, unaddressed, brownish paper, a little wrinkling along one edge, toned back (shown). $4.00 a


The Henry G. Turnbull Collection of Arizona Territorial and Statehood Postmarks" May 16 2007 H. R. Harmer Inc. auction catalogue, like new with bidding sheet. Eye-popping all-color illustrations arranged alphabetically by town, 550 lots with rarity 6 to 8: Agua Fria, Agua Fria Valley, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alhambra, Alpine ... $5.50 a

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