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by Demaris Swint
Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

National Postcard week had it's beginnings in 1911 when a few postcards were printed for Postcard Day, May 1. Using slogans like: 'come to Tamps from the Tampa Bay Land Company and the First of May is Postcard Day by the Courier-Informant, a booster for Barlow, Florida.

In July 9-15, 1950 a hand cancel on a Curt Teich Art Colortone on a linen postcard shows someone was trying to begin a NPCW.

Ann Rusnak and Louise Northum sent World Postcard Day postcards in the Early 80's.

Our current National Postcard Week began in 1984 with the idea that the International Federation of Postcard Dealers and different clubs would make a postcard to celebrate the postcard and promote their hobby.

To celebrate the week, postcard collectors either design and make their own postcards or purchase them to mail to friends and family. Always being sure the words National Postcard Week and the date are on the Postcard. This year the dates are May 3-9, 2009.

NPCW began as a way for sellers and collectors to promote the hobby of postcard collecting.

Some of those Pioneers were DeeDee Parker, John McClintock, Roy Cox and Richard Novick. An excerpt from the IFPD Newsletter of March 1, 1983 written by John McClintock. " For the past year we have been working on a Postcard Day, Week or Month to help promote the hobby/business. DeeDee Parker graciously accepted the task of correlating the thoughts of the postcard collectors/dealers in the matter. It seems the majority wishes to have a Postcard Week and that it be held the First week of May. This will be a lot of fun and insure perpetuation of the hobby in the future.

Publicizing your hobby is what NPCW is all about. Whether you want to trade or sell. Letting people know what you collect or sell, sending a NPCW postcard is just one of the ways.

Put up a display in your local library, contact the Mayor's office for a proclamation stated the first week of May in National Postcard Week. Contact the local Newspaper and/or TV station for a story about these events. Rather than say I collect postcards you can say I collect postcard and have designed a postcard for the celebration of NPCW and have a display at _____ or on this day the Mayor will be proclaiming this week as NPCW. A copy of a suggested letter to the Mayor follows this article.

In 1985 Postcard Collector Magazine sponsored a Postcard Design contest for 1985. The winning designers won $50 and 500 postcards.

Thelma Morris, according to a letter from Ann Rusnak was the very first person to issue a postcard commemorating NPCW 1984. That same year in the United Kingdom June 16-24 was declared NPCW.

Two of the most prolific artists to design postcards for others were Ann Rusnak of Nevada. Her standard medium was India ink with a speedball pen, a toy light table and typing paper. She also produced the first checklist. Ann died in 1998.

The other is Rick Geary of New Mexico. He still designs postcards for individuals and groups for NPCW. His unique styles is instantly recognizable from those with tornadoes to flying postcards. He can be contacted at: rickdeborahgeary@tularosa.net or PO Box 869, Carrizozo NM 88301

There were many hundreds of amateur artists including some children.

You can use a printing company, a computer or hand make your postcards.

Some of the online printing companies can be found by searching for postcards. I know of two that do a good job, so you can contact me for their names.


Everyone can be creative. Pick up a pencil and get started. Start with a theme. NATIONAL POSTCARD WEEK MAY 3-9, 2009

Add something personal: what you find appealing, your geographical setting, an event, a topic or topics you collect, sell, love to send or buy. Got a scathingly brilliant idea???? Try it out!!!

What is your objective? In this case to promote postcard collecting, your preferences or willingness to trade, as well as adding to your collection.

Concentrate on putting your ideas into words and pictures in a postcard format. Keep it simple. Put your sketch on paper. Put it aside. Later come back to is, cut it into parts. Move the parts around, change the size, words, pictures, drawings. Make some parts smaller, some larger. I sometimes find that my title is never large enough and my photos are too large. Use stickers, rubber stamps, what ever you have on hand if you just can't draw..... Show your idea to someone. Watch their reaction. If they are like my husband he likes everything I do. But his facial expressions shows whether he really likes it or not.

Try out different ideas and concepts, one will be sure to be the one for you.

Do you take good photos? Think about using a photo. You will need to add National Postcard Week and the date to the photo. If you use a computer program, you can make your photo smaller and put the text around the photo. Check your local public library. Many have computers you can use to design your postcard and print them. You will need to bring your own card stock.

When you are ready to print. Think about where you are going to print them. Is there a small print shop near you? Drop in and explain your project and ask if they can help.

Using your own computer and printer with any good card making program can be fun. I use Microsoft's picture it program. But there are many good programs available. Most will print four postcards to a piece of card stock. If you use an ink jet printer, be sure they are dry before stacking them and don't let them get wet. The ink will run. Laser printers do a good job of printing but are quite expensive to purchase.

Here are some guidelines originally from The Tucson Post Card Exchange Club...

1. National Postcard Week and the date must be on the postcard, preferably on the front. 2009 is the 26 year.

2. Your name or the name of the club and mailing address should be included, preferably on the front, but can be on the back.

3. The minimum size is 3-1/2x5-1/2 inches. Those are post office requirements.

4. Maximum is 4-1/4x6 inches. (I have seen larger)

5. The minimum thickness of is 90 lb. card stock. Most home printers will print on 110 LB cardstock, sold in many discount stores.

6. All postcards printed should be of the same designs. You can design more than one. If you do you should send all designs in a trade.

7. A minimum of 100 copes is recommended to give other traders a change to receive a copy.

8. To give your card extra worth, numbering them is an excellent idea. /100 on the back is okay.

9. Be sure to Autograph your postcard. A first name is okay.

10 All NPCW postcards should be mailed during NPCW, especially those sent individually with a stamp. Get a hand cancel at the post office desk.


You can send me your name and address and I will add you to a list of those who would like to trade with as many as possible. email: ezrestexas@aol.com
put NPCW in the subject line. Or send your postcard or set or postcards to: Demaris Swint, PO Box 703, Pharr TX 78577-0703

Send your postcard to Barr's Post Card News, National Postcard Week, PO Box 720, Vinton, IA 52349-0729.

Send your postcard or set of postcards to Lin Collette, PO Box 2666, Providence RI 02906. She is printing the directory of NPCW postcards for 2009. email her at: rhodyart@aol.com for more information.

If you have time check out the website where there are over 4000 NPCW postcards shown. It is still a work in progress.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.



Mayor *(NAME)

Dear Mayor,

I am a Post Card Collector (Deltiologist) and the week of May 3-9, 2009 had been designated as National Postcard Week. We would like to have you proclaim this so in Alamo.

There are several other collectors locally and we hope to have displays in our Public Library during that week.

I am enclosing one of my own personal postcards that I will be publishing for this occasion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name
Telephone number:

For examples of NPCW cards please click here,
or continue with an icon below

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