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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


altzariak / baldai / bútor / fanaka / għamara /
huonekalut /
mobilje/ møbler / MUEBLES / MOBILIA / namještaj /
pohištvo /
կահույք / мебели / 家具 / 가구 / тавилга

"10 _  CHÂTEAU DE LA MALMAISON / FAUTEUIL DU TRÔNE" sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus, made in France, very late usage at Wise North Carolina, lightly toned back. $2.75 f

"120677  JAPANNED HIGHBOY / NEW ENGLAND, ABOUT 1700 // THE METROPOLITAN / MUSEUM OF ART" sepia-tone real photo post card with slight oxidation, very late usage at Boone Grove Indiana, cancel ink on front, minor edge wear. $2.00 fm

InteriorHome_1641En-200_small.jpg costume postcards available from Judnick.com

"1641. En Bretagne / Autour du Lit Clos / L'Entrée à la Chambre Nuptiale" showing a newly married couple in Brittany about to enjoy some privacy in the nuptial chamber furnished with closed bed; unused carte postal with green back, trivial corner wear, back edges browning a bit with age. $6.50 f(b)i(h)lfc

"359  Palais de FONTAINEBLEAU. - Salon du Conseil des Ministres, canapé Louis XV. - ND Phot." black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back. $1.25 fi(c)

Furniture_42_Napoléon.jpg (135871 bytes)

"42. Bureau de Campagne de Napléon 1er / A. Ossart, édit., Rueil" black & white postcard with green back, from booklet, fresher than most of this type. $2.00 fn


France_Bretagne_628Furniture-100.jpg (352507 bytes)

"628  EN BRETAGNE / Le Lit Clos - Soir de Noce - Cachun se déshabille / Timidité!" showing a couple beginning to undress on their wedding night with the closable bed behind them, black & white post card with green back, small bend & crease at one corner, other minor edge wear. $4.75 f(b)f+

Furniture_DeskMahogany_MuseumOfArt.jpg (116707 bytes)

"68620. DESK, MAHOGANY, AMERICAN, 1750-1775 / USED BY WASHINGTON AT CRAGIE HOUSE, / CAMBRIDGE..." unused Azo real photo postcard from Metropolitan Museum of Art, fresh appearance. $3.00 fm

Massachusetts_Boston_AnniversarySale-200_small.jpg furnishings post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"6.  ERIE CANAL AQUEDUCT OVER GENESEE RIVER, ROCHESTER, N. Y." postcard with advertising on both sides of the back handstamped in violet 'ANNIVERSARY / SALE // B. P. B. Brooks & Co. / QUALITY FURNITURE / RUGS, RANGES / 47 Hanover St. / 2 Marshall St. / BOSTON / 251 Main St. / Chas'tn Dist.'; upper corner crease, soft corners, back paper starting to brown with age. The firm filed for bankruptcy in 1916, and paper memorabilia showing their advertising is quite uncommon. $9.00 n(r)n(e)m(b)fb

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Massachusetts_Haverhill_A21884-200_small.JPG"A 21884  Steamboat Merrimac at her Dock, Haverhill, Mass" a side view when loaded with passengers, where the Merrimac River passes near the wholesale & retail furniture annex of The People's House Furnishing Company; circa 1910 post card, bottom corner creased twice but not into image, shallow tiny ding in front bottom edge, upper corner has a very faint tiny crease. The ship was registered to Lori L. H. Taylor. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(h)fs(r)s(t)g(t)*

"Adaptive Furnishing / Ohio Art League" unused continental publicity postcard promoting a Columbus gallery event during April 2006 for artists M. Angelo Arnold & Amy Youngs, near mint. $1.50 fo(c)



Furniture_AmericanFurnishings_GrandviewOhio.jpg (173734 bytes)

"American Furnishings Co. / 'Arts & Crafts, Prairie, and Mission'" showing furniture from their Grandview Heights Ohio shop, unused continental postcard, near mint. $1.25 fo

"American Furnishings Co. / The Prairie Cheval Mirror features a beautifully detailed / cherry stand & a mirror framed in handmade leaded glass." from their Grandview Ohio shop, unused continental post card, near mint. $1.25 fo


Furniture_BobbyMichelson.jpg (187373 bytes)

"Bobby Michelson / Ramwood Furniture / ... / Birmingham, AL 352233..." unused continental postcard showing an unusually designed bureau in cherry, hackberry, rosewood, maple & aromatic cedar; near mint. $2.00 fa

NewYork_Buffalo_Tansill-200_small.JPG furniture post card available from LotsOfCards.com
"Buffalo, N. Y. / "Our Mr. Stuart Tansill will / call upon you in a few days with / our full line of beds and bedding. ... / " showing the salesman in vertical format, briefcase in hand; unused postcard, toning both sides, 5 pinholes that close well. This company is still in operation, best known for hospital cribs & youth beds. Most unusual.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 g(t)n(b)fm

Furniture_CollegeOfWilliamAndMary.jpg (163030 bytes)

"Cherry Arm Captains chair from Boone Industries, Inc. / Manufacturers of the fine University style Furniture since / 1973..." showing a College of William & Mary chair, unused postcard, near mint. Firm is located in Boone North Carolina. SOLD fnc

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Chicago_1879SashBlindsStairs-300_small.jpg furniture postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.com"Chicago ___________ 1879 / Dear Sir: / Yours of the ______ is received" illustrated postal card receipt mailed there 1879 to Georgia by Goss & Phillips Manufacturing Company -- makers of blinds, doors, frames, railings, mouldings, flooring & siding (among other things listed in their heraldic crest). $22.50 fi(c)a

"Compliments of / Helfrich, Bohner & Co. / FURNISHERS OF HIGH GRADE FURNITURE / 734 Hamilton Street,  ALLENTOWN, PA." with signed art depicting a man piloting a fanciful airship, unused advertising postcard with unevenly divided back (circa 1907-8), good edges & fairly fresh. Hard to find, especially at this low price. $19.00 p(a)f

    "Cradle in which Alexander Campbell's 14 Babies / were Rocked, Campbell Mansion, Bethany, W. Va." Unused linen postcard with good edges, very light toning at the left back edge, otherwise excellent condition. $2.25 w(b)fi(h)*

"Dependability in a Changing World / Biological Safety Cabinets / CO2 Water-Jacketed Incubators / Air Balance Enclosures ..." an unused business reply card from an advertising campaign for NUAIR™ in Plymouth Minnesota, thin stray mark on the address side, otherwise excellent condition. $1.00 bmf

"Desk made of Newspaper Clippings / of Col. Lindbergh's Flight to Paris in 1927" unused real photo post card with good contrast & focus, fresh appearance. $13.00 af

"DONT FAIL TO VISIT / C. H. DAVIDSON'S / 22 WEST WASH. ST. / THEY SAVE ... MONEY / FURNITURE HARDWARE / STOVES RUGS GUNS / PHOENIX" uncaptioned (so we use most of the advertising sign on the balloon basket) real photo post card mailed NOV 13 1910 at Phoenix Arizona Territory (complete flag cancel) to Mr. Isaac (Ike) Miles in Eaton Ohio by his brother, unfortunate heavy toning on both sides. Message in part: 'I was at the fair to-day went up in the balloon, went 1500 ft high had a fine trip and a good view of the country...' Rare. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either or $7.25 both. ba(p)fgg(m)

"East Parlor in / Columbia County's House of History / Kinderhook, N. Y." including a nice highboy & fireplace setting, postcard printed by The Meriden gravure company, late usage at Stockport, short internal crease from the top edge. $2.25 nif*!

"EE technical furniture for / Engineering Environments™" unused business reply card in color from a May 1996 advertising campaign by Wright Line. $1.00 m(w)f

Pennsylvania_Scranton_FirstElectric-200_small.jpg Pennsylvania post card available from Judnick.com"FIRST ELECTRIC TROLLEY CAR, SCRANTON, PA.  FIRST ELECTRIC TROLLEY SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES" with a crowd gathered around & in it near a Parlor Furniture Store. The side of the trolley is more informative & reads: 'Scranton Suburban Railway / Adams & Washington Avs To Green Ridge'. Postcard mailed in Scranton 1907 to Butte Montana, 2 small corner creases neither into the image. Hard to find! $20.00 p(s)sr(s)f

Tinted142_small.jpg furniture postcard available from Judnick.com

"Fontainebleau. - Le Palais. - Le Berceau du Roi de Rome. - LL." carte postale mailed 1906 from Paris to Illinois, stamp damaged, mild corner wear, hand-colored appearance. Napoleon I bestowed the title King of Rome to his only son, in effect telling Pope Pius VII that he was above him. That King never came to Fontainebleau, but some of his childhood furniture must have been rescued from the burned & later razed Palais des Tuileries in Paris. $4.00 nff(f)

"Furniture Shop, Amana, Iowa / Amana craftsmanship is displayed in this beautiful hand-made furniture." unused chrome postcard distributed by Maries Gift Shop, small corner crease, tiny corner bends at bottom. $1.00 i(a)f

"GAS AND ELECTRIC FIXTURES DISPLAY ROOM / THE PFARR & HOBART CO.  990 E. MARKET ST., AKRON, OHIO" sepia-tone advertising card mailed OCT 10 1912 at East Akron Station, high-quality printing that we at first mistook for real photo, slightly taller than a regular-size card, a lot of edge wear especially at the top, typed advertising in the message area. Rare: no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibits when we searched the Internet. $12.50 o(a)i(s)af

"Gold Coin" circa 1890 ad card with young women wearing low-cut dress in monochromatic gold; ad for Bussey & McLeod Gold Coin Parlor wood heating stoves made in Troy New York, described & illustrated on back, hand-stamped in violet George F. Finzel of Monroe Michigan, fresh appearance. Another with the young woman wearing a lacy cap & shawl. $15.00 either, or both for $27.75. afn(t)m(m)

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 "Grand Rapids Furniture Museum, Grand Rapids, Mich.  8A-H2349" as it looked circa-1938, linen post card mailed there 1938. $1.50 m(g)f

Missouri_JeffersonCity_HighStreet-200_small.JPG Missouri linen post card available from Judnick.com"High Street Looking East, Jefferson City, Missouri" showing Bordeaux Hardware (sports goods & fishing tack) sign, Wyandotte Furniture Co., Rooms sign, a hat shop (and more), unused linen postcard, minor corner & edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mf

                  HORSE-DRAWN FURNITURE MOVING, 1905 - 1911
Group of 6 art postcards conveying a form notification of change of address. Left-to-right & top to bottom: Dayton Ohio 1911 (2 corners creased); Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1905 (2 spots of discoloration near top front); unused from Comic Series published by Julius Bien & Co.; unused 1908 from P. Sander, NY; unused Julius Bien 1907 copyright (light album marks at corners; and 1907 undivided by from Removal Series 1 of the Illustrated Postal Card Co., NY (minor corner wear & rounding). All 6 for $27.50. fh

"Ho! See the man-bird in the air, / Taking his bride to Hartman's where / He'll 'Feather their Nest' / With Feathers new. On the Hartman plan / As wise men do. / Ho! For the man-bird in the air, / He's going right when he's going There." advertising for Harman's Furniture & Carpet Company in Milwaukee; post card mailed there MAY 12 1911, tiny upper corner crease, a bottom corner with 2 creases (one faint & long), all corners with wear & rounding. Seldom offered as low as at this price: $12.00 fw(m)bpa

"In 1907, Eli Souder and his father, Henry (a / local minister), turned the key in our front / door..." multiview with exterior & interior of Souders' Home Center (a country furniture store), unused chrome post card with round corners as issued, faint indentation from paper clip. $2.00 if

"Inn Room - Paris Landing State Park   F-148" showing mostly a desk, chairs & table lamp, unused Kodak real photo postcard with minor wear at 2 corners. $2.25 tf

Lincoln_InteriorLBoyhoodHome-200_small.JPG furniture post card available from Judnick.com"INTERIOR, LINCOLN'S BOYHOOD HOME / 1811-1816, KNOB CREEK / ON U. S. HIGHWAY 31-E, BETWEEN / HODGENVILLE AND BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY" unused chrome post card, trivial corner wear, otherwise fairly fresh. Antique furniture mostly donated by descendants of early settlers nearby. $1.50 lk(k)if

Furniture_JMZConstruction-200_small.jpg furnishings ad card available from Judnick.com

"JMZ CONSTRUCTION / granite / Kitchen Countertops / Starting at $1000 ..." continental card in full color both sides, advertising the renovation & installation services of a Hilliard Ohio company, near mint.
$1.25 foa

"KLJ-8604" used Nashville Indiana QSL card with art & advertising pertaining to the furniture & drapes business of Jay and Val Townsend, tiny corner crease. $2.50 if*

"Let's / Talk / Shop" unused multicolor business reply mail from a January 1998 advertising campaign for Wright · Line furniture (benches, carts, seating, cabinets, etc.), excellent condition. $1.25 m(w)f

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"LOWER BALCONY, OPENING OFF SALOON. HIS MAJESTY'S AIRSHIP R-100" including light-weight wicker furniture; issued on occasion of its first transatlantic voyage (to St. Hubert airport, near Montreal Québec), establishing a distance record for a westward flight of an airship; unused monochromatic yellow-green carte postale made in Canada, good edges, small almost transparent spot near the top right front edge (on the wall), very light toning within the border at the bottom right front corner, small rubs in the upper left front corner border & lower right front corner border. The R-100 ceased operations shortly after this issuance, because its sister airship R-101 had crashed, so its service life was very brief. Rare. When we searched the Internet we found: only one recorded sale of a black & white version of it (from a souvenir folder); and for the monochromatic version, there no offers, no recorded sales & no exhibitions whatsoever. $18.00 bif

Maine_Bangor_MainStreeet-100.jpg (313551 bytes)

"Main Street, Bangor, Maine" where the Farrar Furniture Company was opposite Freeses & The Pine Tree Restaurant, unused Tichnor linen post card in excellent condition. $3.25 m(b)mf

"MRS. MURPHY, DID I NOT TELL YOU IF YOU USED / THE RISING SUN POLISH TO KEEP OUT THE GOAT" circa 1890 trade card, goat tries to butt his reflection on the side of the stove, causing a spill on stove & upsetting a nearby cat, ad for stove polish on back. $7.50 af

Furniture_MuseeDesArts-200_small.jpg furniture postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
"Musée des Arts Décoratifs / 136 - Chaises, bois sculpté, époque Louis XV.  ND Phot." showing a pair of chairs carved from wood, black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back. $1.25 f

"Musée des Arts Décoratifs / 175 - Siège, Epoqu Louis XV.  ND Phot." black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back, several spots of toning on back probably from the printing process itself. $1.00 fm

"Musée des Arts Décoratifs / 209 - Chaise longue, Epoque Louis XV.  ND Phot." black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back. $1.25 fm

"Musée des Arts Décoratifs / 211 - Chaise et Console Louis XV.  ND Phot." black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back. $1.25 fm

"Musée des Arts Décoratifs / 296 - Fauteuil de bureau, 0233poque Louis XV.  ND Phot." black & white carte postale, former owner's neat markings on back. $1.25 fm

Kansas_BlueMound_Dining-100.jpg (189239 bytes)

"My dining room" caption from message on back, real photo postcard mailed from Blue Mound Kansas in 1911, light toning on face, one corner badly creased but image not affected, edge wear. Furniture includes the dining room table prominently & a china cabinet. $7.00 kfi(h)


"ORIGINAL SIDEBOARD / George Washington's portrait of his elder half-brother, / Lawrence, from whom he inherited Mount Vernon..." with an important piece of furniture, monochromatic dark green, unused. $2.00 wf

"PARADE - WHEATON COUNTRY FAIR" with readable signs--including J. H. Kampp Furniture on a float, Post Office, W. S. Dollinger & Co. at the left & N. Speden Peoples Shoe Store; unused sepia-tone Kruxo real photo postcard with trivial corner rounding & oxidation consistent with circa-1908 age. Rare: when we searched the Internet we found no other examples & only one other image for the fair. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(w)ppf

"Products designed with you in mind." unused advertising postcard for Window Specialists Inc., slightly longer than continental size, near mint. In Columbus Ohio the firm installs windows, doors & siding. $1.25 o(c)fa

"Put Up... or Shut Up / LAN Management System II
™ / LAN Locker II™" unused business reply card from a July 1996 advertising campaign for Wright·Line in Worcester Massachusetts, excellent condition. $1.50 cmf

"queen city shows presents / 20th century / cincinnati / show and sale of modern design / march 1-2, 2003 / sharonville convention center ..." unused continental postcard published by Queen City Shows in Shandon Ohio to publicize a furniture show & book-signing by Steve Rouland, near mint. $2.00 fo(s)a

AdvertisingCards_SCBennettTwo-200small.jpg furniture advertising available from Judnick.com"S. C. BENNETT & CO. / Furniture, Carpets & Stoves / Largest Stock and Lowest Prices / 119 EAST FIFTH STREET" two circa 1885 trade cards with girl illustrations, good edges; advertising on back touts bedroom sets, bureaus, carpet, cook & heating stoves, etc. from this Dayton Ohio merchant. Rare; we found no others when we searched the Internet. Both for $25.00 adfgo

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See also our Television postcards. Shown here is the interior of one of the first experimental TV stations, WRGB.

"Solving the Storage Problem / without disturbing the English language!!! / FIRST IN A SERIES OF / BREAKTHROUGHS / armoire / chest of drawers / handbag / footlocker" unused multiview black & white continental post card with 4 illustrations, copyright 1990 David Jouris. $2.00 nf

Ohio_Cincinnati_SpringAir-200_small.jpg furniture photo available from Judnick.com"Spring Air / America's / finest / Mattress // PABST BEDDING CO. / 12th & WALNUT" signage on a parked delivery truck in Cincinnati Ohio, approximately 2.5" x 4.5" photograph, trimmed at top & bottom. Once his children had been introduced into the business, Louis Pabst bought out the Schaeller interest in this company (and then renamed it). Memorabilia for this company is rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 fgo(c)a

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Furniture_Teclab_KalamazooMichigan.jpg (126392 bytes)

"teclab® / the professional's bench / Call for catalog or free planning service..." unused multicolor business reply card from Kalamazoo Technical Furniture, circa November 1990. $1.25 fm

Authors_ZaneGrey_TheA-200_small.jpg furniture post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"The author did all his writing in a Morris chair with a wide / lapboard before him. All he needed was plenty of paper and / ..." showing Zane Grey at work, unused postcard, sepia-tone, unattributed publisher, fairly fresh. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 af

"THE BALDWIN COMPANY'S / PIANO FACTORIES / Cincinnati." black-and-white postcard with sky tint & red caption, mailed MAY 4 1909 from Cincinnati without message to Mr. Fred A. Stengle in Marion Ohio, minor corner & edge wear. $5.00 ifo(c)

"THE BALDWIN PIANO FACTORIES--CINCINNATI" white-border era postcard, addressed & message in pencil on back to Miss Hattie Eleanor Lomax in Prescott Kansas, light violet handstamp at the top back message area reads 'WOOLSEY'S MUSIC HOUSE / FORT SCOTT, KANS. / THE DEMONSTRATING MUSIC SHOP', three corners with 2 small creases each, back toned unevenly. As is. $2.25 k(f)mo(c)fi

"THE BIG WHITE STORE / Schipper & Block Furniture & Carpets" white horse-drawn delivery wagon before their Warehouse No. 2, uncaptioned (so we used the wagon signage) sepia-tone real photo postcard, mailed at Peoria APR 6 1909 to Amos Morgan in Monroe Indiana by his cousin (who is in the image), good focus, slight oxidation consistent with age. This firm prospered rapidly & established another store in Pekin Illinois. Their Big White Store became today's Chase Bank Building. Possibly one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer credit, no publisher information. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(p)hf

Maine_Ellsworth_TheBlack-200_small.JPG furniture post card available from Judnick.com

"The Black House / Ellsworth, Me." unused AGFA real photo post card showing a bedroom. Interesting Federal style furnishings. $3.50 (migf)!

"The Side Board in the Dining Room of the Campbell Mansion, Bethany, W. Va. 7 / The Communion Set is one of the oldest sets from the Bethany Church" unused linen post card, lightly toned back, tiny corner crease. $2.25 w(b)fr

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Ohio_Savannah_TheWonderful-100.JPG (289407 bytes) "THE WONDERFUL / EBERHART SECRETARY / Inlaid with 135,341 Pieces, of 550 Kinds / of Woods,... / Built by U. H. Eberhart / Inlaid Gun Cabinets, Tabourets, Checker / Boards, etc., made to your order / at reasonable cost..." unused sepia-tone advertising card, circa 1910, mild rounding at the corners, 3 corners have faint creases (one is long but all mercifully miss the folk art). Rare & unusual. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg (289,407 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ofga*

"THE / WOOD / Furniture and Undertaking Company // Grand Opera House Block // Jackson, Ohio, Nov. 14 1914." large illustrated receipt made out to Herb Allen for $3.00 on account, size approximately 8-3/8"x5", long upper corner crease misses everything, 2 vertical folds not too noticeable. Any paper memorabilia from this company is rare; we found none at all when we searched the Internet. $12.00 fo(j)

Indiana_TerreHaut_TrentAndSon-200_small.jpg furniture business card available from Judnick.com"TRENT & SON / UPHOLSTERING / MIRRORS RESILVERED / 6th and Lafayette Ave. Phone C-8680" " illustrated Terre Haute Indiana business card in black & white showing the owner, his delivery vehicle loaded with some furniture & storefront, trivial toning on back. $10.00 i(t)g(t)fa

Furniture_TroneDe-200_small.jpg furniture post card available from Judnick.com

"Trône de Napoléon Ier" showing a throne with his distinctive monogram in vertical format, unused black & white carte postale with green back, removed neatly from a booklet. $1.50 fn

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"TRUMBULL MAZDA LAMP WORKS, WARREN OHIO / SERVICE ROOM" in Warren, Ohio; elegantly appointed with wicker furniture; unused circa-1915 Azo (triangles up) real photo with good composition, contrast & focus; mild rounding of the corners, heavy spotty toning on the back. Rare: no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibits when we searched the Internet. $20.00 o(w)if NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

Uncaptioned Azo real photo (triangles up) postcard showing a man standing amidst furniture in a photographer's studio. unused, mild corner wear & rounding, soiled back, 2 pinholes near top, as is. An instant ancestor. $1.25 f

Furniture_UncaptionedPatio.jpg (149094 bytes)

Uncaptioned Kodak real photo post card with good contrast, showing a variety of chairs and chase lounges on a patio, published by L. L. Cook, unused, small corner crease. $1.50 f

Uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (squares in corners) real photo postcard showing the storefront of George T. Shepherd, furniture maker in Arkona Ontario, and a sign advertising the availability of Mason & Risch pianos (a prominent Canadian manufacturer) there, good focus, pleasing contrasts, very slight corner rounding. Possibly one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer credit, no publisher information. SALE IN PROGRESS o(a)fmg

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Calendar_July1915-200_small.jpg furniture postcards available from Judnick.com
"We CALL these tripli- / cate mirror dressing / tables 'Daughter's / Delight,' ... / G. W. EHLER / Furniture, Rugs & Stoves / House of Quality WEST ALEXANDRIA, OHIO" advertising post card mailed there July 12 1915 to Miss Katie Beneker in that town, July 1915 calendar beneath the signed art, fairly fresh, good edges. Beautiful & rare.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cfg(e)oa%

NewYork_Yonkers_Westchesters-200_small.jpg furniture postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"WESTCHESTER'S RUG & CARPET CENTER / ON CENTRAL AVENUE ... YONKERS, NEW YORK" advertising card with specifics about the brands carried in the back printed message, mailed under permit no. 77 at Yonkers to Mrs. Clarence C. Hare in White Plains, tiny upper corner bend not into the image, short ink stroke in the bottom border. $4.50 n(y)fa

images/Kentucky_Ashland_WinchesterAvenue-200_small.JPG furniture post card available from Judnick.com"WINCHESTER AVENUE, ASHLAND, KENTUCKY--15" when Jack Benny & Fred Allen were playing in the comedy IT'S IN THE BAG at the Capitol Theater (next to the C. H. Parsons Company furniture store); linen postcard mailed 1952 (but better date for the scene is 1945 from the movie), a little cancel ink lightly in the sky. $3.00 k(a)mfg

AdCard_WiseHousekeepersBuy-200small.jpg furniture trade cards available from LotsOfCards.com"WISE HOUSEKEEPERS! / BUY HOME-MADE STOVES ONLY. / W. J. Matthias & Co., / 31 Main Street  HAMILTON, OHIO / ... / HAMILTON MADE STOVES / ARE THE FINEST, BEST AND CHEAPEST / STOVES Manufactured in this Country" trade card picturing a Chinese man chasing & skewering rats from his high-wheeler bike in China. Copyrighted 1886 by Richmond & Company of Buffalo New York. While the text on the back ostensibly appeals to protectionist economics & politics, the illustration on front took advantage of racist anti-Chinese sentiments of the time. [For example, in 1882 the US Congress passed the Chinese exclusion act, which prohibited their immigration to the US for the next ten years.] A disgusting piece of social history. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 abcfos

Ohio_Canton_WmStuart-200_small.JPG"WM. STUART. / Furniture, Carpets, Stoves / 57 E. Tuscarawas St. / CANTON" advertising card with embossed border treatment, unusually detailed & interesting pricelist all over the back, corner creases, small tear in the upper edge closes well, small toning spots on both sides, as is. A little larger than a continental postcard. $4.25 o(c)fga

"You Are Invited to visit our store at your convenience for a personal demonstration of the new ... Maytag AUTOMATIC WASHER" unmailed lithographed advertising post card of the Gable Auto Electric Company in Lakeland Florida, a little toning near the back edges. Necessarily 1962 - 1964 time period, comparing ads & available information about the local company. Rare. $9.00 f(l)af NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

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USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
with examples
germany1.gif (260 bytes) Abkürzungen erklärt auf Deutsch,_
mit Exemplaren
wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
FinnishFlag1.gif (1008 bytes)
lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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