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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / UUSI / NÝR.
Do not miss our new special section on Music education.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices exclude postage & insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


AUSBILDUNG / Edjaghys / Educación / ÉDUCATION /
Educazion / FORMAZIONE / Hezkuntza / INSTRUÇÃO /
 Obrazovanje / OPVOEDING / Pendidikan / Uddannelse /
Vzdělání / Адукацыя / Təhsil / 교육 / ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ / ການສຶກສາ

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Mississippi_Columbus_1Franklin-200_small.JPG education post card available from Judnick.com"1--Franklin Academy, Columbus, Mississippi" with the auditorium closest to the viewer, unused linen postcard, small corner crease not into image, two small light spots of toning near a back edge. Now modern as shown, it started as the first public school in the state in 1821. $2.50 m(c)e

"5L7T /  CQ WPX C / WORLD RECORD" Bongtown Liberia QSL card used 1987 by Yugoslavian operator Raša Zalarević, detailed information about the Youth Research Center at Petnica Serbia for extra-curricular education of gifted children on back, good edges. $4.50 lse

"ADMINISTRATION BUILDING  CRANBROOK FOUNDATION / BIRMINGHAM MICH.  K-75" real photo postcard mailed NOV 15 1957 from Winona Mich., possibly an earlier card though judging by the oxidation, one upper corner with 2 long creases. The foundation is noted for its educational complex. $5.00 m(b)e

"Administration Building, State Teachers College, Florence, Ala.  2138-30" unused linen-era postcard made only by Curt Teich & Co., two small areas of light toning on back. America's first state-supported educational institution for blacks, it is now known as Alabama State University. $2.75 a(f)c(a)eb

"Alliance, O. / School Wagon" approximately 6-1/2"x4-3/4" sepia-tone real photo of a high school girls class posed with their teacher on a horse-drawn school wagon, uncaptioned so we used all the writing on the back. School wagons were used for field trips, and were not the same as school buses. Uncommon subject matter. $17.00 o(a)ghe

Mexico_061_small.jpg education post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"American student in Mexico"
well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1964 from Maywood Illinois, trivial wear at one corner. $1.50 m(g)e

Mexico_032_small.jpg Mexican post card available from LotsOfCards.com"American students in Mexico" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1964 from Louisville Illinois, trivial wear at one corner. $1.50 m(g)e. A different scene with same caption, mailed 1964 from Morris Rhode Island, vertical guideline distracts on the front. $1.00 m(g)e. A different scene mailed 1964 from Clay City Illinois, small bottom corner crease with light wear nearby. Shown. $1.50 m(g)e

"A. Rizberger.  'Die eerste Shrijfles.'  134" black & white postcard with red caption depicting a child's first reading lesson at home while mother knits, undivided back, writing on back may well be child's first practice writing, minor edge wear. $6.00


NYC_200_small.jpg education QSL card available from LotsOfCards.com"At the core of the Big Apple / THE RADIO CLUB OF / JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 22, N. Y. C. ..." 1993 continental QSL card from Joe Fairclough (president at the time) & his crew.  The school's educational philosophy is spelled out on the back, 'designed to take the reluctant student and make them a winner, someone who fights to get into school rather than out'. Most QSL cards do not have a memorable design, but this is certainly an exception! $3.75 n(n)ge

Minnesota_Fairbault_Auditorium.jpg (176798 bytes) Fairbault Minnesota postcard"AUDITORIUM AND SCHOOL BUILDINGS, SCHOOL / FOR THE DEAF, AT NIGHT FAIRBAULT, MINN." black & white, unused, a little edge wear. Now the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf. Post card sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mse*

"Author Visits 2007-08 / with Linda K. Stanek / THE PIG AND MISS PRUDENCE / ... / Piggy-Gram Author" unused continental-size postcard advertising the availability of the children's book author from Dublin Ohio for various ways to engage young students & instill a love for reading, near-mint condition. $1.25 aeo(d)

Alabama_Anniston_BarberMemorial-100.JPG (282855 bytes)"Barber Memorial Seminary, Anniston, Ala." in an exterior corner view, white-border era post card, corner & edge wear, 3 corners creased in border. This school for black girls was dedicated in February 1898 from a fund left by Mrs. Elizabeth Barber. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 abg(b)e

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Argentina_BarracasAlSur-1905-100.jpg (333490 bytes)"Barracas al Sur.  Consejo General de Educatión / REPUBLICA ARGENTINA / 109" black & white postcard with undivided back with yellowish paper, TCV from Buenos Aires NOV 29 1905 to Nebraska at 10-centvos impreso (printed matter) rate, attractive cancel, backstamped on arrival JAN 7 1906), yellowish paper, couple toned spots on back, mild corner wear & rounding. $8.00 ae-a

Barr's Post Card News. August 22, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on can-can dancing, education, and Belgian backsides. The entire issue: $1.25 pde

"Bash School / March 10, 1908 / A. J. Carnes / Teacher" real photo postcard with caption taken from slate tablet held by student, unused, from an original photograph by F. A. Owen Publishing Company Art Department in Dansville New York. Obviously a one-room schoolhouse. $12.00 egn

"BECOME A CNE / …FAST" unused multicolor business reply card from Allmicro Incorporated in Clearwater Florida, from a May 1996 advertising campaign, excellent condition. $1.25 cfe

"BECOME A CNE / …FAST" unused multicolor business reply card from Tal Technologies in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, February 1997. $1.25 ce

"Bogdanow-Belsky, N. -- A la porte de l'ecole" showing a peasant student (note his feet wrapped in rags) at the door of his school, unused sepia-tone postcard also captioned in Russian, noticeable corner & edge wear, lightly toned back. $3.00 a(b)e

Afghanistan_BoysAndGirls-200_small.JPG education postcard available from Judnick.com

"Boys and Girls are in school spin(sic) Boldak." oversize post card showing their groups standing outside, separately; socially significant, most unusual subject matter. $2.50 ae

"Central High School / Daily Journal, Pr. / Dayton, Ohio / To Ino Mitchell // I take great pleasure in presenting you the following well earned Certificate of your proficiency in Mental Arithmetic June 27th 1851" signed at the bottom by Robt. W. Steele, the area's most influential educator & whose memory would eventually be honored by naming Steele High School after him. Paper tears where folded. Needs an ironing. Belongs in a museum. $50.00 o(d)eam


"'CHILDREN AT STUDY' / STATE EDUCATION BLDG., ALBANY, N. Y." sculpture showing a group reading books, unused sepia-tone Azo real photo (squares in corners) with good composition and focus, small spot on back. $3.50 ncse

"Chinese School" with teacher & 7 students shown, color post card published by M. Sternberg in Hong Kong, unevenly divided back (circa 1907 - 1908), 3 spots of light fingerprint toning on back. $4.50 ce

"COLUMBUS HUMANITIES ARTS AND / TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY / NOW ENROLLING GRADES K-8 / FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION / · Highly Qualified Teachers / ..." unused continental postcard from a advertising 2013 campaign for the charter school, near mint. $1.25 eo(c)a

Bicycle_FollowMeTo-200_small.jpg education post cards available from Judnick.com"EATON / follow me to / the play day festival at fairgrounds may 4, 1917 / R. Coning" line drawing depicting a bearded man on high-wheeler bike racing to get there, unused postcard, toned both sides, long internal crease not too conspicuous. This event was the Third Annual Preble County (Ohio) Play Day Festival to encourage teachers to engage in organized play with their students to promote health and physical development. Rare: apparently most of these got pitched after the event. $15.00 bo(e)o(p)ge

"Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center, USC" in Los Angeles, honoring the founder of AARP (the American Association of Retired Person); unused post card with the seal of the National Retired Teachers Association 25th Anniversary logo on back (placing the year of issue at 1972), small upper corner crease, a lot of corner & edge wear. $1.00 c(u)c(l)e

"Francisco Ferrer" with the bust of the Spanish educator & anarchist comprised mostly of a nude for the head & 8 other faces; unused PRA Bromura metamorphic post card with slight oxidation, good edges. More fully, the Catalan radical & martyr's name was Francisco Ferrer Guardia. Sold but both views shown are still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either or $7.25 both. mse

"gobinder / All the Answers, everything Organized, More Free Time" continental advertising card for trademarked computer software that is useful to college students, near mint. $1.00 ec

Better_444small.jpg education post cards available from Judnick.com

"High School Auditorium, Pataskala, Ohio" unused black & white postcard with red caption, good edges, slight curl to the paper. Hard to find! (Three available) $6.50 each. o(p)ie

"How Many Girls Should Bathe Baby? / Kamehameha Schools Use Six / Seniors in home economic learn child care with a / live model. the infant, on loan from parents..." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1964 from Scotch Plains New Jersey, 3 tiny indents in the top border. Unusual subject matter. This is in a private school system established by an estate that is Hawaii's largest private landowner. Unusual subject matter. $2.25 h(k)ec

Mutoscope_ImInAClass-200_small.jpg education arcade cards available from LotsOfCards.com"I'M IN A CLASS BY MYSELF"  with signed K. O. Munson art on a Mutoscope arcade card depicting a college coed about to graduate in a surprisingly short gown. We have both the blue (2) and violet backgrounds. $6.50 each. mea. Both for their backgrounds: $12.50 mpea. Same artwork on a continental size blotter that has been used, advertising cut from below the image is now gone, unfortunately; but to compensate, you get all of the model in color, more of the other models in the background & exceptionally fresh colors. $5.00 mea


AviationPropeller_InternationalFieldStudies-200_small.jpg education photos available from Judnick.comINTERNATIONAL FIELD STUDIES (USA). Continental black & white photograph of its Convair CV-440 (N1179) on the ground, good composition & focus, but contrast is low. Rare. Their home office is in Nelsonville Ohio. They service teachers to enhance classroom education by trips to the Bahamas, North America & Central America. $5.00 aeo(n)

"Janusz Korczak" his name in the Hebrew caption, Polish-born physician, author, educator & journalist; unused sepia-tone postcard with all writing in Hebrew. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. jmea

"JAPANESE CHILDREN AT SCHOOL" showing girls taking a writing lesson from their teacher; interesting descriptive message over all the back in English, concluding with '...No religion is taught in these schools, and unless we send the missionaries who tell the message of Jesus to the bright children, there is no way by which they can know of a Saviour'. $2.50 jre

"KEDZIE HALL, K.S.A.C. MANHANTTAN, KAS." postcard with undivided back, mailed there 1906, minor corner wear, 1/5" indent from bottom center. Fascinating annotation on front: 'Domestic Science Hall / Cooking on First Floor / Sewing on Second / Laundry in Basement'. Then Kansas State Agricultural College, now Kansas State University. Then Domestic Science, now the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. A fascinating piece of social history & the history of women's education. $9.00 k(m)c(k)w(s)e

Stengel_KewGardensK-200_small.JPG education postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Kew Gardens  Kew / Stengel & Co., Dresden 4425" showing the Royal Botanic Gardens exterior, monochromatic dark blue-green post card with red-brown caption & undivided back, used, 3 corners with mild rounding, bottom corners are creased but nowhere near the image. More formally the 'Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew' with a large staff devoted to botanical research & education. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 se(k)ge

"LOOKING FOR A / FUNDRAISER or JUST / TIRED of BEING POOR?" freecard advertising how Fund-U.com can help college students raise money for a cause or earn money for themselves, near mint. $1.25 fec

MIXone_188_small.jpg education post card available from Judnick.com"McClain High on Left and Vocational School, Greenfield, Ohio / 116433" including 7 female students nearby, circa 1927, now an Ohio Historical Society Landmark; black & white postcard with sky tint, back slightly toned, initials penned in stamp box. Unusual in that students are included prominently, giving us an idea of how they dressed. $6.00 o(g)e

    "MICHIGAN EDUCATION ASSOCIATION CAMP / ST. MARY'S LAKE BATTLE CREEK, MICH. t233" including some people near their dock, Kodak real photo from L. L. Cook Co., good composition & contrast, writing on back dates to 1955. Shown above right. $3.75 mce. "MICHIGAN EDUCATION / ASSOCIATION CAMP / ST. MARY'S LAKE / BATTLE CREEK / MICH. t238" including several buildings & a glimpse of the water, Kodak real photo from L. L. Cook Co., writing on back dates to 1955, light toning near one back corner. $3.75 mce. Same but a little more back toning. Shown above left. $3.50 m(s)m(b)ce

"MICHIGAN EDUCATION ASSOCIATION / CAMP  ST. MARY'S LAKE- / BATTLE CREEK, MICH.  t243" including their flagpole, Kodak real photo from L. L. Cook Co., minor wear at 2 corners, small spots of light toning on one back edge, writing on back dates to 1955. $3.75 m(b)m(s)ce

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"Morgan Spurlock Presents / CHALK / Real Teaching Leaves a Mark" postcard modified by a sticker application on the back for its opening at the Drexel Gateway theater in Columbus Ohio & the website for the film, unused post card in near-mint condition. Details of 4 awards & cast on the front. An often sarcastic mockumentary on the experiences of new teachers. $2.00 moe

"NEW LEXINGTON, OHIO.  St. Aloysius Academy. / 2988" a school for girls which drew students from foreign countries because of its academic excellence; post card from the PCK Series, printed in Germany, mailed 1906 to Newark Ohio, partial RPO cancel, message on front legible but faded. $4.75 o(n)e

"One room schoolhouse in / Pensylvania(sic) Dutch region."
with young children outside playing stick-ball; home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Lenhartsville Pennsylvania. $2.00 ae

"Peruvian pupils in / a rural school" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 in US. $2.00 pe

"Peruvian pupils in / a rural school" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 in the United States. $2.00

"Reception Room and Main Office  Spencerian Commercial School. Euclid Ave.  Cleveland, O." looking towards the executive offices & their employment bureau; postcard mailed MAR 27 1912, small creases at the upper corners, all corners well worn. Rare: we did find one exhibited by the Columbus Metropolitan Library, mentioning extensive advertising on back; this example has no advertising on back at all. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(c)i(m)e

"REWARD OF MERIT // ANGRY WORDS / Angry words,--oh, let them never / From the tongue unbridled slip! / May the heart's best impulse ever / Check them ere they sail the lip." with art depicting a boy with his bicycle; circa-1890 Victorian card with blank back, given by teachers to encourage good behavior, bottom left front corner crease is not too conspicuous. $4.75 epb

Ohio_MountJoy_RobertDays-200_small.jpg education post card available from Judnick.com"ROBERT DAY'S RESIDENCE  MT. JOY O." with his family outside near the corner porch, sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, tiny spot on back, light toning in the upper left front corner (just sky), low contrast but the detail is there due to good focus. Robert Kenton Day was an Ohio teacher, who became principle of Rarden High School, & conducted normal schools during summer breaks. For several years before his death (in 1923) that high school led the state in graduation rates. $18.00 o(m)fge

"Ross's / MEASUREMENT / IN TODAY'S / SCHOOLS (3rd Edition)" revised by Dr. Julian C. Stanley, a classic hardbound book with dust cover, 1954 copyright, 485 pages well indexed, lightly used. $4.00 e

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"SAINT / Gemma Galgani / 'The Passion Flower / of Lucca'" the patron saint of students & pharmacists. 3rd edition of a well-illustrated 40-page religious booklet + covers (shown right) & prayer insert (shown left), complete (folds to regular postcards size), authored by Bruno Hagspiel SVD, published by Divine Word Missionaries in Techny Illinois (now a neighborhood of Northbrook). Recounts her mysticism & life, exceptionally rapid beatification & canonization, and prayers she is said to have authored. Offers other similar publications. Solicits mass intentions to support missionary work of the Passionist Order. Back cover with corner crease, otherwise reasonably fresh. Sold but panels shown still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $7.50. i(t)c(s)epr(t)

"School in Borneo" showing several small children with their teacher, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1964 at West Upton Mass. Shown right. $2.00 b. Same caption but fewer children with their teacher, mailed 1964 at West Warren Massachusetts, traces of cancel ink in the sky. Shown left. $2.00 be. Both for $3.75 be.

Greenland_SchoolLets-200_small.JPG Greenland post card available from Judnick.com

"School lets out at Kulusuk, Greenland" showing several small children posed alongside their building, well done home-mad (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 from Riner Virginia. $3.50 ge

See also "Using Postcards in the Classroom" by Bruce Ellison in our special articles section.

Expos_Philadelphia1926_Multiview_small.jpg (3725 bytes)"SESQUICENTENNIAL INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, PHILADELPHIA / PALACE OF VARIED INDUSTRIES. / PALACE OF EDUCATION AND SOCIAL ECONOMY" multiview postcard in color from John D. Cardinell (official), unused, minor wear at corners, long crease misses design. $3.75 epme

Better_591small.jpg education postcards available from Judnick.com"Souvenir  Worlds Fair 1904.  St. Louis / PALACE OF EDUCATION" black & white post card with glitter added & undivided back, mailed there in August 1904 (Fair cancel neatly applied to stamp), mailed to Master Alva Wilson in Columbus Ohio, small bottom corner crease not into the image, minor edge wear. $5.00 geem(s)

"State School for Deaf and Dumb, / Columbus, Ohio." showing its exterior, postcard No. 2 published by Haenlein Brothers, light spotty toning on the back, mild corner & edge wear, a few speckles of cancel ink in the front sky. $4.00 o(c)se&

Massachusetts_Westfield_StateNormal-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"State Normal School, Westfield, Mass. / 11390. S. S. CONNER, PUBLISHER" in an exterior corner view, black & white postcard mailed JAN 11 1905 from  Woronoco to Granby Connecticut (bold SPRINGFIELD, MASS / TRANSIT cancel & clear WORONOCO cancels), corner wear & rounding, upper corner crease, a little cancel ink & toning in the front border areas, one pinhole that closes well. The first coed normal school in the US is now known as Westfield State College. $7.00 mce-m

SocialHistory_StateSchoolFor-200small.jpg education post cards available from Judnick.com"State School for Deaf and Dumb, / Columbus, Ohio." showing its exterior, postcard No. 2 published by Haenlein Brothers, light spotty toning on the back, mild corner & edge wear, a few speckles of cancel ink in the front sky. $4.00 o(c)se

"ST. SCHOLASTICA ACADEMY, FORT SMITH, ARK. / 1498-29" Unused linen postcard, fresh colors. Scholastica is the patron saint of education, venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church & the Roman Catholic Church. $2.00 a(f)ec(s) NEW / UUSI / NÝR

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Afghanistan_StudensAreIn-200_small.jpg education post card available from Judnick.com

"Students are in the Class in Areas There no School" showing 2 seated young Afghan girls at their studies; most unusual subject matter, couple of spots of toning on back. $2.25 aes. Same oversize postcard, but no toning on back. $2.50 aes

Better_461small.jpg education postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"TEXTILE INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTE, SPARTANBURG, S. C. / BIRDSEYE VIEW OF CAMPUS, WHERE IT IS PROPOSED TO HOUSE, SUPPORT AND EDUCATE A / THOUSAND STUDENT OPERATIVES AT ONE TIME--THEY WORK IN / COTTON MILL EVERY OTHER WEEK" unused circa 1910-1911 black & white post card with red caption explaining succinctly the first cooperative education program in the USA, noticeably worn corners & edges, soiled back with 2 tiny scrapes, as is. Now called Spartanburg Methodist College. In a few important collections, but this postcard is now seldom offered. $7.00 s(s)c(t)ets

Kansas_Olathe_TheKState-200_small.JPG education post card available from Judnick.com"The Kansas State Institution for the Deaf and Dumb / at Olathe, Kansas -- Feb. 1906" sepia-tone real photo postcard, pertinent information in message written on front--which building, when completed, where located; addressed but not mailed, short cut that closes well from the bottom edge affecting only one world. Probably unique because no caption. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 kse


MIXone_258_small.jpg education postcard available from Judnick.com"The Laboratory School, Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Ind. / 8A-H632" showing its exterior circa 1938; unused linen post card from Wabash Valley News Agency, a few small spots of light toning on back, soft corners, Interesting pertinent information on back. $2.25 iec

Better_404small.jpg education postcards available from Judnick.com"THE MARTIN SCHOOL, Inc., / 32 FIFTH STREET, / PITTSBURG, PA." showing a large business school classroom filled with young men & women, mailed 1908, typed address, a little toning shows in the front borders. Rare: the only postcard we could find of it--no offers, no displays, no bragging about selling it-- when we searched the Internet. $18.00 eip

Nebraska_Valpariso_Archery.jpg (156263 bytes)Uncaptioned real photo but message explains: "students studying the Eskimo!" Students stand on steps with makeshift bows, arrows & spears. real photo postcard mailed Valparaiso Nebraska 1909 by Pearle (the proprietor or head teacher of the one-room schoolhouse for the very small town). $22.50 neai

Uncaptioned real photo post card showing the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the woods near Nazareth Academy in La Grange Illinois; mailed NOV 9 1914 at La Grange to Mr. F. J. Tschan at Yale Station Connecticut, oxidation of the matte finish consistent with that age, bottom corner crease, light toning near the back edges. Lengthy but legible message from a teacher there reads in part: 'We are very busy, have an exceedingly large attendance this year, and very few teachers. I have to take care of a Med. History Class, and positively no time to prepare for it. I was wondering if you could send me a little help, in the line of an original outline or anything else. I would be most grateful. I have not long other request and will attend to it and remind Santa Claus...' Rare & possibly unique. $20.00 i(l)ce

Tinted052_small.jpg education postal card available from LotsOfCovers.com"VELGJØRENHEDSBAZAREN I KJØBENHAVN" fancy black 4 9 1901 favor cancel on uncaptioned postal card, unused, undivided back, small corner crease in a dark area (so hard to detect from the front), very light toning both sides. Sold at a fundraiser for the sisterly Society for Sororal Charity, an early middle-class Danish woman's educational group, which has since disbanded & whose records are now kept at the Copenhagen City Archives. Unsigned but unforgettable art that is seldom seen. $25.00 des-d

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Jordan_ViaDolorosaJerusalem-100.jpg (420164 bytes)

"Via Dolorosa Jerusalem - Jordan" continental post card with interesting typed message from Sarah G., who was there to speak to a seminar on world literacy about making primers for illiterate adults, and to consult with people having special problems; minor edge wear. $1.50 je+

"Write / on Target / ... / Using Graphic Organizers / to Succeed on Ohio's / Writing Proficiency Test" for grades 5 & 6, unused continental postcard from eapublishing.com, near mint. (2 available) $1.25 each

זלמן ארן" Zalman Aran, Israeli educator & politician,  unused sepia-tone postcard with all printed information in Hebrew, album mark in the upper left front corner, good edges. $5.00 jep

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"12-EASTMAN THEATRE AND EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, ROCHESTER, N. Y." showing its exterior bedecked with flags, as it looked in 1934; unused linen post card from Rochester News Company, tiny corner crease. $2.50 ntm

"92 / Commencement Exercises / Albion College Conservatory of Music / COLLEGE CHURCH / WEDNESDAY EVENING,
JUNE 22, / * 1892 * / C. B. SCHEFFLER, Director" listing piano, voice & violin class members and their program (attached by silver cord, opened here for display), spotty foxing all sides. Shown left.
And "1892 / Albion College / COMMENCEMENT / Dinner, / Thursday, June 23, 1892" with Menu, A Song of Albion verses & Alma Mater verses inside (2 pages shown left, all held together by 2 ribbons 1 of which is frayed), light foxing to outer covers. Shown above right.
Both items for $17.50 total. cmmge 

Genealogy_Morgan_DrMorgansRes--200_small.jpg music post card available from Judnick.com"Dr Morgans Res. / First Conservatory of Music" unused Azo (triangles up) sepia-tone real photo postcard with excellent focus (every brick in the structure can be distinguished), some oxidation, very faint album marks at the back corners, good edges. $10.00 gme

Music_004_small.jpg family post card available from LotsOfCards.com"ÉDUCATION MATERNELLE. -- La Leçon de Chant" hand-colored / tinted real photo showing two children getting a family singing lesson from their mother at the piano, VBC Série postcard No. 3056, unused & fresh, just a little album toning on the back. $12.00 mfe

Dance_EducationMaternelle-120.JPG (282845 bytes)

"ÉDUCATION MATERNELLE. -- La Leçon de Danse." mother at piano teaches her boy & girl how to dance, exquisite hand-colored / tinted real photo carte postale. $12.00 dfe

=> Special: Both of the above postcards for $21.75 fe <=

Illinois_Decatur_GorinLibrary-200_small.JPGIllinois_028_small.jpg music postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"Gorin Library // Conservatory of Music / James Millikin University / Decatur, Ill.  150" showing their exteriors circa 1939, unused multiview postcard with 2 scenes in vertical format, 2 tiny spots of toning in the front borders. Shown left. $2.75 imclme. Another, tiny corner crease, tiny corner bend. Shown right. $2.50 imclme

LIT(sic) CONSERVATORY.  YORK COLLEGE. / YORK, NEB." unused black & white postcard, an obvious reproduction of an earlier card for its historic interest. The correct name of the conservatory was Hulett, and music was taught there, of course. $3.50 ncm

Ohio_Delaware_SanbornHall-72.jpg (132200 bytes)

"SANBORN HALL, SCHOOL OF MUSIC, / OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, /  DELAWARE, OHIO." color postcard mailed there 1909, corner crease, writing on front. $3.50 (omce)+

Michigan_Holland_HopeCollege_small.JPG (4153 bytes)

"THE HOPE COLLEGE CHAPEL CHOIR" at Holland Michigan, unused chrome postcard. $2.00 (m(h)mc)

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USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
with examples
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mit Exemplaren
wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
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lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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